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  1. Going to war with British Telecom

    BT were the cheapest available to me, £29.99 a month for the phone line and fibre (52d/10u), completely unlimited and tbh I've never had a major issue with BT before. No one can still beat that price. To top it off I've just had a few emails demanding the equipment back, also wanting a fee of £99 for my line cancellation and they're cutting the phone line off, they're only supposed to cancel the fibre order because if the phone line goes off that makes matters worse!
  2. Going to war with British Telecom

    As some of you know I recently separated from my wife. I moved in to my new place on 15th April but I placed my BT order 2 weeks before that, managed to get a good deal, £29.99 a month for the 52mb Fibre line + a free £150 prepaid mastercard which I need badly to buy a playpen for my 10 month old son. I was originally given an installation date of May 4th. I knew that cancellations often happen so daily I checked to see if I could change my date and I successfully managed to do it and got the date changed to 27th April. The 27th finally arrived, I made sure I didn't need to be at home for the installation and BT confirmed I didn't need to be at home. At around 9:30am I missed a call so I called it back 10 minutes later, it was a Kelly's engineer who contrcat for BT... his exact words were "I can't find the phoneline so I can't install your fibre" and then basically said he's moved on to another job in a town 10 miles away. I then got on the phone to BT and they called Open Reach, they found the fault and said an engineer would come out on the 28th. I then had to book half a day off so I could let the engineer in. So the 28th arrives and I get a call from the engineer, he wanted to know what the issue was because he didn't have any notes. I told him everything that happened and he thought it was all odd but then explained that Kelly's don't get paid unless they complete the job and thta's why the Kelly's engineer done one as soon as he couldn't find a line. Anyway, the engineer came in, couldn't find an issue with the line and said he was gonna pop to the cabinet and turn my fibre on. 10 Minutes later I get a call "There's an issue, you're line is in cab 18 but the order was for cab 19" so I end up on the phone to BT again, this time they tell me they can't get any info from Open Reach until midnight and that they'd call me back on the 29th. They finally call be back at 3pm on the 29th and say that they need to cancel the order and make a new one, they also said my "case manager" will contact me on 2nd May to go over it all with me. Today I get a call at 11ish from my case manager who then proceeds to tell me that they have just cancelled my order but that can take up to 48 hours from midnight tonight, that means a new order can't be placed until Friday and because it's a Friday they won't have a new date for me until next Monday. I asked realistically when can I expect it to be installed and they said "2 weeks at a minimum". I'm furious right now, I can't claim the £150 mastercard until the fibre is active, which means I can't have my son at my house until then, the offer says 30 days from claim to arrival of the card so realistically it could be another 2 months until I can have him at my house, basically going to miss a ton of milestones! To top it off my mental state is pretty bad at the moment and I'm trying to keep myself busy but running out of things to do so it keeps initiated arguments between me and the wife. I've pretty much watched everything I downloaded before I moved out and I don't even have mobile internet due to no 3g in my town, I'm literaly losing the fucking plot. I hate BT so much, they won't even talk about compensation at the moment!
  3. Origin Access

    I use EA Access on the Xbox One and it's well worth it!
  4. Quake Closed Beta

    A true Quake fan knows that the BFG is a Doom gun and should remain in Doom 1v1 me in Rocket Arena brah!
  5. Quake Closed Beta

    Signups for the closed beta for Quake are live... http://www.quake.com - enjoy!
  6. Board Games Gubbs

    Goat ham.
  7. TBH a train isn't too bad from Heathrow > London and then London > Kettering, doesn't the Kettering train start at Marlybone?
  8. You sure m0rt? it can't be that far from you, surely?
  9. I miss all of you already! Thanks for an "epic" weekend!

  10. epic20 Catering Menu OM NOM NOM

    Absolutely loved the hot n kickin chicken last night! Also breakfast was mighty awesome this morning!
  11. My PC knows it's LAN, yours might too!

    The battery on my car died this morning, does that count? £80 to have it replaced!
  12. epic20 Catering Menu OM NOM NOM

    It's still a saving, of £2 on the breakfasts so well worth it, the breakfasts totally rock
  13. Mere days... Happy LAN week everyone!