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  1. epic27: BIG GAMES!

    Our scheduled Big Games have been timetabled like this... Thursday 9pm - PUBG Solo Games 11pm - Golf with your Friends Friday 11am - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 1pm - Euro Truck Sim 2 Challenges 3pm - Team Fortress 2 4pm - Minecraft Hunger Games (Java Edition of Minecraft, people!) 7pm - Half Life 2: DeathMatch! (8pm Quiz in Gallery) Midnight (after Quiz) - Quiplash in the Gallery Saturday 11am - Blur 12noon - Star Wars Jedi Academy 1pm-8pm during the Finals of Fun Tournaments will feature various challenge games 9pm - Trackmania Forever 10pm - Quake 3 to Battlefield 4 11pm - CS:GO Arms Race Sunday 11am - Wreckfest 1pm - Fistful of Frags Note that other games will make their way into the stack as quick challenges, whiteboard games, and be held hostage to encourage good behaviour! And I'll also be sharing when qualifier rounds and further things from Fun Tournaments during the next week!
  2. Mordhau

    I read it as something like Chivalry - looking at my friends list, only a couple of people I know have it, so it's worthwhile keeping an eye on. Can encourage people to play it at 27, and if more people have it, I can see us raising it to Big Game status by October... Will share and encourage...
  3. epic27: FUN TOURNAMENTS

    Fun Tournaments are now available for signup on the tournament site For epic27, we'll be welcoming back: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds: Squads Beat Saber Super Smash Bros Ultimate ...and introducing League of Legends 1v1 F1 2012 We've given Hearthstone a rest to try some new things out after a few events with low signups - but we're still going to be putting up a Fireside Gathering for those who want to see how EVIL some people are... Remember - taking part in the BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS are the way for you to gain points to try and wrest the Community Championship Belt from Inferno. And there may be a few other ways to gather points at the event - stay tuned!
  4. epic27: BIG GAMES!

    The time is now... Advance notice to get those games bought and downloaded, skills upgraded, things planned, and plot which games you're going to take part in to rack up as many Championship Points to see if you can wrest the Community Championship belt from Inferno! FPS BIG GAMES Fistful of Frags Half Life 2: Deathmatch (Gravity Gun Games) Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Quake 3 Battlefield 4 Warsow Team Fortress 2 CS:GO Arms Race CS:GO Prop Hunt Driving Big Games GRIP Wreckfest Euro Truck Simulator 2 : The Revenge of DutyHero Armagetron Misc Big Games Minecraft Hunger Games (Java Edition) Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Golf with your Friends Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Solos (Big Game) Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Squads (Big Game) Whiteboard & Quick Games in Lakeside Board Games Sessions: Accentuate, Resistance, Town of Salem, Werewolves ROW OFF! - Row vs. Row challenges Quick Quiz Card Challenge Axiom Soccer Slapshot Rainbow 6 Siege Overcooked And absolutely positively no karaoke. Just no. The timetable will go up nearer the event date.
  5. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    As long as I'm not in a group, people can win...
  6. Friday Arrival?

    Welcome - you'll have fun regardless.
  7. Friday Arrival?

    If you're competing in a prize tournament, you need to arrive by 10am on Friday, when the team meetings kick off. If you're a casual BYOCer you can arrive anytime from Thursday at 2pm onwards (with early checkin going from 2pm-4pm, and doors opening at 4pm). Turning up on Friday is no trouble at all - you just get a little less LAN! Just head in to the centre, and go over to our check-in desk, and we'll sort it out.
  8. Camping

    It will be available, so you should soon be able to add to the Additional Services - only just had it confirmed earlier today.
  9. Lanmaster

    I still can't believe, watching this again, that I'm the one that swore the most in a small period of time... I'd have been sure that @DrPen0r would have beaten me to that...
  10. Le Mans 24

    We'd love to do this - but there are issues with us putting something on a public screen for sporting events.
  11. DDR pads

    That's the ones. I think it took about 3-4 weeks for delivery, but we did ask for the branded centre piece.
  12. EPIC board games

    I'll be demoing Keyforge on Saturday as well...
  13. Big Games for epic26

    Oh, there might be something in there...
  14. Fun Tournaments at epic26

    Let’s ring in the new year with Fun Tournaments for epic26! We’ve announced returning Fun Tournaments for: Beat Saber VR Hearthstone Player Unknown Battlegrounds …and we’ll be introducing Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a fun tournament as well! All four are now available for you to sign up to at https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ We’re trying some different formats for most of the games; Beat Saber and Smash will feature some qualifying rounds on Friday, with the finals being played in the Arena on the Saturday. Likewise, PUBG will now feature multiple maps, with at least two being played on the Friday before the final on Saturday evening. As a result, there’ll be some changes to how we record scores, and to our rules; a general outline is available in the tournament site rules pages now, but we will add further structure to them before the event begins. In addition, participation and placement in the Fun Tournaments will also count towards the epicLAN Community Champion award! As ever, anyone can participate in the Fun Tournaments, but prize tournament players MUST be eliminated from their matches before they can join in with the fun tournaments. In addition, some of the fun tournaments may need to close signups before 10am on Friday so that we can group and balance the tournaments. We’ll let you know as we get closer to the event, but Papa Reech urges people who are not playing in prize tournaments to sign up for the tournaments NOW at https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ If you need any help signing up, pop into http://discord.gg/epiclan and go to the #epic26-funtournaments channel. Oh… and these four fun tournaments? They may not be the only ones. Watch out for some news later in January as we’re working on some additional events for you!
  15. Big Games for epic26

    Make your way over to the Facebook group , take a look in the Discord channel #epic26-generalchat and keep an eye on Twitter where we'll let you know more about what we've got planned. It’s time to get those downloads queued up and get your computer in shipshape, ready for epic26 – to that end, here are the BIG GAMES that are going to be scheduled throughout the event. However, we’ve going to be trying something new as well, so make sure that you check out the bottom of the list and grab these LAN favourites as well, since you can never have too many games! In addition, our Lakeside Team will be setting up challenges here and there – and we will be shouting over to the Arena to grab our friends over there and involve them. PLUS (will it ever end with the surprises for epic26!) we’re introducing the epicLAN Community Champion Challenge. Every Big Game, Fun Tournament and some of the activities that you participate in will award points meaning that on Saturday Night, you could be crowned the first epicLAN Community Champion. Look out for more details as the event draws closer – and there is STILL more to announce… Big Games at epic26 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Counterstrike Source Fun Maps Live 4 Speed Garry’s Mod (TTT and others) Quiplash \ Jackbox Games Half Life: Death Match Gravity Gun Games Blur Genital Jousting (trust me on this one…) CounterStrike: Danger Zone Minecraft Hunger Games Team Fortress 2 Quake Champions Golf with Your Friends PLUS… Make sure you download some of these favourites for challenges over the event Left4Dead 2 Rainbow 6 Siege Euro Truck Sim 2 Armagetron Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Cryptic information update here You might end up with happy feet, because there's some other things that we're going to surprise people with. There's a chance to play your cards right with a physical card game. Ready for instant challenges? Bring a pencil or two, and be prepared to be called to duty. Oh, and possibly some extra physical challenges incoming, and others that might test you a little bit more. 24 20 16 1 25 19 9 5