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  1. Escape Rooms

    Yo Elsie, EscapeLogic, I'd say this is the best one in Nottingham, we went there for my Stag Doo and we did The Butcher room ..... Not a fun room I can tell you! Wasn't able to escape that one but I've been to quite a few different escape rooms now and looking to go more in the near future. I'd be up for doing one with you if you want to do a local one? be nice to have a catch up There is quite a few Escape Room companies around Nottingham .... there is even one in the Pieminister restaurant. https://www.pieminister.co.uk/escaperooms/ - £25 for a hour escape room and your lunch/dinner - not a bad deal. Chuck me a message if you are interested buddy
  2. Cadets

    Hi @boblov - hope you are well. When I was a lot younger then I was now, I was part of the Army Cadets for a few years, used to be in the Royal Air Force and also been an volunteer for the Air Cadets. What would you like to know? Might not have all the answers but I might be able to help.
  3. SpecialEffect @ epic20

    Chin Controlled Rocket League ....... now that is something I want to try! Cant wait to meet you guys!
  4. Hi Chump - Going to have to apologise about this. Because you are in the Overwatch tournament it will clash with this. Depending which one you are playing at that time will push the other game back (unless you are rubbish at overwatch/rocket league then it might be a quick game) If you have already been eliminated from the Overwatch tournament by then (which I highly doubt because I think the OW tournament starts at 11am on the Friday) you can join.
  5. Hey everyone, Hope we are all well and looking forward to epic.20 that is just around the corner! (just over 3 weeks before the big day!!!) As I bet you can guess from the title, we have a Rocket League 3v3 Fun Tournament taking place at epic.20 and this forum post is me finding out how you guys want to have it? I have submitted some rules with the normal DFH Stadium rule set but I was wondering if anyone else wanted something a big different? I'll be running the tournament at the event so if you have any questions or want to provide some ideas let us know below. Also don't forget to sign up to the tournament with your team! http://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/rocketleague/teams Talk soon people Rab
  6. What's everyone looking forward to?

    1. Getting to staff my first LAN 2. Meeting new people and seeing the "other" side of LAN 3. Playing some games and running some of them 4. Getting to see @JoeShow, @eM, @harisma and the rest of the gang. 5. Getting more sleep then I do at home ..... and that's saying something.
  7. Big Games at epic20

    looks good
  8. It's time to say farewell.

    This is a really sad day I haven't posted on the forum for ages but this is worth me posting. I agree with @Neon_Rabbit this shouldn't be a short post and it just doesn't feel like an "Elsie" post. Normally you are a wordsmith and write detailed posts and just having one line saying you aren't going again just doesn't sit right with me. Andrew, you have been a great friend over the years and i still remember the first time i ever spoke to you when i was in Afghanistan. My first time i was there and you showed me that even though I had never met you, it showed how kind and generous you are. Thank you Andrew and I hope I can still see you in the near future. I have sent you a text. All the best rab
  9. Rocket League Fun Tournament

    Great to see the RL tourney having some love!
  10. Overwatch has been per-ordered ... just gotta wait now till monday

    1. Elsie


      It looks like TF2?

      As it's Blizzard, is it Pay-To-Play / subscription? 

      And again as it's Bliizard, is it 4 hours of setup before you actually get to play? 

    2. rab


      It is kinda like TF2 mixed with a moba

      Its buy it then a shop in game for cosmetic items

      4 hours setup? no you can play straight away

  11. Hans Zimmer. LIVE!

    Mintopia, this so much! Soundtracks or what i like to call EPIC music is one of my favourite types of music. I could just sit there all day listening to soundtracks. I also listen to other composers like ES Posthumus and Immediate Music. I am very jealous @elise i wish i was going
  12. Rocket league - epic.18

    Haha thanks mr_mg, well your at top 4 UK so I don't think I have a chance
  13. The Batman vs Superman i feel gives a lot more away, the latter ones have been a lot more reserved. I thought the trailer showed just enough and made me want to see it more and more!
  14. How most Leicester City fans feel right now

    The £5 guy was in the local news a couple of months ago. The bookies offered to buy the ticket back for like 20% of his winnings ... He declined obviously!
  15. How most Leicester City fans feel right now

    The guy who put the £5 bet on for Leicester to win at the start of the season must be crossing every finger and toe he has!