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  1. Big Games at epic20

    A big screen suggestion, BROFORCE. http://store.steampowered.com/app/274190/ Its a 4player co-op game. The levels are fairly short so I was thinking you could make a competition where the team that completes a particular level in the fastest time wins?
  2. Remove unpaid bookings

    I had problems loading the page when booking and it added multiple Bookings. I have paid for one as I only needed one. Can the others be removed please? Thanks
  3. Boardgames Comp

    Not really boardgame related, but it's played in that area: I think there should be an award to wolves who slaughtered the village of muckflappybits
  4. Big thanks

    Thanks everyone, EPIC as per usual! The menu went down a treat, all the internet teething I have seen in previous lans were pretty much none existant! So extra thanks to all the tech team keeping everything running smoothly. Looking forward to next year!
  5. Last Post Wins!?

    Best Spam thread ever?
  6. Steam Cache Server Setup

    Yeah it is populating fine and hitting the cache at network speed if you delete and reinstall a game. I need to acquire some SSD's to run the server. All those small files!!
  7. Steam Cache Server Setup

    Just an update. Got it all working now that I have fixed the DNS entires. pfsense's DNS Forwarder doesn't seem the greatest, but with a bit of tweaking everything is now pointing to where it should. Keeping the likes of store.steampowered.com pointing to steam servers to keep the store/profile pages working. I am wondering if there is a method to keep specific games up to date on the cache. Although I am thinking this isn't really necessary seems it will do this as it goes along. I am also thinking of writing a full tutorial on this seems I couldn't find a complete one myself.
  8. Steam Cache Server Setup

    Hi Murray, yeah it seems to be working. but the route I asked for was cs.steampowered.com and for some reason it is directing to content6.steampowered.com (the entry at the top of the list) And yeah is the steamcache. The laptop is setup on a different Mask at So not sure what is going wrong with the DNS entries,
  9. Steam Cache Server Setup

    No worries. I will give clearos a whirl in the mean time.
  10. Steam Cache Server Setup

    Thanks Dex. The BSD box is already quering external DNS servers if I tracert from the Laptop I am getting: See the problem appears to be that the first entry in the list is where the others get directed to. Are you available on epic.teamspeak/steam?
  11. Steam Cache Server Setup

    I have tried entering the following Host overrides on pfsense' DNS forwarder: cs.steampowered.com content1.steampowered.com content2.steampowered.com content3.steampowered.com content4.steampowered.com content5.steampowered.com content6.steampowered.com content7.steampowered.com content8.steampowered.com hsar.steampowered.com.edgesuite.net clientconfig.akamai.steamstatic.com All pointing towards the NGINX server IP address
  12. Hi, just wondering if there are some techy people to help me setup a steam cache server. I am am about 99% of the way there but seem to be encountering problems with the DNS Forwarding. Setup: I am running two virtual servers (VMWare) -Pfsense running on one (connected virtually to two network cards) -FreeBSD 10 running NGINX reverse proxy cache Testing -Seperate laptop running steam (DNS and IP assigned by pfsense) I have been refering to Astrolox' Walkthrough: http://www.astrolox.com/2013/05/31/valve-steampipe-reverse-proxy/ and http://blog.multiplay.co.uk/2014/04/lancache-dynamically-caching-game-installs-at-lans-using-nginx/ Thanks
  13. Minecraft hunger games - coverage question

    Great news looking forward to watching it over. I will give feedback after. But from what I saw on screen in lakeside it looked good!
  14. Where can one find the full live stream coverage of the minecraft tournament? I can only find the video JoeShow made on youtube: Not seeing it on twitch either. Thanks