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  1. I'll give you fucking pain in a minute Elsie /shakes fist.
  2. elite13 - Thank You

    too much fucking dota for my tastes but it was nice to meet new faces.
  3. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    the good sonic racing, cards against humanity saturday night's chill group in the common room (is that what we're calling it now?) meeting up with people i haven't seen in years. the bad my upset stomach but then its only DCX suffering so no one cares. the ugly sleeping in my car, not the wisest of manoeuvres I've made recently Joe's snoring
  4. Mere?

    was it 5 or 7 days until mere is announced? i cant remember
  5. now with more evil

    3rd expansion arrived this morning, it will be making a return at elite 10.
  6. elite8 - Secret Santa

    after Cards Against Humanity I will never think of Pacman in the same light again
  7. Mere Days

    i have arranged for dog to be looked after and have started prepping the box, need to do some maintenance on the motor beforehand so everything is fine (i think I've a baring on the way out).
  8. 15 days until....

    he'll probably put a brick on the pedal, im just waiting for someone to start the car rolling, its quite a hill the venue is on
  9. big box

    i lost my shit at the ending
  10. So Movember...

    now thats a peado tashâ„¢
  11. 24 days till...

    ut2004, man I haven't played that in ages, must dust it off to see if I've still got it.
  12. Prepare yourselves (elite 8)

    Arrived from the US this morning. elite just became more sinister
  13. elite8 - Bookings Open 22nd September 12noon

    wanna fill me in? I haven't been lanning in nearly 18 months.
  14. Red Dwarf X

    i sat through it this morning and genuinely enjoyed it, much better than back to earth. looking forward to next week.