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  1. We seeing you in Feb then Elsie
  3. Tardcommander brought the vegetarian question up involving what would be on the Epic22 menu and looking at the menu though options were very limited I’m not a vegetarian so it really won’t impact me , however , I did feel there was an extremely limited choice in general for them pininas were nice along with the breakfast options i know it is a pain for the chefs at KCC but a rice dish would have been good on one of the nights
  4. Your due the youngest minion £25
  5. I’m MORTified at the suggestion of such a thing 8O
  6. Sorry JoeShow but your profile photo was just perfect (but my editing skills werent)
  7. New Additions Nintendo switch SNES classic mini Meega Drive mini
  8. Youngest minion on the case
  9. Sorry 507 vampires , werewolves and zombies - is the ghoul happy now
  10. Winbar do you know when the menu will be up as you presently have 400 vampires , werewolves and zombies to feed at Epic22
  11. Don’t want to go down stairs but Dorkband is being put across from Portland difficult choice
  12. Advertising compression formats ? (sorry for the shit joke)
  13. How do I sign up for 7 wonders ?
  14. which smash bros is it you will be using
  15. Any idea when we will get the first details of the menu for Epic22