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  1. epic lite 4 - Real Ale

    Don't worry I will finish it for everyone! and I won't end up in hospital this time!
  2. epic lite 4 - Real Ale

    Im in
  3. epic.FIVE Feedback

    Good FiRe turning up out of the blue Vertigo - Awesome Landad Narella - Great company Seeing everyone again and everyone getting along \o/ Pub Quiz BF2 games even though small amount of players L4D2 and the Tank killing Chainsaws of win Staying in a hotel!!! Nice meal out on the Sat <3 Bad Internet - I know there was a line down and steam issues made things worse but the internet was shocking, I couldn't play anything for most of Friday which wasn't great. Steam for being steam (nothing you guys can do though) Myself for raging about things - perhaps its better to go for a beer instead of ranting on and on, for this I'm sorry if I offended anyone. Only lager available was Fosters - I seem to remember at previous events Carlsberg was on offer? Music playlists - more tunes and less repeats please Ugly Swift and everything about him
  4. Any Starcraft Fans?

    Give me a shout when you play
  5. epic.lite 4 - Bookings Now Open!!!

    Help the aged? /me flees Something like that
  6. epic.lite 4 - Bookings Now Open!!!

    Done and done, even paid for vertigo, what is this madness????
  7. epic.FIVE - Big Games & Fun Tournaments

    Doesn't the lan happen around warewolves anyway?
  8. Finish This Sentence....

    You know you are part of epic.LAN when you play Yeehaa on Friday and need to go to hospital on Saturday
  9. Work is going sooooo slow!

    Don't know about you guys
  10. As a penalty... you will suffer!! good times
  11. A53 Roadworks

    Lol be there on Sunday then
  12. Friday is going to be epically hectic

    1. go to work at 8.30 2. leave work at 5.00 3. drive to Bagnall and be there around 8ish (hopefully)
  13. epic.FIVE £1,000 Team Fortress 2 Tournament

    They are awesome guys, glad you have them running the tournament
  14. Mere Hours

    you'll always have the antiques roadshow vert