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  1. Some Questions

    It's all about the fully reclined passenger seat
  2. Some Questions

    Brilliant many thanks, What time do the games start on saturday and sunday?
  3. Some Questions

    Thanks for the replies Is the supermarket within walking distance?
  4. Some Questions

    So Hopefully if my bank has their arses in gear Ill be making my first epiclan appearance (YES LAN!) I have a couple of questions: Food + Drink: How much should i be willing to bring for food and drink? What are the standard prices? What options are there? Parking: Can I Park my car and leave it within say 15 metres from the event (for sleeping purposes) Showers: I hate not having a shower in the morning, are they decent? How long is the wait usually in the morning? Smoking: Is there a sheltered smoking area? Cheers TsuNami