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  1. Camping

    Not yet I'm afraid, we're still waiting to hear if the building works will have started at the site, as soon as we know we'll confirm and announce.
  2. epic27 - Menu

    And just to add re allergens and any special requirements: Allergen Information – We provide allergen information on the 14 major allergens in our allergen folder, please speak to a member of staff. We are happy to provide further detail on ingredients and how they were handled to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether the food is suitable for you.. i.e. Please talk to the venue staff in person at the event if you have any questions, concerns, special requirements so they can advise you accordingly. Where possible they will always try to accommodate if it is practical for them to do so with the nature of the event and catering setup available.
  3. epic27 - Menu

    Here's the catering menu for epic27. And remember you can save money by pre-paying for your meals before the event: 3 Day Breakfast Voucher - £16 (3 Big Breakfasts) 3 Day Lunch OR Evening Meal Voucher - £13.50 (Set evening meals or up to £5 burgers/sandwiches) EPIC BREAKFAST Served from 8am - 11.30am The Big Breakfast - £6.00 - 2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, 1 Egg, 2 Hash Browns, Beans, Mushroom, 2 slices of Toast & Cup of Tea or Coffee The Small Breakfast - £5.00 - 1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, 1 Egg, 1 Hash Brown, Beans, 1 slice of toast & A Cup of Tea or Coffee The Veggie Breakfast - £5.50 - 2 veggie Sausages, 2 Eggs, 2 Hash Browns, Beans, Mushrooms, 2 slices of Toast The Big Breakfast Roll - £4.00 - Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Hash Browns Bacon or Sausage in a roll - £3.00 Hash Brown & Egg in a roll - £3.00 Beans on Toast - £1.80 Sweet Belgian Waffle, bacon & maple syrup - £3.00 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1.00 Tea/Coffee - £1.00 EPIC SANDWICH BAR Served from 12.00pm – 4.00pm Panini, Baguette, Sandwich or Roll - £3.50 With a choice of one filling and unlimited extras Choose Your Bread: Panini, Baguette or Sliced Bread Choose Your Main Filling: (extra main filling £0.50) Ham, Bacon, Roast Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Tuna Mayo, Falafel Choose Your Unlimited Extras: Mixed Leaf salad, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Gherkins, Sweetcorn, Red Onion, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mayonnaise, Mustard Mayo, Peppers, Jalapenos, Tomato & Onion Salsa Coleslaw - £1.00 Onion Rings £1.00 Potato Salad £1.00 Chips £ 2.00 GRAB & GO Served from 12.00pm – 4.00pm Chicken Slice - £2.50 Steak Slice - £2.50 Cheese & Onion Slice - £2.00 Millionaire Shortbread - £2.00 EPIC BURGER BAR Served from 12.00pm – 9.00pm Cheese Burger in a Bun - £5.00 Add an extra Beef Pattie for £1.50 With a choice of one topping and unlimited extras Veggie Burger in a Bun - £4.00 With a choice of toppings and unlimited extras Choose One Main Topping: (extra main filling (£0.50) Bacon, Pulled Pork, Onion rings, Mushroom Choose Unlimited Extras: Mixed Leaf salad, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Gherkins, Sweetcorn, Red Onion, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mayonnaise, Mustard Mayo, Peppers, Jalapenos, Tomato & Onion Salsa Plain Beef Burger in a Bun - £4.00 Coleslaw - £1.00 Onion Rings £1.00 Potato Salad £1.00 Chips £ 2.00 THURSDAY DINNER Served from 4.30pm – 9pm Roast Chicken & tarragon sauce with new potatoes & vegetables* - £5.00 Roast Quorn Fillet & tarragon sauce with new potatoes & vegetables* - £4.50 Beef Chilli with rice, grated cheese, sour cream & Guacamole * - £5.00 *Don’t like potatoes/rice swap for chips at no extra cost. Coleslaw - £1.00 Onion Rings (x7) £1.00 Chips £ 2.00 FRIDAY DINNER Served from 4.30pm – 9pm Beef or Mushroom Stroganoff with turmeric rice - £5.00 Chicken & Mushroom Pie with mixed vegetables, chips and gravy - £4.50 Coleslaw £1.00 Onion Rings £1.00 Broccoli £1.00 Chips £ 2.00 Garlic Bread £1.50 SATURDAY DINNER Served from 4.30pm – 9pm Meatball pasta bake with salad & Garlic bread £5.00 Quorn Meatball pasta bake with salad & Garlic bread £4.50 Pork Chop with mash & cider sauce with mixed vegetables - £5.00 Coleslaw - £1.00 Onion Rings £1.00 Potato Salad £1.00 Tortilla Chips £1.00 Chips £ 2.00 EPIC BAR SNACKS Served from 9pm – 2am Beef Chilli on Nachos with Jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & grated cheese - £4.50 Nachos with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & grated cheese - £3.50 Sausage Roll - £1.50 Onion Rings (x7) - £1.00
  4. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    Yeah, it needs to actually have a decent way of playing together and running a tournament before we consider it properly!
  5. Camping

    Here's where to add it on now it's been made available ^^^

    Yep as I put above, it was there, just a briefing/communication issue that needs sorting for next time both our side and with the venue.
  7. seating plan

    It's open. Everyone play nice, and as usual, it is subject to change.

    Probably one for us to note on the maps next time, upstairs toilets that we used to use have a drinking water tap (and they were still in use for the event).
  9. seating plan

    Soon, just confirming one of the room layouts, hopefully later today/tomorrow.

    We keep switching the air blowers on and off periodically and monitoring, however we cant leave them on permanently as they're really breezy for the people sitting right next to them.
  11. The Toilets, The Showers and the extra 300 people...

    In the past they closed in the evening/overnight technically (though sometimes did get left open), but we're making it clear now to everyone that it's 24H. And yes, we've been doing counts overnight in all the sleeping areas over the past year ready for this (sounds creepy), and also to get a feel for when the venue hotel is built. Summer has more people that stay on site because of the camping increase, but then that's a smaller event overall for us using the normal rooms, but the Feb/Oct events have always been much lower. I think with the cheap £55/night deal at the Holiday Inn as well the last two events, more people have opted for that.
  12. The Toilets, The Showers and the extra 300 people...

    Picked up on some of these here - However, the venue feel that with the three sets of toilets available (Lakeside, Arena Changing, Upstairs by Portland) that there are still more than enough for the number of people on site, larger events with thousands of people in the arena cope fine and these are often events where everybody rushes out at the same time (e.g. an interval). We've also been promised that all of the existing toilets being used are being deep cleaned and refreshed before the event to ensure that none go out of action. There are enough showers for the number of people attending (still a higher ratio than other events) as long as they are kept clean regularly, they will also be open 24H a day during the event. Of course there's going to be a peak time around 8-11am where everyone wants to use them, but with them available around the clock if people spread the time they're used, there's plenty to go around. We've raised the cleaning and maintenance of the showers with the venue since the last event so they know they'll need to keep on top of them, but obviously they can't get in and do that every day during the peak time, so it probably will be after the morning rush each day. Our team will be regularly checking too and informing the venue management of any cleaning/maintenance issues as soon as possible. I'd say the showers previously got neglected because it was in a bit of no-man's-land between the conference side of the venue and the sports venue and people just forgot that we were using them, that shouldnt happen with the main hall right next to them. Even though there is an increase in capacity, it's not going to be another 300 people on site, and from our previous counts, we only actually have around 30-40% of people who stay on site overnight, so more than half of people attending stay in nearby hotels and will obviously have their own wash/shower facilities there, so it's not 100% of people staying on site. We did debate hiring in more toilets, but (obviously) they'd end up being outside on a car park and we don't feel that people actually want to go outside and use them, plus you're talking thousands to hire in more external toilets/showers so would definitely be more than a £2.50 price increase for that! There is another point though, in that these areas get messy quicker when people misuse them! It's not the venue's or epic's fault that people don't put rubbish in the bins, don't flush the toilets or piss all over the seats and floor, leave rubbish in the showers like empty bottles, that comes from people who don't respect the event and venue! If everyone just takes a few seconds when they've done their business to make sure it's ready for the next person, everything will cope far better! Like, every event, somebody leaves their skidmarked boxers in the changing rooms...no need! We'll see how it goes for this one.
  13. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hey Kimski, I understand there's always going to be different points of view on this one and it's something that we'll never win! We do try our best to make it clear when people pick the seats that the process will occur (it's right at the top of the seating plan from the outset and then that text updated as the process kicks off to its current state) and we emailed everyone at the start of the process on 20th Jan to point everyone at this thread and shared multiple drafts with people to comment on before actually changing anything. So as painful as it is, we try to do it as transparently as possible and give people many opportunities to comment on those drafts before we actually change anything. It's nothing about favouring any groups/individuals, it's just about helping as many people as possible come to LAN and sit with their friends. Here's an old post that explains why we do it at all - Initially I thought this was something relatively unique to LANs, but we went to a couple of sporting events over recent years where the same has happened to us, so I do see it from both perspectives, like i say, I don't think there's a perfect way of doing this, so we just have to try to come up with a method that works for as many as possible. Feel free to catch @Gumpster, myself or any of the team during the event to chat further and we appreciate your cooperation with the move suggested above by Gump. ------------------ Just as a side note for anyone else in that area, there is going to be a huge heavy black surge curtain down the side of the stage and that row from the back wall to the main walkway, the sort that you'll see at events like EGX used to screen off stage areas. We know it's something that people are unsure about with it being our first LAN in the arena, so we've invested quite a large sum of money in screening that off as it all has to be raised on motors, suspended from the ceiling with around a 10m drop!
  14. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Depends how seats are doing by that point, obviously the later the booking, the harder it is to accommodate!
  15. epic26 Catering Menu and Feedback

    @chigger Giles has replied back to say that some of the items will be (and will be marked up on the day), but if you chat with him around breakfast and let him know what/if you want for the day he can plan things out for you!