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  1. Will point out the community stuff - I know several people have been using that as well, more than happy with that, Joe.
  2. Since 2016, we've been featuring people directly broadcasting on to the twitch.tv/epiclan channel during the week, to show people that we're still doing stuff in between events. More people than ever before are streaming across twitch, and plenty of our attendees either dabble or have dived headfirst in with full schedules, so we don't feature as many people directly as we did before (although you can still catch gunmens, reech, nick and M0rt at various times) so we're doing something a little different to showcase how many of our attendees and staff are doing exciting stream type stuff. We'll still feature people directly on the channel who want to do that, such as Gunmens on Sunday afternoon - but we're inviting staff and attendees to join our team page at twitch.tv/team/epiclan . This is where we point people during our events, so they can follow everything that goes on - but now we'll send people there so they can see the variety of games and content you all do. Here's what we're offering you - and what you can help us out with. For broadcasting on epiclan Weekly scheduled slots Please turn up to them, or you risk being dropped off (oh no!) - give me as much notice as possible if you need to change; of course emergencies do happen, so I'm not going to be a total git about this Keeping engagement with viewers about what epicLAN is and what we do - play, chat, and interact! Commands added to bot !so {username} for you and other epicLAN people - do so as they turn up …and don't forget to !so and chat about YOUR channel; if you have a regular schedule or want to point to places, I can set up commands like !reech which will have more info for those broadcasters: Reech streams on Tuesday and Thursdays at twitch.tv/re_reech :: Follow him there and at twitter.com/reechme :: The last thing they were doing was $(twitch game $(1)) For broadcasting on your own channel Let reech know on the #epicstreamteamchannel your schedule and he'll set up tweets before time to point to your channel on our feed We won't do facebook posts for every stream BUT we will say 'featuring this week' for those who let us know at start of week to avoid flooding people Please set your BOT to let viewers know about epicLAN and our next event; I'd suggest the following two messages (alternate, one every 30 minutes; timers can do this - or set up as !commands and call 'em every hour) I'm part of the epicLAN StreamTeam - find out more here :: https://www.twitch.tv/team/epiclan epic.LAN is one of the UK's most exciting LAN gaming events featuring a great range of social games and eSports tournaments :: Next Event in $(countdown Jun 7 2018 4:00:00 PM GMT) :: epic24 - 7-10 June 2018 - To find out more visit www.epiclan.co.uk/epic24 Remember to update after every event! …and have a little chat with the viewers about us at least once every session. What else will we do on the epicLAN channel? Playlists of VODs will be set up during the week; featuring content from recent epicLAN events, matches, tournaments and also past streams - we'll theme this to let you know what content is coming up during the week. (At least) once a month; community game night - Board Game, TF2, Minecraft Hunger Games, Quiplash. Host schedule - again, for those who have told me their full schedule, we'll place them on the host list and let people know about them. Priority goes to those who broadcast at least one slot on the epicLAN channel in a month; otherwise reech will promote and move who we feature on a weekly basis so we're not just constantly rebroadcasting the same StreamTeamer! Subscriptions? We'll be encouraging people to sub to the individual streamers - I'll modify the commands for subs about this to include (…or if you like this streamer, go to THEIR channel and sub to support them!) We'll still encourage people to sub to epicLAN (especially those who JUST want to stream on epicLAN) For epiclan subscribers, when we get 3 subs\resubs in a session, we'll do a giveaway - check with reech about these. If you want to get involved, post here, or speak to reech at discord.gg/epiclan
  3. fun tournament sugestions?

    We'll definitely do more big screen games with things like Porcunpine (that was fantastic) and Crawl; they won't be fun tournaments, but we will be dragging people to the Gallery and the TVs in the console area to do this.
  4. fun tournament sugestions?

    Poyu Poyu Tetris may be a good one to test out - very easy for everyone to get to grips with - will do some further research by playing it on the train to Reigate next week!
  5. fun tournament sugestions?

    Yes - this WILL happen; however there's no full release date yet other than 'this year' so watch this space... On that front, Mario Kart Switch WILL make a return at epic24; the huge numbers of people playing makes it inevitable! Still looking for other suggestions - Streetfighter did well, but I don't think we can better that, so perhaps a different fighting game?
  6. Fun Tournaments at epic23

    Not this time, what with the Streetfighter theme. However I've cleaned up the console cube, and it'll be downstairs in Lakeside for people to jump into whenever they want to. I'm still waiting to see if they do a new version for the Switch...
  7. We did this a while back, and then they went away, but now they're back. We're relaunching our Community Game Servers and will be hosting games for you to join in and have fun with. More servers will appear as we try out different things, but for now epicLAN Minecraft - server2.epiclan.net:25565 / Whitelist server Years and years ago we enjoyed the block building game, and it's never really gone away. We've started up a new survival server for you to play on. The aim here is pure Survival Minecraft. Explore, gather, build. No big grants of diamonds or wraiths wandering around in the main world, just the game! Simple rules for the server: Don't be an ass bully , No Griefing\Pranking , No swearing\racism (all ages welcome) , No Stealing , Just have fun! It's vanilla with no protections on gear and stuff, so we're asking people to play nice, and play well - and just enjoy! How to play: It's a whitelisted server, so join discord.gg/epiclan and post in the #epicMinecraft channel to get whitelisted - we'll try and sort it out within a few hours Admins: Reech, Justcallmelewis, Dunceantix Current whitelist: _gunmens_, Diigitalsa1nt, Davemarr, froggy911, KindredPhantom, leftone, hardyyy, brothersoft, I amHaden, JustCallMeLewis, Dunceantix epicLAN Battalion 1944 - Newly available, and bringing the classic FPS shooter action to the front. We've set up a server so you can challenge in 5v5 matches. We're looking for feedback and seeing how many people are getting into the game as we've had requests to bring it to LAN. Play, have fun, and we'll see what we can do. How to play: Get Battalion 1944 , start the game, go into console mode and use the command connect or connect server2.epiclan.net:27020 ...and that's not all! We'll see how people are playing, and you can always give Reech#9632 a shout in discord if you have some suggestions for other servers, and we'll see what we can arrange. In the past, we've played around with Conan: Exiles, ARK, Starbound and others. Over the coming months we'll aim to bring a variety of games - all you need to do is bring yourself!
  8. Fun Tournaments at epic23

    Switch joycons, wirelessly.
  9. Big Games at epic23

    As the Empress of Factorio, we'll have to ask @Mintopiaabout that!
  10. Big Games at epic23

    Here's the list of the Big Games we'll be hosting at epic23. Start your download-engines now and get practicing. Remember - if you're favourite game isn't featured here, you can still schedule it on our community calendar, and get us to call out to get people into it. We’ll also be running couch-multiplayer style games on the big gallery screen at various times, plus our console area will feature XBOX ONE and retro console games - and we'll have a few whiteboard challenges throughout the event. Team Fortress 2 Garry's MOD - Trouble in Terrorist Town Day of Defeat: Source Fistful of Frags CS:GO Arms Race GoldenEye: Source (Follow the instructions there to download the full mod PLUS the Source SDK Base 2007) Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft (Java edition, not Windows 10 \ Console version) Overwatch Golf with your friends Blur Half Life 2: Death Match Chivalry: Medieval Warefare We'll also have some ongoing games that'll run throughout the weekend: The Forest Factorio
  11. Fun Tournaments at epic23

    We're pleased to announce that we'll be featuring the following Fun Tournaments at epic23. Fun Tournaments are now available for signups - click on the title to head there, and take a look at our sponsors as they've lined up some amazing prizes to soup up your PCs! Remember - you can only sign up to a fun tournament if you are not taking place in one of the prize tournaments. If you have been eliminated from the prize tournament you are participating in before the the fun tournament starts, you may be able to enter - please check with the fun tournament admin. Hearthstone 1v1 - Saturday 3pm (sponsored by Noctua) 1st place :: NH-U12S Noctua cooler + NA-HC1 chromax.black heatsink cover + NA-SEC1 chromax.white extension cables + NM-AM4-UxS mouting kit 2nd place :: NF-A14 iPPC-2000 PWM fan + NA-SAV1 chromax.red anti vibration mounts + NA-SAVP1 chromax.red anti vibration pads 3rd place :: NF-F12 PWM chromax.black.swap fan + NA-SEC1 chromax. yellow extension cables Overwatch 3v3 - Friday 12noon (sponsored by Noctua) 1st place :: NH-L9i Noctua cooler + NM-AM4-L9aL9i mounting kit 2nd place :: NF-A14 PWM chromax.black.swap fan + coloured NA-SEC1 chromax extension cables (blue, green, red) 3rd place :: NF-P14s redux 1500 PWM fan + NA SAV2 promo pack anti vibration mounts MarioKart (Switch) - Saturday 7pm Streetfighter 2 - Saturday 7pm (sponsored by be quiet!) 1st place :: Dark Base Pro 900 Case 2nd place :: Straight power 11 PSU 3rd place :: Silent loop 240 CPU Cooler
  12. Happy Birthday Winbar!

    It's always Jager O'Clock!
  13. SpecialEffect @ epic23

    I'll be doing the drinks runs...
  14. The epicStreamTeam are a bit quiet at the moment, but following epic23 at the start of March we'll be breathing new life into the team and be trying out some new ways to interact with the epic.LAN community. We'll be inviting attendees, staff and friends to join our team page, so that people can see, at a glance, whenevever an epic.LAN attendee is online and streaming, and we'll also encourage people to watch, follow and subscribe via our social media. All we ask is that when you're featured on our team pages that you give the occasional shoutout to epiclan, and let people know where they can find more about the UK's best LAN party! We'll still be featuring the occasional stream on our main channel, such as Gunmens' epic Final Fantasy journey, and reech will be moving over to Weird Wednesdays. If you want to broadcast direct from the epiclan channel during the week? Of course you can - just let us know and we'll arrange it. Once a month, we'll also be featuring an 'all in' game, whether it's a good few hours of Overwatch, an attempt at a Tabletop Simulator game or a (dis)organised heist in GTA - we'll give you notice of these and pop them on our event calendar so you can come along and join in, like a LAN away from LAN. Want to know more? Catch Reech#9632 on discord, throw him a message here or corner him (he doesn't bite!) at epic23 and be part of the team!
  15. Hello greetings from Malaysian

    Hello! The menu will be confirmed in February, but this is the similar food you'll see available at the catering desk: Soft drinks are available at the bar and 24 hours at the shop.