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  1. My PC knows it's LAN, yours might too!

    Best of luck. I had a bad run last weekend. One of the drives in my server decided to flip into RAW format for no apparant reason. 6-8 hours into the 15-20 hour data recovery and backup restore activity, my gaming box decided to blow it's graphics card. Not upto dropping over a couple of hundred quid on a replacement right now, so I'll be LANning on my older, former card. On the upside, I guess I did have a few days to sort it all out before LAN.
  2. Limbo FREE on Steam for two days

    Neither Chilli or myself had this. Fixed. Thanks
  3. elite17 lift from stoke on trent station

    If you don't get any other offers, I should be able to drop you back at the station on Monday (dependant on how much gear you have, I assume not *tons* if you're coming on the train). As for the Friday pickup, I doubt I'd be in the area in time, as it's typically a 5-6 hour journey for me on the Friday, so you'll need to look elsewhere I'm afraid.
  4. epic.Lite 17 - Games & Activities

    Ahh @JoeShow those Battlefield lolz. That'll stay with me forever mate. I never picked up BF4, only have 3. Guess I may as well wait for the next one now. Seen a few other appealing ideas pop up in this thread. Would also be keen for some Blur as usual. Mere days peeps...Mere days.
  5. Top 15 epic moments

    I've only just read this thread properly. I've now just recovered from a miniature laughing fit. Thanks Joe
  6. Video Games Live Manchester 2016

    I'm potentially interested (specially after missing it last time). Any thoughts on when you're gonna buy tickets? Notice purchase opens soon, on the 14th, but I assume it won't be an insta-sellout... I'd most likely drive, so if anyone between Chelmsford and Manchester is interested, might be able to car-share.
  7. Suggestion: Doubled up gaming timetable

    This ^^^ While OP's idea has some merit, I think it would be impossible to find an overlapping combo of games for each slot that didn't mean some people miss out on one game they'd like to play.
  8. Ingress!

    I only played during the Rothwell outing, but I'd consider one outing per LAN a regular activity
  9. Ingress!

    You make it sound like it isn't already a regular LAN activity
  10. 2015 Shell F1 Belgian Grand Prix

    Hmm...Been checking out the options (plane, train, coach) for getting to and from Lancaster on the Saturday for the wedding....So far the only option that fits time-wise is: - I am one of the group drivers, so I have my car to drive to Brussels airport early hours Saturday - Drive to Brussels airport for 6am flight to LHR (leaving Spa around 3:30am Saturday) - Hire a car to drive to Lancaster - Go to wedding - Drive back from Lancaster to LHR, drop off hire car and fly back to Brussels for 7am Sunday - Drive from Brussels back to the circuit (get there around 10-11am) Other than it being a bit of a strain time-wise (minimal sleep both Friday and Saturday nights), the combined cost of the two flights, hire car and fuel for it comes to about 220 quid, which on top of the existing F1 weekend costs makes it a bit much. Anyone else have any ideas? Otherwise I think that's it for me this time....
  11. Video Games Live

    I'm at a birthday party Saturday evening, but Friday evening (after work) and Saturday daytime I should be around, depending on what peeps are thinking of doing...
  12. 2015 Shell F1 Belgian Grand Prix

    Crap...Yet again, a wedding and an epic event conflict. Can't make this. Really annoyed. I've been looking forward to doing Spa with you guys for several years. Bugger
  13. 2015 Shell F1 Belgian Grand Prix

    Yeh I've done GA the last 2 times at Silverstone. Up at 4:30am race day to get to the gate around 5:15-5:30. I think it's pretty much the main down-side of GA versus grandstand, but it saves a LOT of money.
  14. Anyone had dealings with Palicomp?

    Hi all, Thanks very much for responding. I've passed on all your comments to the friend in question. Thanks again.
  15. Hey, As topic suggests, just curious if anyone has had any dealings with them, if they're any good etc.? Asking on behalf of a friend who's thinking of buying some kit from them...They seem to be based in Crewe, so I thought a couple of you may have. Ta -- hodg