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  1. Here's the list of the Big Games we'll be hosting at epic23. Start your download-engines now and get practicing. Remember - if you're favourite game isn't featured here, you can still schedule it on our community calendar, and get us to call out to get people into it. We’ll also be running couch-multiplayer style games on the big gallery screen at various times, plus our console area will feature XBOX ONE and retro console games - and we'll have a few whiteboard challenges throughout the event. Team Fortress 2 Garry's MOD - Trouble in Terrorist Town Day of Defeat: Source Fistful of Frags CS:GO Arms Race GoldenEye: Source (Follow the instructions there to download the full mod PLUS the Source SDK Base 2007) Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft (Java edition, not Windows 10 \ Console version) Overwatch Golf with your friends Blur Half Life 2: Death Match Chivalry: Medieval Warefare We'll also have some ongoing games that'll run throughout the weekend: The Forest Factorio
  2. We're pleased to announce that we'll be featuring the following Fun Tournaments at epic23. As ever with Fun Tournaments, we don't have cash prizes, but we'll be revealing sponsors coming on board for these in the coming weeks. We'll let you know when signups on the tournament site are opening up - so watch and check back on this thread. Hearthstone Overwatch 3v3 Mario Kart (Switch) Streetfighter 2
  3. It's always Jager O'Clock!
  4. I'll be doing the drinks runs...
  5. The epicStreamTeam are a bit quiet at the moment, but following epic23 at the start of March we'll be breathing new life into the team and be trying out some new ways to interact with the epic.LAN community. We'll be inviting attendees, staff and friends to join our team page, so that people can see, at a glance, whenevever an epic.LAN attendee is online and streaming, and we'll also encourage people to watch, follow and subscribe via our social media. All we ask is that when you're featured on our team pages that you give the occasional shoutout to epiclan, and let people know where they can find more about the UK's best LAN party! We'll still be featuring the occasional stream on our main channel, such as Gunmens' epic Final Fantasy journey, and reech will be moving over to Weird Wednesdays. If you want to broadcast direct from the epiclan channel during the week? Of course you can - just let us know and we'll arrange it. Once a month, we'll also be featuring an 'all in' game, whether it's a good few hours of Overwatch, an attempt at a Tabletop Simulator game or a (dis)organised heist in GTA - we'll give you notice of these and pop them on our event calendar so you can come along and join in, like a LAN away from LAN. Want to know more? Catch Reech#9632 on discord, throw him a message here or corner him (he doesn't bite!) at epic23 and be part of the team!
  6. Hello! The menu will be confirmed in February, but this is the similar food you'll see available at the catering desk: Soft drinks are available at the bar and 24 hours at the shop.
  7. I'm not putting on a waitress uniform. I draw the line at that.
  8. Sweet chilli chicken skewers were great last night. Breakfast excellent. Burger at lunch time was tasty, but the chip portion was a bit disappointing. Kind of stringy and a good deal cooler than the burger.
  9. I've had a few sleep things mentioned to me as well. If you need a sleep aid (cricket noises, thunderstorm) you're fine to do this, but please have it on headset. It works for some, but it's unfair to broadcast it everyone else. Also - if you set alarms on phones \ clocks please make sure you deactivate if you leave the sleeping area, or be sure you'll get up quickly when it starts off, otherwise you might find a group of very grumbly people around you. Final sleep related things - for the sleeping room, the clue is in the name. Let's not have yelling and talking in there, peoples. You can head on up and out if you need to have a chat, but be respectful of the others in there. We'll keep an eye on hallways (and fire escapes as well - if you sleep in front of one, you WILL be woken up and moved) to make sure that places are kept safe.
  10. On Saturday Night from 8pm, we're going to be having a Hallowmeme party, following on from the fun we had with the Summer Beach Party. You've only got a week to sort out your Hallowmeme costume - so it can be spooky (I'm sorry, spoopy), meme-like or a combination of the two. And while we've got some of our costumed people lurking around trying the themed food and drinks, we've also got Horrible Haden's Hallowmeme tunes as well as a Halloween games... Retching Reech's Pumpkin Hunt Scout out around the Kettering Conference Centre, and locate where Reech has hidden the pumpkins Grotesque Gunmen's Ghastly Box Put your hands in Gunmen's boxes and see what ghastly things lurk within Wailing Winbar's Dangly Ghost-stuff How quickly can you polish off giant ghoulish marshmellows? Screaming Squirrel's Watery Bowl of Doom Okay, so there's nothing really horrifying you can write about apple bobbing, but have a go anyway. Beer Pong Tournament of Terror So, we didn't manage to finish you off during Friday night's boat race? Join us in an epic.BEERPONG tournament, and see who can reign supreme. Oh, and there may be some hideous surprises along the way, as we try and evilly gain the advantage... Don't have nightmares...
  11. Yes, for reasons of 'let's have a swap round' we're not having SF2 this time, but more than happy for people to play one in the Social area - no prizes, though. Give me a shout as it spinning-bird-kicks off so I can cheer you on!
  12. Wii U.
  13. These tournaments are open to anyone attending epic22, but you must have been eliminated from other tournaments before competing in this tournament. Click the name of the tournament to read the full rules - and check out the prizes from our fantastic sponsors! Any questions? Make your way to the #epic22-fun-tournaments text chat channel on the epicLAN Discord. Friday 12 noon: Overwatch 1v1 - Sponsored by Get some one on one action with Blizzard's colourful FPS, and you could win the following from our sponsor be quiet! 1st prize: Dark Base Pro 900 | Orange 2nd prize: Power Zone | 650W 3rd prize: Shadow Rock TF 2 16:00 FIFA 18 (1v1) - sponsored by A new one for epicLAN - prove those green-pitch skills in the gallery area as we invite you to take on all comers in the latest installment in FIFA. And since it's sponsored by noctua, you could net yourself a prize! 1st prize: NF-A14 iPPC 2000 PWM fan + yellow NA-SAVP1 chromax accessories and yellow NA-SAV2 chromax accessories 2nd prize: NF-P14s redux 1500 PWM fan + black NA-SAV2 chromax accessories 3rd prize: NF-F12 PWM fan Saturday 15:00 Rocket Leage (3v3) - sponsored by Join in the frantic car-meets-football action in an epicLAN favourite, sponsored by Astro who have provided some excellent audio equipment for the winners! 1st Place - 3 x A10 Gaming Headset with MixAmp 2nd Place - 3 x A10 Gaming Headset 3rd Place - 3 x ASTRO Headset Stands. 19:00 Super Smash Bros (Wii U) (1v1) - sponsored by Contender ready! Assemble in the gallery to show off your Nintendo battle skills, and thanks to noctua you're going to be keeping cool long after you triumph... 1st prize: NF-A14 iPPC 2000 PWM fan + yellow NA-SAVP1 chromax accessories and yellow NA-SAV2 chromax accessories 2nd prize: NF-P14s redux 1500 PWM fan + black NA-SAV2 chromax accessories 3rd prize: NF-F12 PWM fan 21:00 League of Legends (2v2) - sponsored by League returns for a fun tournament at epic22 - can you emerge victorious in the arena? And once you do, noctua are going to reward you with the following: 1st prize: NH-D15 cooler + NM-AM4 mounting kit 2nd prize: NH-U12S cooler + NM-AM4-UxS mounting kit 3rd prize: NF-A20 PWM fan Plus... take a look over here at our friends from the d20 Board Game Cafe who are going to be doing a 7 Wonder Duel Fun Tournament to win £10 of store credit. Follow their instructions to sign up in the thread, but make sure you sign up to the 7 Wonders Duel tournament before midday on Thursday 12th October.
  14. Fun tournament announcement is coming soon - will be able to let you know what's up early next week.
  15. Benneh - will keep an eye on your channel over at twitch.tv/bennehtv as well. Have a chat - here, or on discord.gg/epiclan , or at the event - about stuff your streaming and if you want to join in; as I mentioned it's not very likely that we can support people's streams at the event while devoting the bandwidth to everything else that's going on, but would be good seeing what you can turn out, and encouraging people to watch.