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  1. Last Post Wins!?

    Kameo sends out his Epic Vorpal Bunny to defend off more posts
  2. Werewolves

    It’s been sometime since we have had an online play of werewolves Is anyone interested in starting up another game i will be looking for at least 5-7 pieces of meat to start the game i will put up the rules if we get enough people to play
  3. Last Post Wins!?

    not anymore Beej the titan is here
  4. Fighty games?

  5. First up - Sorry for laugh during the Q & A in the gallery Why did I laugh ? To put it simply to fully understand the problems of a company being able to attend you need to have made the journey yourself Does the size of the LAN matter? YES it does , the smaller the LAN the less likely their will be returns - in some cases they will make lossses With Epic going from 450 to 650 it makes it more persuasive an option Does this mean these companies will return ? Yes and No , the increased capacity doesn’t change the costs involved it just changes the POSSIBLE returns Why are we talking about costs ? A small company bringing their own equipment and merchandise would incur costs per day not one shots for travel , attending and going home To bring it under simple terms the further away a company has to come from , the more logistically and costly a nightmare they have to face But... but... but... No buts they have to justify it before hand It is that simple ask the Epic members being sacrificed in the name of good gaming how the road trip went when they get back
  6. Some songs for Winbar to listen to on the way to Glasgow when sharing a car/van with reech/gunmens


    proclaimers - I’m gonna be (500 miles)

    Redhot Chilli Peppers - Love rollercoaster

    Gloria Gaynor - I feel love 

    Gary Glitter - do you wanna touch me

  7. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Well can you inform KCC there seemed to be more effort put into making the Menu unreadable than was put into the catering itself I have heard rumour their is a hotel being built at KCC but if this is the quality they plan on serving up in it they are just building a massive white elephant which will stay empty With capacity increasing to 650 at the next event they will have to really improve in between now and then
  8. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Let’s go brutal Good morning sausage roll friday fish (opinion on chips further down) tuna melt panini Mario Kart and Beat Saber tournaments (more on these further down) pub quiz was as good as ever - no more rounds by haden though sleeping is as good as you could expect when you arrive late Bad Morning mushrooms - they weren’t good but they were edible Thursday pasta was passable at best (more on chicken further down) organisation over setup of fun tournaments - or the lack of Q&A over run (I blame Winbar for this) Ugly Oh the food returns for a third award Chips this time - complete hit or miss more often miss horror is there something worse than ugly - YES Guess what gets a forth level award - the food chicken to go with pasta inedible and frankly wouldnt put the chilli wrap in a reduced to clear section - I was considering ordering in or heading to the local superstore at one point
  9. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Gonna be brutal here Sausage roll was enjoyable while mushrooms weren’t Chicken and tarragon pasta found the pasta not too bad but the chicken was inedible battered cod was nice Chilli chicken wrap nice but lacking for how much I paid Quite like the tuna melt panini chips were a complete hit or miss i also took note that Leftone Left almost all his breakfast two days in a row Can you PLEASE make the Menu sign easier to spot and read as I thought they were just blank sheets of paper when I first saw them (I believe this would also help people like Cloberella) staff were nice when it came to service but this is well below the previous standard that KCC has shown The food standard was so low I was almost inclined to order out or head to the nearest supermarket Im not keen on doing either though as I have been to previous LAN held at KCC I do know what you are able to do
  10. Well tomorrow is the next LAN


    in 24 hours two VERY angry Scotsmen will starting to make their way down to pester the hell out of KCC



  11. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    first one - ive had no problem shuffling around stuff for breakfast but ask and they will see second one - they put the burgers together in front of you so I would say yes you can alter it third one - sorry but I don't know but if they are doing it like other places I would put in as a yes but I really don't know
  12. Indoor sleeping

    Where are we using for indoor sleeping ?
  13. It has been several days since Nintendo announced the original final fantasy crystal chronicles would be getting a revamp and coming to switch the crystal chronicles game series was originally just on Nintendo devices however the new crystal chronicles game will be on PS4 as well my question is Crystal Chronicles is a co-op final fantasy , many PlayStation owners at the time didn’t like the idea and brushed it off as stupid what do you think about it actually coming to the PS4 now
  14. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Thanx Mrated pretty much fine there
  15. Big Games at epic25

    which version of TETRIS does Blossy play - I have been looking for someone to play against