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  1. No, but it should allow us to upgrade to the later version of the forums which I believe can keep you authenticated longer.
  2. We shared this in the Community Facebook Group a while back, but now here they are for you all to see: epic23 Thursday 22- Sunday 25 February 2018 epic24 Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 June 2018 epic25 Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 October 2018 Lite South dates to follow as well as hopefully a few community events throughout the year!
  3. Re slabs, we have discussed this with the venue, but need to make sure it's a mechanism where people don't go, oh the crates on offer are Fosters for example and then just go off to the shops and buy the same beer that's on sale and bring their own in claiming it was from the bar. We do have a couple of ideas for that which were discussed shortly before this event but they didn't come off on time. The fish bowls were there on the Saturday night again as part of the themed night, but did run out quickly. Personally I'd quite like to see the pitchers come back as actual pitchers rather than the 4 pint deal, especially for things like the quiz, beer pong etc. Sandwiches - I believe there are plans for something like a Starbucks to be built somewhere in the centre, similar to some of the other conference centres operated by the new owners. Not sure on the timescales for that, but it would perhaps tick the sandwich box for people (as well as getting a decent coffee at the same time).
  4. Hi folks, Common thread of the shouting/noise/abuse seems to be coming through here and it's certainly not being dismissed, it's something we will discuss as a management team again. I'm all for shouting/noise/cheering/atmosphere, anyone who's been to a Dreamhack will get that, and of course it's one of the reasons people go to LAN rather than just play online, but if something's causing a lot of aggro then I do think there's a place to be having a word/warning people if it goes too far. We do actually have a code of conduct for the tournament players already, though I'm not sure they're the only ones that should be singled out. Perhaps we need to make this more prominent and remind team leaders of it - https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/conduct There were occasions where people were spoken to more seriously during the course of the weekend, especially when it came to certain levels of profanities and abuse, even to the point of me, the Event Manager, Esports Manager and security all being at one of those discussions, so please don't think these things are ignored. As a last word on that though, ultimately after the event it's hard for us to deal with. I appreciate some messages were put in Discord but it's hard for use to monitor everything throughout the weekend with so many sources of info coming our way. If something really is bothering you and you don't feel it is being resolved then come and speak to us during the event, if it's not being sorted in your particular room then come to the Event Office and talk to one of us, we put it on the maps for everyone to see and literally leave the door open so you can chat to us at any time.
  5. Want to win a noblechair, delivered straight to your door after epic22? Then enter here: https://gleam.io/a23c8/epic22-noble-chair-epic-blackgreen-giveaway Ends 4pm 15th October
  6. The ale was a little late arriving due to some supplier issues unfortunately but it's been there since yesterday afternoon (I made sure personally for many pints last night!)
  7. Now!
  8. Breakfasts give you a big breakfast, so pretty much everything! They're fine for burgers etc, anything up to £5 from that menu. Evening meals served from 4pm-9pm
  9. Awesome news
  11. Rockband has been there for most of this year now on the opposite side of the gallery and we've not had any complaints. It was only when it was literally outside the door it caused a problem, but we moved it to the opposite side after people let us know.
  12. After many events of being asked, we have a few new epic.LAN branded items on sale at epic22. Some of these are in low quantities while we see what's popular so we aren't holding loads of stock, not quite worked out the prices yet but to give you an idea: USB Fans Bottle Openers Silicone Wristbands 24x12" & 28x14" Soft Mousemats Snapbacks Esports-Style Jerseys
  13. Dammit. No there are two. The other one is Boat House, which is near to the showers on the ground floor. We'll make sure some signs go up to point people to both.
  14. You'll have one of these on each table anyway, but some info in advance, particularly for those new to epic.LAN
  15. Meme costume ready!