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  1. ez
  2. 100% Melee
  3. if i remember i'll be down for some of that!
  4. Yes! Melee is GOAT!
  5. The Good: Werewolves, thanks again to @Astrolox & @gunmens for hosting. Despite the numbers not being there, the quality was, was nice not to have random friend kills early in games, made it more enjoyable. All the staff as ever, really helpful when we needed anything! Need to set up a sweep to see how many steps @reech can clock up @LAN, seemed like everywhere i was going, he was already there The Bad: Me in literally every fun tournament (be it Rocket League, Worms, or Smash.....ESPECIALLY SMASH!) Obvious network problem is obvious on thursday (thanks for the techy staff for fixing it soo quick!) Aircon on Sunday morning, that s*** was freezing at the front of the room, especially when i was too tired to walk upstairs to sleep at 7am! (us front people can moan too) :DDDDDD Not sure if it was because of fun tournaments clashing, but it certainly felt like some of the 'big' games had a very poor turnout, i know obviously people aren't sheep and play other things, but it sometimes takes away from the enjoyment, DoD literally had 4 people! F1 didn't even happen! The Ugly: Traffic on the way home! The vape smog in the board games area (thank you based fire alarm) LAN Death
  6. +1 for the panini love, kept getting better for me! If i was being picky, the onion wastoo thickly sliced on the first day, but perfect after that!
  7. In there like swimwear
  8. Aww man! It's been a pleasure gaming with you Elsie! All the best!
  9. Golf with your friends (if you're a terrible mini golfer like me) Moar lightning (ofcourse) F1? Maybe? PLZ?
  10. 194 not played 63% not played. Well, i guess i'm a terrible person! I mean, £2591 value for £656 spend isn't terrible, but evidently doesn't factor in humble bundles, etc!
  11. Gonna be hard to top a present like that @Elsie" Happy birthday bud!
  12. Kick Off Show WWE United States Title: Ryback WWE Women's Title: Charlotte WWE Tag Team Tournament #1 Contender: The Vaudevillains WWE Intercontinental Championship: Miz WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns Chris Jerico vs Dean Ambrose: Dean Ambrose Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens: Sami Zayn Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler: Baron Corbin What's Vince McMahon going to decide about control of RAW: John Laurenitis
  13. Good shout @JoeShow, i'll bear that in mind! He was meant to be there last night, but got hooked from the show on sunday night. I guess atleast i got to see him in Dallas!
  14. I prefer them ,if only for having storyline progression, the houseshows seem too predictable & despite the title matches, the chance of a belt changing is extremely rare (i can only remember it happening once donkeys ago)
  15. Well, that's a surprise, guess i'm off to scotland. Swerve manchester for a house show