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  1. Indoor Climbing

    This one is a bit random so bear with me. I'm quite in to climbing / bouldering and as I travel around I like to go to random places I have not been before. On Saturday 24th (time is open to discussion) I'll be heading in to Northampton to get a break from computers and go bouldering at http://www.thepinnaclecentre.co.uk/ for a couple of hours. It appears to be 30 minutes away by car. If anyone shares my interest you are welcome to hitch a ride with me and come along. If you're a competent belayer we could even give some roped climbs a go. Just drop a message or reply on here and I'll chat to you at LAN to make arrangements.
  2. It's Ask Winbar Time

    What hair products would you recommend?
  3. Laptop Advice

  4. Laptop Advice

    So I'm looking to get a laptop good enough to replace my desktop PC and take to LAN parties. Anyone know any good ones? I've been looking at the XPS models but it's hard to tell.
  5. This thursday we will be playing some CSS fun maps again, so put on your bus driving hats and get your canons at the ready. Surely you all own Counterstikr Source by now? Games shall commence from 8pm so make sure you are there!
  6. Some Questions

    I don't know how people can sleep in cars, tried it once it was horrible. :/
  7. Minecraft

    I'll see what I can sort out, depends if we have a server spare or not though.
  8. Played it for quite a while now and in my opinion the new game mode removes what little skill was left in the game. Heroes of Newerth always took more skill to play but when you compare it to Dominion it's a joke. This is a game mode where I regularly finished with rediculous scores like 23/8/10 yet still lose... even though I almost always finish first on my team on score. Why? ...because most of the time killing someone takes longer than it takes them to respawn, so is a waste of time. Generally, 90% of games result in one team controlling 2 control points and the other controlling 2 control points while the final control point flips back and forth. The result is both Nexus's counting down at near equal speed and the final result being determined by the last minute of gameplay. It doesn't matter how many people you kill, or how many times you backdoor towers for any of the game leading up to the final minute or so. Unless you can some how push and capture all 5 towers, it is impossible to get significantly ahead... and capturing all 5 towers would require you to kill 15 enemies with just 5 as they would respawn twice each in the time it takes. All in all, I'll not be playing this game mode just like none of us play 3v3.
  9. Blocking Websites

    Well something tells me that it will not be a problem at the company I'm moving to Scotland to work for. Given that I was in their office on Monday sitting next to the Director and could see one guy on Facebook and one guy watching a video on YouTube. Guess game studios are quite laid back... lol
  10. Alton Towers 2011

  11. Blocking Websites

    Yeah, thanks for the advice on how to do it... I'm well aware of how that part works. lol I just don't think it is neccessary.
  12. Blocking Websites

    So I do tech support for a small 15-20 person company and have recently been asked about blocking websites, i.e Facebook, YouTube, etc. At the moment, I'm fighting against the idea. It wouldn't concern me anyway, any block I put in place I could bypass and I spend very little time there anyway. But to me it seems very archaic thinking. I question whether such sites really do lower productivity and there are some studies that support the theory that giving the mind short and unintrusive breaks is good for work. Also if employees are doing all the tasks required of them anyway, why would you want to stop them from going on such sites and make their lives more miserable for no reason? ...nothing is confirmed eitherway yet anyway, just wondering what peoples thoughts are.
  13. Steam Folder

    At 12 years old I got a Windows 3.11 PC with like 50mB. Learned QBASIC in it though and without it there is no way I'd be doing what I do now for a living.
  14. Squirrel's Photography Challenge!

    My submission... ...although I think Nivek took this one.