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  1. F1 2015 Sweepstake

    In. Whats the payment address again?
  2. Epic 10 Game Suggestion

    Hopefully drop in the steam sale.
  3. Epic 10 Game Suggestion

    Even though I can't make it due to my wife being due to give birth on valentines day, I would like to make a suggestion for a MP game at epic 10... Chivalry: Medieval Warfare http://store.steampowered.com/app/219640/ For comedy value, please see This game has a button to have your character raise his weapon and shout out a war cry for all to hear. If that's not epic LAN material, I don't know what is.
  4. F1 2012 Sweepstake - Now Drawn

    Hi guys, please also donate mine to the radio pot...
  5. Best laid plans...

    So just to fill in now its public... the reason for me missing the lan was my wife is pregnant and couldn't be left alone due to previous medical conditions. Past the 12 week mark so its public now. Due date is Feb 15th with may be great news family wise, but a bugger lan wise. Think I could get an achievement for lanning whilst wife is in labour?
  6. The Dark Knight Rises

    Gits. That is all. Sent from work. And its raining. Did I mention you are all gits?
  7. Day Z

    Can we get a channel on epic comms for this? I will admit I am hooked. Its REALLY difficult to get started but once your get the basics, its a brilliant game. Yes its buggy as hell but its improving with every release. The fact that you can die so easily really impacts your game play. And the requirement to eat and drink forces you to plan your moves (raiding shops, houses and if your feeling really brave, airfields). The game play goes like how you imagine it would in a zombie film. I was running solo just looking for food in a supermarket when I heard a large group of survivors coming into town followed by a massive hoard. There was another solo player near by, we both ran off in different directions. He made the n00b mistake of running into the hills and I hid in a near by house. I watched as the group killed him for his stuff (the survivors, not the zombies). I stayed hidden for 20 mins until they left. Because all the food was now gone, I got so hungry that I ended up shooting the next solo player I saw and stole his food. It really is lawless. Things like trading and people crying out for help (sometimes a trap) are all frequent events. You really need to play this game in a group on comms if you want to do any big tasks (like repair cars or helicopters). Anyone else interested in playing, add me on steam (ba_red_plague).
  8. Best laid plans...

    So it looks like the lan gods have conspired against me. Due to personal circumstances beyond my control, it looks like I can not make epic 9. Gutted as I have ticket and flights paid for as well as a rebuilt laptop ready to go. Apologies and I hope everyone has a good lan. I was really looking forward to the drunken blur session on Saturday night Hopefully see you all at the next one.
  9. epic.NINE - Big Games/Fun Tournaments

    Something Something Something LANSide...?
  10. epic.NINE - Big Games/Fun Tournaments

    Introducing "get to da choppa". Spent a good hour or so playing on a l4d2 server running the bridge finale with some friends. Made up a game of basically racing to the chopper, first there wins. Team killing turned off, no assisting each other. Made for a good laugh. Lots of interesting moments when people attempted to run around the tank.
  11. Tournament Signups Open

    Q the casual games timetable...
  12. Have you played all ur steam games

    Red Plague | Games Owned: 67 | Games Never Played: 44 Percentage Played: 34.33% Damn L4D2 is eating up my life. Granted, most of the unplayed ones are from bundles.
  13. THE event of the summer

    Booking time off work - done Making travel arrangements - flight booked, just got to see if Barney will pick me up from the airport. Failing that, hire car FTW. Thinking about where (or with who?!) you're sleeping - that's easy, spooning with Barney and Velox on the first night, then separate boudoirs for the rest. Checking your PC to make sure it's virus free and up-to-date ... especially Steam! - this goes against all my lan prep instincts but about to do a full re-install once my new SSD arrives. Windows 8 RC1 anyone? (No I am not that nuts).
  14. Guess the final number

    To quote an old mechanoid saying.... 11111111
  15. epic.NINE - Big Games/Fun Tournaments

    All the usual... Blur Trackmania (agree completely with Elsie on the maps) UT / UT2004 CTF Instagib or anything bar onslaught. F1 2011 Prop Hunt