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  1. Lag

    Or speak to the staff located in your room! Please do not use another DNS server, it won't have fixed your problems, and will lead to slower downloads of game updates for you. Please check that if you have anything updating in the background on your PC that you stop it. We give everyone their own virtual 3mbps down, 1mbps up pipe for the event; and if you exceed that you will start getting packet loss and lag.
  2. I wasn't planning on DeathWorld - it's not as friendly for new people, just latest beta, fairly average setup, but open to ideas and suggestions!
  3. Late to the forum post for this, but belated Happy Birthday!
  4. There'll definitely be Street Fighter of some kind at the next LAN.
  5. A quick update for anyone who's interested. I've just finished moving the forums onto their own server. Hopefully this will help with some of the instability with seen in the last month.
  6. Black polo shirt? Oh dear
  8. 465!
  9. We've got the solution here at lite south:
  10. Hi Finchyy, Thanks for letting us know. I've just fixed a possible problem with the server config, can you try changing your password again for me please?
  11. @Beej Following instructions... not your strongest skill!
  12. Testing, please ignore!
  13. That's exactly what the Pirates and Bounty Hunters expansion does It basically adds PvP to the game for seizing cargo, bounties, missions. I wouldn't play it without the expansions now. Still has the problem of everyone milling the the Persephone deck to get the Tams, but bounties suddenly make them a lot riskier to have on your ship as they become bigger targets.
  14. If I have room in the car, I'll bring Firefly and all the expansions. No power in the 'verse can stop me.
  15. Due to staffing, I can't put myself down for large games; but definitely count me in for some Coup if I'm not busy. (FYI, I've got 2 Duke's here. Honest.)