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  1. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Done. When I have more changes for Portland I will update the image above
  2. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Should be directed at me but I can do.
  3. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Hello Guys & Gals, In terms of Portland & Fair Isle de-frags. Please be aware these are logistically a nightmare to do for me, but I will try my hardest to keep people in the seats they originally picked. However, if I feel I have little choice, or I get numerous seating requests put in, then I may have to move people to get everything sorted as best as I can. I can already feel that Fair Isle will be very difficult this time round so if all teams, and groups can tag up or sign themselves up to a tournament then that would be appreciated. Thanks, Gumpster
  4. Seating Plan

    Hello Fury, Let's correct you on a few things. No you don't pay decent money to "pick a seat", you pay decent money to attend an event we put on, and thus garner entry to said event. We also don't particularly enjoy doing a de-frag, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil to a) cater for large groups where people have different paydays, and different times they can cough up the cash, b ) people end up picking seats that they initially didn't want but chose it in the heat of the moment when sell out is close and c) to group esport teams together because like large groups, they often don't have similar paydays and thus have to wait whilst their team mates get tickets earlier. To make a few things clear, we widely advertised this de-frag, we gave everyone enough time to contact us, we threw out social media posts, forum posts, emails and have on the actual seating plan page, a stipulation that clearly states that the seat you pick may not be the final place you are sat. All changes were laid out through the forums, and I even tagged you and your teammates at the time on the forums to help grab your attention. Now, unfortunately I actually cannot move everyone around. Firstly it isn't because I can't be bothered, but actually because I am travelling to LAN today and don't hav the time to actually commit to this today. Secondly we gave a deadline for any changes to be made, and we will honour that. Doing it on the week of LAN, is something we wanted to avoid as we did it incredibly close to LAN last time, and it wasn't a particularly rewarding experience. Numerous groups within the Portland room have been consulted on the changes that were made, and everyone has ended up happy out of it. For that I do apologise to you and your friends, sometimes when these things happen, people slip through the cracks, and you and your friends were the few who did. However, to rearrange a room of 72 people, and then try and fit whoever I move out into a room of 220 people is something I cannot do in the timeframe leading up to LAN. It isn't as simple as plonking you back in your originally chosen seats, it is the fact that those seats are now occupied by a wider larger group who have 17 people spread across a few rows who are next to another group of 18 other people. Not to mention that I have a group of 9 (Rocket League) and a group of 11 (Starcraft2) as well sat in that hall, so trying to move anyone is a lot more difficult than you make out to be, especially when all of those said groups actually communicated with me within the time frame we gave. Now, in addition to some of your issues, you and your friends are sat next together, so that is one thing, but I simply cannot give you what you want at this time. I should point out that if you end up choosing to sit in the original seats that you have said in your replies in this thread, then unfortunately, we will ask you to move, and it will only inconvenience you and no one else really. I personally don't want it to come to that, and I'm sure you guys will enjoy yourselves in Fair Isle (it really isn't that bad tbh), and I may even buy you three a drink as an apology. But it's something we cannot entertain at this time, not because we don't want to, but because it is far more work than you realise which in the time we have left before LAN, isn't acceptable to do against 300 other participants of the event. As I said, I do apologise for the fact that I've upset you, but this is why we do a massive social media blanket approach to this so that we can try and capture everyone within a certain time frame. Thanks Gumpster
  5. Seating Plan

    Merged the two topics together. I will do a more detailed reply to this in the morning.
  6. epic23 - Event Defrag

    This really applies to @vinn3h The Starcraft2 lot want to be sat together in Portland, but the issue is making everyone fit in a way that can accommodate that. Instead of arguing with some of them, I asked one of them to simply conjure up a way that in theory makes everyone happy. RiSky seems to have found a way, so I need you to look this over and give me and the rest of your boys (and girls) permission to action the changes. I ask for the reason that when I do these seating plans, I try my hardest to make sure everyone stays in their relatively honest seat that they originally picked. Most times I will blame logistics of the event or the room, or big communities, but this time it is on you and your merry men, because this will affect your group dynamic. I'd also like to reach out to the following: .:ne:. TQA Also @Distan 404 Games would be unaffected by the changes. Here is the screenshot: I know the Waffle lot are now all tagged up as one. So the original seating plan as you guys currently sat as a 6/4/2/5, the SC2 proposed plan is a 3/6/1/5/2 would this be an issue, or would this be alright? I ask on behalf of the SC2 community (I'd rather not alienate them at this time). Please note that all of you would be pretty much back to back and opposite each other, so you are still in close proximity to each other.
  7. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Ok, small update from my side. I have done a third re-draft of all the changes requested, and as a result of needing to know some things we moved up the schedule of actioning the changes. Please bare in mind, these are not final changes until close of day on Sunday 4th February. There maybe small changes made, as we still want to stick to the planned date we gave everyone in advance. The reason for the changes was quite simple, I basically knew I had missed a few people off the seating plan and without doing the moves, I couldn't see who exactly. Whilst I appreciate some people may get upset, just remember I have to have multiple tabs open in order to check and double check tags, tournament teams and players, so looking over a block of seats the way they are is sometimes difficult. Sometimes it's easier just to get the moves done, and then I know where I have gone wrong. So for now, you can review all changes on Portland & Fair Isle on the actual seating plan. Everyone has until Sunday 4th February to give me approval or disapproval and then give me a seating request. You can do this through Discord, or through the forum PM system. There are currently four people unsat, they are as follows: @Xion @GEERILLA @wompeR @Reany Others I have a rough idea on (there are a few Dota2 community players who are going for some fun, not some proper Dota). Now I am happy to accommodate as best as I can any requests that come in, but there are still a fair few people either not tagged up correctly or signed up on the tournament system. I have for the moment also accommodated any teams lacking a player (those two Dota2 teams currently) but when push comes to shove those four people listed above may well have not given me any notice and may end up back in their preferred location (by where they were sat originally - Fair Isle). However, if those four above do reach out, I will ask nicely to see if they would like to be placed into Lakeside. I will assume all changes are fine by end of Sunday unless people get in contact with me directly. Bare in mind, we have emailed, tweeted, and facebooked all of these changes, and left a massive note on the seating planner itself, I have also done several posts across the subreddits that are in attendance (UKDota & UKCSGO) and placed up Facebook posts on their respective groups. I hope this helps, as I said, any problems, don't hesitate to grab me, but please do it sooner rather than later.
  8. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Yeah I just wasn't sure if you were with anyone else bar the second ticket you currently have. I just wanted to make sure before I moved you anywhere else on the plan
  9. epic23 - Event Defrag

    5 & 5 back to back was meant for Chump. You are on a row of 7 as a 7.
  10. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Gonna tag the following: @ConBrock @Jacob @Wasty @apL @Znow @Morphos @Iddqd @Arcadia @GEERILLA @Fane @Voxis @SCANDLIN @wompeR @Reany @Blank @Grogar @slate @Barguul @patz @Tom @kittycat You people are not tagged up or on the tournament system, please check the seating plan draft. We may do the defrag earlier if possible.
  11. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Fair play. Updated plan has you as 5 and 5 back to back. @fazedgg - Done.
  12. epic23 - Event Defrag

    There is 12 of you? I counted 10... so where are the other 2?
  13. epic23 - Event Defrag

    SECOND REDRAFT: This is the second redraft of both Portland & Fair Isle: I have accommodated as best any potential seating requests I have had over the last few days and placed those that are unsat or were unsat from the previous draft. Please be aware I have tried my best here but I can only do so much. Portland: Fair Isle: Any further seating requests have until Friday night to send in as by Saturday, we will be putting all drafted changes into fruition.
  14. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Not sure if I can keep all of you on the same row (it's gonna be difficult so opted with 5 & 5 ie Team Craig Brand and then Tse members on the other side). Who is your fifth for your current team signed up in the CS tournament (Team Craig Brand)? Then I can work something out that may satisfy you.
  15. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Most likely. When you tagged up as CF first, I left you guys there. So if you have changed within the last couple of weeks, then that would be you