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  1. Day before a LAN ready for packdown yep TF2 steam update

    1. Winbar


      Gabe knows.

    2. dex


      He doesn't need to know, he just pushes out a different update every day :P

  2. was going to post but this hits most of my list. And sort out steel panther so it doesn't break the system when I request it .
  3. Gallery MySQL Error

    As above looks like there is some kind of error
  4. elite14 seating

    Happy to swap me and _Jay_ to the other side as we normally aim to sit that side anyway if you sit _Jay_ next to hodg as the current plan stands then im sure he will be fine with that.
  5. David's Story - Road Safety Campaing

    Biking is definitely a more risky form of transport due to the lack of protection around you like in a car, all bikers should be weary as that helps you avoid accidents, the way I ride I'm always looking out for the mistakes of others and have developed a bit of a sixth sense for when someone is going to pull across my path. If your into your stats this makes an interesting read on the causes and blame of most bike accidents, its done by the DFT so is not written from a biker bias point of view like some of the literature out there. To summarise for people who don't want to read it, the most likely accident for a biker is a right of way violation by a 2nd vehicle, i.e. the standard car pulling out without looking across the path of the m/c. So makes sense why they are trying to use this example as a campaign although I think it would hold a lot more weight as a campaign if the biker hadn't been speeding. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20110509101621/http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roadsafety/research/rsrr/theme5/indepthstudyofmotorcycleacc.pdf
  6. David's Story - Road Safety Campaing

    I could say the same about car drivers , you also tend not to find many bikers drifting between lanes as they must answer that txt this instant. To be fair to both bikers and car drivers the minority give the majority a bad name. There are thousands of bikers who ride every day without ever doing something reckless, I myself do a 30 mile round commute every day without needing to go at mach 1 everywhere. I think with bikers the immage of the nutter on a sports bike in full leathers treating the road like a private racetrack is the minority normally a middle aged man going through a mid life crisis buys a stupidly quick weekend toy.
  7. David's Story - Road Safety Campaing

    Having been a motorcyclist for the last 10 years with only one not at fault accident I see things like this on the road all the time from both cars and bikes. I'm not going to disagree that the mc rider in this case was riding recklesly and should take some of the blame, however watching the footage by the time the car starts its turn the mc should have been clearly visable and even if doing the speed limit would have most likly hit the car anyway, this is a case of car driver not paying attention so right that the car driver is prosecuted he even pled guilty to being distracted. If the rider had been slower he would have stood more of a chance of survival but its worth putting this in perspective assuming the road is a national limit the rider would still be traveling at 25m per second he looked closer than this when the car starts the turn. I think the lesson to learn from this regardless of what you drive/ride is to assume that everyone else on the road is an idiot and adjust your style accordingly. Learning defensive driving and further learning such as IAM teaches you to always try and anticipate what another vehicle may do and to have an escape route at all times. For most people the last time they do any kind of training is the day before they pass their test, it's well worth addtional training after.
  8. Hot Stuff

    Won't be as hot as the mad dog as that's an extract these are made from real chillies fair bit of kick but a good taste that's manageable if you like spicy food
  9. Hot Stuff

    For those who like a little bit of an extra kick with their meat I have procured a couple of bottles of my favourite hot sauce that others are welcome to try. http://www.hotsauceemporium.co.uk/shop/hot-chilli-sauces/195/psycho-juice-70-scorpion-pepper/ http://www.hotsauceemporium.co.uk/shop/hot-chilli-sauces/174/psycho-juice-chipotle-ghost-pepper/

    That would be salad I agree it has no place at a bbq