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  1. KCC have confirmed that the bar prices are the same as last October, but there's the list anyway: Streetfighter Themed Saturday Evening Cocktails (CINEDOUKEN! Night) Blankatini - Vodka, Apple Liqueur, Melon Liqueur Sonic Boom - Malibu, Blue Curacao, Orange Juice, Grenadine Shoryuken - Southern Comfort, Kahlua, Grenadine Psycho Crusher - Vodka, Blue Curacao, Cranberry Juice, Lemonade £3.50 each or 4 for £12 Main Bar Prices Draft Beers Carling, Guinness, Worthingtons, Staropramen, Carling Cider, Real Ales, Rhubarb Cider - £4 4 Pint 'Pitcher' Deal - £14 Bottles Budweiser, Peroni, Corona, Desperados - £3.50 Punk IPA, Doombar, Rekorderlig - £4.00 Wine Red/White/Rose Bottle - £16 Prosecco Bottle - £25 Premium - £20 Red/White/Rose Small Bottle - £4 Prosecco Small Bottle - £6 Spirits Absinth, Aftershock, Disaronno, Archers, Bacardi, Bells, Brandy, Cinzano Bianco, Cointreau, Famous Grouse, Gordon's Gin, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister, Jamesons, Malibu, Midori, Pernod, Pimms, Captain Morgan Rum, Sambucca, Harvey's, Sourz, Southern Comfort, Tequila, Vodka, Agwa - £3.00 Baileys, Glenfiddich, Martini Extra Dry, Martini Rosso - £3.50
  2. It's something that we have decided on jointly based on the fact that it's not just us using the building, there are multiple customers using that part of the building, particularly theatre performances, at the time we are in. Obviously if/when we get to the point when we have the whole building, then it's less of an issue and also with those volumes for a bigger event we would be looking at hiring in additional capacity anyway. The problem is that at the last few events now the toilets had to be switched repeatedly at different times according to what was in the building. When switched, people got confused and ignored the signs on the doors and used whichever ones they wanted anyway. Similarly, the couple of cubicles that were then allocated for females, still ended up being used by males, causing additional complaints. The view from us and KCC is that across the accessible areas of the building during our event there will be sufficient provision providing all available toilets are serviced and in use, we've had guarantees that none are out of order at this time ready for the start of the event. That, combined with an improved inspection and cleaning regime to ensure that they all remain in use give us more confidence. Obviously participants can do their part to keep everything working and in order by improving their aim and not throwing up their Nandos all over the seats! Would also add, that the building capacity as a whole is significantly higher than our event, the arena alone is around 1000 people for conferences and exhibitions, and I'm sure the building will be running its legal requirements for facilities!
  3. Yes as long as fire exits and gaps between rows are kept clear.
  4. Due to a number of theatre events, and confusion from epic22 around switching the toilets in the evening, we will not be switching the male and female toilets for epic23. All toilets will be used as normally marked. Please ensure that you follow the signage on the toilets as indicated to avoid any embarrassments. Should all of the upstairs toilets be in use, there are plenty more downstairs either by the Lakeside hall or near to the sports hall (shower area).
  5. Following on from feedback and concerns last event, due to the limited space and requirements to ensure safe evacuation, we will not be permitting sleeping on the floor in the Portland room for epic23, for those in Portland, please use one of the other indoor or outdoor sleeping areas this event.
  6. They're Back! We know this was a big piece of feedback from our last event, so we're happy to confirm that the Kettering-based Potbelly Brewery will be providing the beers once again for epic23! Including the old favourites: Hop Trotter (4.1%) - Golden in colour, spicy aromas with citric notes from the hops, balanced by warm malt and a wonderful burst of zest. Beautifully balanced, refreshing beer. Beijing Black (4.4%) - A strong dark mild, Mild but not Meek!! "Supreme Champion" at SIBA National Beer Competition 2006 Crazy Days (5.5%) - A very light golden Bitter with hidden strength beware !! "Champion Strong Ale" at SIBA National Beer Competition 2007 Not to mention, a return of everybody's favourite rhubarb cider! See you at the bar! (Full drinks price list has been requested, and we'll post when we get it)
  7. Info coming soon, the main priority for the bar has been working on the staffing issues from the last event and getting a good ale supplier back.
  8. Feel free to ask if you don't want cranberry, I believe they're all made fresh rather than pre-mixed.
  9. I mean, bacon is the same animal right?
  10. Unfortunately the food service wasn't the best at the October event for a number of reasons, but we've had a number of meetings with the venue now since the last event to work with them to make improvements. In particular, as well as reverting back to menu choices that are tried and tested at previous events, and agreed well in advance so we shouldn't see the same stock issues, the venue has appointed a new Chef Manager who started before Christmas and will oversee all of the catering staff in terms of quality of food and customer service, he'll also be reading your feedback during the event to pick up on any improvements that can be made straight away. So it's important if you do have any feedback to either let the catering team know straight away, or post it in this thread, the KCC team can't fix it if they don't know about it! Also note that the evening meal options are back to being around the £5 mark so that the evening meal vouchers work correctly again to cover a meal. As for the menu, here you go: Breakfast Menu (Served until 12noon each day) Big Breakfast (2 bacon, 2 sausages, 1 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms, 2 slices toast, tea or coffee)- £6 Small Breakfast (1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans, tea or coffee) - £5 Vegetarian Breakfasts - As above but with vegetarian sausages and extra egg Bacon Roll - £2.80 Sausage Roll - £2.80 Egg Roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll - £3.50 (any 3 items) Beans on Toast - £1.50 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1 Tea/Coffee - £1 Remember, you can pre-pay for all 3 BIG BREAKFASTS for just £5 if you buy in advance. Go to your epic23 booking and add on the 3-day breakfast ticket by the Wednesday before LAN. Lunch Menu (12.30pm - 4pm) Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini - £3.50 Tuna Melt Panini - £3.50 Brie & Cranberry (v) - £3.00 Burgers, Wings & Sides (12.30pm - 9pm) Beef Burger - £3.20 Pulled Pork Burger - £3.70 Bacon & Cheese Burger - £4.00 Spicy Bean Burger (v) - £3.20 Epic Burger (double burger, double bacon and cheese) - £5.50 Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce - £5 Onion Rings - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 (add cheese for 50p) Side Salad - £1 Evening Meals (4pm - 9pm) Burgers, Wings & Sides Menu Also Available Thursday - Mexican Night Chicken Fajita Wrap (Spicy Mexican chicken served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of toppings & salad) - £5 Quorn Fajita Wrap (Spicy Mexican Quorn served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of toppings & salad) - £5 Beef Chilli Con Carne - £5 Friday - Italian Night Lasagne (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Chicken & Bacon Carbonara (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Wild Mushroom Ravioli (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Saturday - American Night Chilli Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Quorn Chilli Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Mac Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Corn on the cob - £1 Bar Snacks (9pm - Bar Close) Chilli & Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £4.50 Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £3.50 Onion Rings - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 (add cheese for 50p) Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce - £5 Sausage Roll - £1
  11. They will be posted up by the end of this weekend
  12. They're just seats that haven't yet been picked by people who have booked so it is sold out. If you've sent in a request to join the waiting list, a member of the team will reply to you as soon as possible, it's just been a little hectic with requests since the sellout.
  13. No, but it should allow us to upgrade to the later version of the forums which I believe can keep you authenticated longer.
  14. We shared this in the Community Facebook Group a while back, but now here they are for you all to see: epic23 Thursday 22- Sunday 25 February 2018 epic24 Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 June 2018 epic25 Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 October 2018 Lite South dates to follow as well as hopefully a few community events throughout the year!
  15. Re slabs, we have discussed this with the venue, but need to make sure it's a mechanism where people don't go, oh the crates on offer are Fosters for example and then just go off to the shops and buy the same beer that's on sale and bring their own in claiming it was from the bar. We do have a couple of ideas for that which were discussed shortly before this event but they didn't come off on time. The fish bowls were there on the Saturday night again as part of the themed night, but did run out quickly. Personally I'd quite like to see the pitchers come back as actual pitchers rather than the 4 pint deal, especially for things like the quiz, beer pong etc. Sandwiches - I believe there are plans for something like a Starbucks to be built somewhere in the centre, similar to some of the other conference centres operated by the new owners. Not sure on the timescales for that, but it would perhaps tick the sandwich box for people (as well as getting a decent coffee at the same time).