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  1. EPIC 26 Camping

    No - we definitely won't have INDOOR camping (two indoor sleeping rooms will be available as always, no tents!) - but we'll soon clarify what's happening outside.
  2. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Quick responses from me about Fun Tournaments and big Games... Sorry on this; my selection of tracks using GP was off; I'd used the one I intended to use last in the first place - and that took a long, long time to run. In addition, the time pressure for other events was a drag - I think it would be better doing MK on Friday rather than Saturday PLUS getting to grips with quick VS. races rather than GP should help things go smoother. Communication on the structure of the MK Tournament was also poor, resulting in people left to one side for too long, thinking they were coming back - I'll put that down to me faffing with the format to make it fit into the timeslot we had - apologies to those affected. Also - Unicorn did sign up properly, and somehow vanished from the list, resulting in her not competing which is something that really narked me off - it also upset FreddieW who is an excellent support for our admin side on FTs, and this is the first time that's ever happened. Unicorn was incredibly gracious when speaking to me the following day, but will be absolutely THRASHING the rest of you next time... Big Games are always a balancing act; we always ask what to put on, we get some suggestions - and then it's hot or cold as to how many people we get. We need to have a really good think about how we entice people to play in these, and there are some useful suggestions here that I can work on for next time. If something isn't working out, we should always try to drop something in (and it's really, really quick for us to do so, we've got images and layouts available) - for example, Blossy's Nippon Extravaganza thing was a drop-in that he sorted, and that worked very well. Cheers for the honest feedback - keep throwing it here AND in your surveys, it's the only way we can fix things...
  3. Big Games at epic25

    I'm *probably* in Portland upstairs, but will be darting around with a fairly dazed expression by the evening on Thursday.
  4. Big Games at epic25

    Nice - make sure you grab me at some point, so we can add it to the community timetable, and the Lakeside Lot will point people your way as well.
  5. Big Games at epic25

    He has been known to get his Puyo-Puyo Tetris out!
  6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    I'm going to be getting it for Switch - I didn't play back through it fully on the GameCube.
  7. Big Games at epic25

    So, the votes are in from the Big Game twitter-chatter last week, and your ringmaster Reech has tabulated the scores, and will announce that the games we'll be playing at epic25 in the Big Games schedule are as follows... Unreal Tournament 2K4 (£8.99 on Steam) Golf with your Friends (£4.79) and\or Golf It (£5.99) CoD4: Promod (£19.99) Rainbow 6 Seige (£11.99) DoD: Source (£7.19) Worms: Armageddon (£10.99) - although we may be playing this as a group in the Gallery! Quake 3 Arena (12.99) - although Quake Live (£6.99) may be a choice here! Minecraft Hunger Games (Java version £17.95) Armagetron (£Free!) Blur (Currently unavailable, but a LAN favourite that many of us have - but you might want to prep Flatout 2 (£5.99) as well...) CS Fun Maps (£7.19) Team Fortress 2 (£Free) We'd also encourage you to have Half Life 2 Deathmatch around (GravGun FTW, if there's not enough Garry'sModders!) plus, take a look through past epics and see what you'd like to join in with because remember - we can run other stuff as well, as can you lot - just give the Lakeside Desk Crew a shout, and we'll do everything we can to get people warmed up and playing in the games. Even if people like @habzvip are trying to use her exploity powers in Golf with Your Friends, or if @FaultForce is trying to persuade you to go toe-to-toe with one of his decks in Heathstone (and the less said about @Blossy and his Tetris-fetish the better...) - we're still wanting to run MORE games that you want to play. We'll be announcing the actual schedule for the Big Games next week, but for now, start your engines!
  8. epic25 Saturday Night Event: Laniversary!

    Before my time, but I am aware of the legend!
  9. It's not quite a birthday, since we run several events a year. It's not quite an anniversary, because we've been doing it for an odd number of years. But 25 as a number is a milestone, so epic25's Saturday Night Event is going to be... LANiversary! Celebrating the history of epic.LAN from it's forbears and founders to its current incarnation of memes and mayhem, we'd like you to join us in having a party to end all parties - with an eye on the future for our huge expansion into the Arena in 2019! We'll be putting together some party style food and cocktails, and also enjoying some party style games with some fun and silly swag to be won - from pass the parcel, to musical chairs, to pin the tail on the Gumpster. Okay, so the last one may be a bit of an invention, but hey, it was suggested in a meeting and I'm sure I can make it work... Since it's the October event (when we traditionally invited people to dress up for Halloween) if you want to come along as a favourite game character from the history of LAN games then please do so - I'm sure there's still some people dressing up as the Scout from TF2, and I know I've seen a few of my friends at epic.LAN who resemble the zombies in Left4Dead after a particularly grueling Boat Race... If you've got any extra suggestions for party games at the event, let reech know (either here, or on Discord if you want it to be a surprise!) and let's get this party started!
  10. Lakeside Seat Picker

    No - if both tickets when registered to people have the same clan tag, you'll be fine. When we defrag we move people who are scattered around the place together based on tag and suitable available seating.
  11. SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday Night Event

    Yes, go cyber, Joe!
  12. Splatoon on Switch?

    I was crap at it and traded mine in (nooooo!) for Hyrule Warriors. I'm sure there are a few splatters that will play over the weekend!
  13. Friday morning run at LAN

    Wow - that's dedication! There is a running track nearby, will have to see if it's public access. Also, things are pretty slopey and hilly around the housing estates...
  14. epic24 - Menu

    I will be going the whole Burrito route on Saturday!
  15. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    That'd be great, Dan - I've been going through the user guide in advance of testing server before event, but any suggestions for combining sessions and putting some 'this is what you do' notes togehter will be appreciated - shout me on discord!