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  1. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Don’t normally weigh in on feedback until it’s all in and reviewed, but to clarify, there is no arrangement for staff to skip the queues at either the bar or catering. If its busy, it can be difficult at times to see who is waiting having been in that position myself before. The bar for the new layout is still being discussed but there may be multiple bars as one of the options to ease the queues at times. It is really hard to judge the staffing and if it’s over staffed then more cost = more expensive drinks ultimately. The peak times this event were strange compared to others so that may have been part of the problem if staffing levels had been set based on previous trends.
  2. Indoor sleeping

    Pendeen and Boat House
  3. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    These arent necessarily the prices as they're from Feb, but it's pretty much unchanged from: Should have a list of the local ales soon.
  4. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Here's the menu for epic25 available from the on-site catering. Breakfast Served from 8.00am - 11.30am Big Breakfast - £6 (or £16 if you pre-book all 3 days before the event) - 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 1 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, mushroom, 2 slices of toast & cup of tea or coffee Small Breakfast - £5.00 - 1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans & a cup of tea or coffee Vegetarian breakfast available (as above with vegetarian sausage & extra egg) Bacon roll - £3.00 Sausage roll - £3.00 Hash Brown & Egg roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll - £4.00 (all of the above) Sweet Belgian Waffle with/without Bacon & Maple syrup - £3.00/£2.50 Beans on Toast - £1.75 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1.00 Tea/coffee - £1.00 Lunch Menu Served from 12noon - 4pm Bacon & Cheese Panini - £3.50 Tuna Melt Panini - £3.50 Cheese & Sweet Chilli - £3.00 Burgers, Wings & Sides Served 12noon - 9pm Beef Burger - £3.20 Pulled Pork Burger - £3.70 Bacon & Cheese Burger - £4.00 Spicy Refried Bean Burger (V) - £3.20 Southern Fried Chicken Burger with Tomato Salsa & Cheese - £4.50 Epic Burger (Double burger, double bacon & double cheese) - £5.50 Chicken Wings (x7) with very hot sauce - £5.00 Onion Rings (x7) - £1.50 Chips - £1.50 Side Salad - £1.00 Evening Meals Served 4.30pm - 9pm You can also pre-purchase an evening meal voucher before th eevent covering all 3 evenings for £13.50 (main meal option or up to £5 from burgers and sides) Thursday Evening - Italian Night Spaghetti Bolognese - £5.00 Chicken & Tarragon Pasta Bake - £5.00 Tomato & Mascarpone Gnocchi - £4.50 Friday Evening - Chippy Friday Battered Cod - £5.50 Battered Sausage - £5.50 Battered Halloumi - £5.00 All served with chips and either mushy peas, garden peas or curry sauce Saturday Evening - epic.LAN 25th Celebration Party Night Chilli Chicken Wrap - £5.50 Minted Lamb Pitta - £5.50 Charred Cauliflower Pomegranate Pitta - £5.00 All served with salad, tomato, red onion & cucumber Bar Snacks Served from 9pm - 2am from the Fair Isle Bar Chilli & Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £4.50 Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £3.50 Southern Fried Chicken & Fries - £3.50 Chicken Wings (x7) with very hot sauce - £5.00 Onion Rings (x7) - £1.50 Chips - £1.50 Special Dietary Requirements We had a few people asking last event about vegan options and other dietary requirements. The team at KCC is always happy to accommodate such requests, but it would be near impossible to print every possible option for every requirement, but don't assume that just because something isn't on the menu that there isn't anything for you. If you do have any particular dietary requirements, simply ask to speak to the chef at the catering area (usually Giles) and they will happily discuss your needs and try to work something out for you. It may take a little longer to prepare, but do just ask! Feedback If you have any feedback on the catering, please do talk to the team during the event (either us or the KCC team) so we can make changes there and then, the feedback survey is great to gather thoughts after, but it's much easier to put things right during the event!
  5. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Also, this is going to be emailed to everyone signed up in the next day or two as well so it's not just here.
  6. Huge Holiday Inn Discount for epic25

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat, but it's already confirmed for February 2019 too so will help everyone for the one after!
  7. Posted by Holiday Inn Express on Facebook: **** DISCOUNTED ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE **** Use discount code ELG when booking with our reservations team and get access to the following rates: Tuesday 9th October - £55 inclusive of breakfast Wednesday 10th October - £55 inclusive of breakfast Thursday 11th October - £55 inclusive of breakfast Friday 12th October - £55 inclusive of breakfast Saturday 13th October - £55 inclusive of breakfast Sunday 14th October - £55 inclusive of breakfast We have a certain amount of twin rooms, double rooms and double rooms with sofa beds available. Rooms can be booked by calling 0800 43 40 40 or click this link: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/gb/en/kettering/ormkp/hoteldetail Any questions? Contact Allen in our Sales office by calling 01536 526786 -------------------------- If the link doesnt work, give them a call.
  8. Anyone dropping out with a lakeside flex ticket?

    Yeah this was all sorted
  9. Lakeside Seat Picker

    Yes, they’re all tickets that have been paid for
  10. Grosvenor Coventry CSGO

    Sorry for the slow reply - yes PCs & Monitors provided, will release exact spec ASAP, but expecting monitors to be minimum 144Hz.
  11. Ease of parking?

    Yeah you'll be fine, the car park is huge and surrounds 3 sides of the building, so even if you're on the furthest space from the door, it's not that far. The only time it struggles is if there is something on in the sports hall, theatre, busy gym and our event taking place all at the same time, and even then there's loads of overflow parking and I don't think anyone has ever not been able to find a space somewhere on there.
  12. Chairs

    Yeah no problem bringing your own. The ones provided are fairly typical conference padded banquet chairs.
  13. epic24 Ales

    Don't know where KCC get theirs from or the price, but I think it's this one - http://fetchthedrinks.com/product/farmer-jims-rhubarb-bob-4-20-litre-bag-in-box/
  14. Security Feedback

    Just to add to this as well... Of course, add stuff like this to the survey as feedback, but I’d have quite happily explained and discussed concerns during the event if asked rather than leaving it until after when we cant do anything about it. I’m pretty visible during the event and the door to the event office is literally open all day, we only shut it when we are sleeping, come and talk to us about any issues at the time.
  15. Security Feedback

    We've been asked through the feedback forms to make a comment on security, which I'm quite happy to address. In general, from my point of view as the person whose shoulders the security of the event ultimately rests on, I was happier with the security provision for this event than any other one in the past. Of course, there are always some improvements that can be made and we've already passed these on to the venue who subcontract the security in on our behalf. Similarly, I've also passed on my compliments to the external security team who were part of this event as I felt that they were more vigilant and also had the right balance of talking to people while taking action as needed. People may be surprised that there were a number of occasions when security did have to take action over the course of the weekend as they all get reported back to me and we are on radio comms with them, but the fact that it was dealt with so quickly and without disruption is exactly why I was happy with how things went. In terms of camping specifically, as some people wouldn't have been around when we first had to introduce the summer camping charge. A number of years ago there was an incident in the campsite involving people from off-site who caused quite a bit of damage and disruption. When we sat down with the venue to debrief after that, one of the conditions was that when a certain number of campers is reached an additional security member is required as part of the overall event numbers. The alternative was that camping would have to cease. Because that increase is directly tied to the existence of the campsite, we felt it was only fair to attach that cost to those camping, rather than pass that cost on to people who are not staying at the venue. What is charged is only a small contribution towards that security person as well, it costs us around £900 to add 1 more person into the security rotation over the course of the weekend, we collected around half of that through the camping charge and subsidise the rest ourselves. I don't particularly want to post the exact details on a public forum of when and where security are tasked to be throughout the event, as that potentially gives people information to cause trouble with. But between myself and Mark we regularly check up on security ourselves to make sure we are happy with what they are doing and if not, raise it with their team leaders or the venue. For example, we regularly went outside into the vicinity of the camping area and timed to see how long before security were nearby as part of their patrols. If we want to put one person solely dedicated on the campsite gate 24h a day throughout the event, based on the number of people camping, the charge wouldn't have been £20, it would have been £90 per tent just to cover the actual costs, not making any additional profit out of that. If that's what everyone wants us to do in future, then we will, but I suspect it's not! To be really clear, it's not us trying to make a quick few quid out of campers. If that was the case, I'd charge people all year round for the camping and not put the security on for the quieter events, but that's not how we operate. It's always a fine balance between keeping the events affordable and safe for everyone attending. Hope that clarifies for people who are asking.