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  1. Fast Five

    haha i absolutly loved this film! im a fan of the fast & the furiouse franchise and this is by far the best one yet! its taken a top spot in my favourite films just behind Bad Boys 1 & 2!!! i especialy liked it because my dad lives in rio so i had a lot to relate too in the film. and tbh they got it spot on! there are bullit holes all over the favelas and the police are on the payroll, even my dad pays them to protect his businesses. the only bit they messed up was the amount of traffic this film was just pure muscle! vin diesel, the rock, mustangs, chargers, guns, fist fights. the whole smash and grab thing was just epic, and massivly over the top in a ture fast & the furiouse way!
  2. Wireless card recommendation

    humm, well im 2 floors up and each floor has a circuit breaker, and i have been told that they stop the signal dead. is that right?
  3. Wireless card recommendation

    neither of these are that possible wired is just too much hassle with the layout of the house and the distance. and i dont think the home plug thing will work due to circuit breakers. im stuck using rubish wireless!!
  4. im getting pretty fed up with useless wireless cards. any recommendations as to what i should buy?
  5. Battlefield 3

    its going to be nice being able to prone again defiantly the game im most looking forward too!
  6. Steam Holiday Sale

    bf2 (now have it on steam ) burnout paradice (got it for free 2 days later ) dirt 2 farcry 2 global agenda king arthur overlord overlord 2 overlord:raising hell peggle deluxe peggle: nights Puzzle Quest Star Wars pack Supreme Commander 2 The Witcher Zeno Clash i bought the humble bundle too
  7. Global Agenda £4.99

    Never mind, i bought it
  8. Global Agenda £4.99

    Is global agenda worth buying for £4.99 in the steam sales?? ive seen it mentioned on here before but dont know much about it.
  9. Free Game - Burnout Paradise

    im so glad i just paid £3.75 for this in the steam sales...
  10. New Top Gear!

    ive been watching Top Gear USA too. and its not all that bad, pretty good imitation imo. 5 episodes have aired so far and its shown on history.
  11. Steam Sale

    THIS!!! OMFG THIS!!! lmao, im spending about £10 a day on this now... and its on untill janurary 2nd so thats about £130 of games i had no intention of buying
  12. epic.FIVE Live Sets - DJs Wanted!

    time to bring back DJ p1RATE from frag FM maybe? haha
  13. did you not just log out of your googlemail account and into gmail on your desire? then sync it with the new log in details? the market is not avaliable unless you have an active google account.
  14. Cool Knock detecting door lock

    reminds me of this... a student at MIT that riged his door to open using his iphone or a secret knock.
  15. Custom PC issue 88 presents....

    nice, i subscribe to this so ill have to look out for it