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  1. October 2015?

    More LAN!!
  2. Breakfast Tickets Launched

    Great idea and gets my BACON fix
  3. Something for Rizzo :)

    Damn thats got to be tasty! Though I'm thinking about getting this.... http://www.firebox.com/product/3260/Bacon-Soap
  4. elite9 - Thank You!

    Never playing yeehaw again sitting in between Saboo or Winbar!
  5. CPU WARS @ epic.TEN

    You can get them from here
  6. CPU WARS @ epic.TEN

    Top Trumps with CPU's AWWWW YEA!
  7. Imagine this....

    Yea this needs to happen!
  8. Better late than never.....

    I need to make this a reality now
  9. Thank you for all coming it was fun
  10. Starting in 15 mins server is up @
  11. This Thursday will see some Garry's Mod : Prop Hunt. Aim to start this around 8pm I hope to see you all there. You will need Garry's Mod to play prop hunt this can be purchased from Steam for a mere £5.99 see below. Gary's Mod
  12. The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good Boat Race Pub Quiz UT2k4 TF2 Alien Swarm Breakfast Showers Werewolves (moderating my first game I think it went well ) DJ's! Bad Sucking badly at the hunt and giving up Steam being fail I thought the team did really well to try and resolve it, even though steam is utter crap for LAN and is made worst when a massive patch comes out. Ugly Spending more money than I should have. Just like to say thanks to the whole team again for putting on another excellent LAN!
  13. Minor Seating Change (back rows)

    Spot on Astrolox, I agree with that and so do Pirate Jord and Bindip.
  14. Minor Seating Change (back rows)

    Not to be a pain but I would like to stay where I am, as I'm opposite 3 of my friends. You could move Bindip J1 Jord J2 Pirate J3 (I have the approval from them) to row K next to me and move the rest on row J up to get then sit Angelus, Astrolox, superchief on row J next to Damocles and co.
  15. Newbie to photography

    I've managed that bit quite well thanks