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  1. I was trying to change my password, and I got this sexy-looking 500 error. https://gyazo.com/ee49fef5a3de7068badb3013cae8246a This happened after I submitted the "Change my password" form. Edit: Should probably mention that this happened on the http://epiclan.co.uk website, as opposed to the forums (which worked fine).
  2. My friend would like to go to epic.FIFTEEN but is unable to find travel arrangements. Anyone know if they could lend him a hand? He lives in North Dorset. Thanks in advance, ~Jordan
  3. Werewolves of millers hollow

    Thanks for modding as always, Astro And thanks for not slaying me when I fell asleep XD
  4. Entertainment Evenings?

    Gio and I spent the entirety of epic.FOURTEEN singing anyway, so sod it. Let's DO THIS!
  5. Entertainment Evenings?

    Karaoke! Karaoke! Karaoke! And Just Dance tourneys!
  6. epic.THIRTEEN Social Timetable Feedback

    It wasn't so bad, but I didn't like how the big games were at the same time as werewolves. Additionally, very popular big games were organised on the Sunday, when a lot of people pack away (myself included) so the big games are damaged by this. Also, gun game. 'nuff said. +1 to the Carmageddon suggestion, too. The rest of the event was awesome - werewolves was WAY more popular than last event, which was brilliant, but I am still kinda disappointed that I missed the fun maps, Blur and Trackmania. <3
  7. I'm looking for a lift for myself and two of my friends. I will be the only one with a PC, but it would be nice if there's room for another. I live in Yeovil, which is just south of Bristol. I can get myself up to Bristol or anywhere within ~40 miles of me. ~Finchyy
  8. epic.TWELVE - Your Feedback

    Not to mention the random pieces of torn-up toilet paper and stains, There was one cubicle with half a cup of (what I hope was) beer.
  9. epic.TWELVE - Your Feedback

    (inb4 Elsie) What did everyone think was epic, not-so-epic and straight-up weird at this event? The Good Lakeside!The DJingMeeting everyone!Werewolves! It was hilarious; I had the best time! That being said, you don't have to vote for me at *every* opportunity! gunmensEverything else The Bad CSS fun maps cock-up!Servers / Internets kept failing!A bigger selection of musics would've been nicer for the radio (there were so many repeats!)The toilets... or does this come under "the ugly"? The Ugly Gio's British driving skills. I mean, they weren't *so* bad, but we did manage to turn a 2-minute trip into a 10-minute trip, almost hitting various different objects, pedestrians and cats.The local KFC. Not nearly greasy enough! And the chips had no salt! What do I look like? A healthy person?Squeezing four people into one small sleeping space. Best and worst idea ever! ~Finchyy <3
  10. epic.Merchandise?

    All of them! And also an epic.LANYARD. Edit: epic.OS, too.
  11. epic.LANYARDS

    Are these ever gonna be a thing? If not, they should be :3 ~Finchyy
  12. At the moment, me and _Jay_ have gotten everything sorted. Thank you for the offer, though
  13. Onsies

    I'm gonna bring my pirate costume if I remember / if it fits
  14. I should be able to get there. That'd be brilliant. You think that you could definitely take me? Also, if you wanna talk easier my Skype is Morrko1 or I'm around the epic.TeamSpeak.