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  1. Enjoyed breakfast no complaints from this end
  2. wings and chips are great hot wings with hooooooooooot sauce - wheres the fire extinguisher chips nice and hot as well looking good for the rest of the menu at the moment
  3. On train waiting leave - 5 hours and the angry Scots will be at Kettering. P.S. one Epic “vorpal” Bunny on the way just for you JoeShow
  4. TeRRoRz the de-drag happened between Jan 14 - Feb 4 that is 3 weeks with a good 3-4 redrafts for room setups please bare in mind you were not the only ones moved during the defrag and constant updates were posted in the forums which included a request put out as they hadn’t had responses from 8-9 people nearing the end of the defrag
  5. It is 2.15 - this time tomorrow I hope to be doing an early check in Dukey I haven’t forgotten about the drink I owe you
  6. I always remember it being 8 is the maximum
  7. One week to go and it’s Epic for the 23rd time
  8. Are we using boathouse again ?????
  9. i was more thinking about what would be a good idea for gaming and what i would need in the future
  10. 15.6” full HD LED widescreen i7 7th gen 7700HD Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 8Gb Corsair RAM (2x4) 2Tb Seagate HDD 250 Gb WD SSD Windows 10 64bit ( on SSD ) 3 x USB 3.0 1 x USB 3.1 Type C MIC/HEADPHONE JACK It it has the usual gigabit , wireless and Bluetooth 4.1 i got a MAD CATZ RAT1 Mouse to use instead of the touch pad I’m looking at making my steam drive external but I don’t know yet
  11. Got a special order build that should be arriving tomorrow
  12. Should have known
  13. Is this the final layout for lakeside ?
  14. Just one question - what’s a Mac dog ?
  15. I’ll need to keep £15 aside for Friday evening Lasagne , carbonara AND ravioli all in one night