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  1. Loner on his own!

    I can't speak for anyone here, because obviously I am part of the management team at epic.LAN and don't really participate in that manner. However there are some wonderful groups of people sat downstairs in Lakeside who maybe willing to take you under their wing and play with you throughout the weekend. If you get truly stuck, then ask one of the members of staff within the rooms to introduce you to people who maybe willing to help you out
  2. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    I went by what was given to me above, so he's still with you as planned by @Savage
  3. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    Small update, as I wanted to do moves ahead of schedule as I couldn't figure out where I was missing people (luckily I found who I was missing). All moves are now live on the Seating Plan (website), there were some minor changes from the draft (due to either new tickets or changes discussed in here). This is by no means final yet. There is still 3 more days until the deadline to request any changes to the seating plan. Sunday 9th June will see the seating plan locked for good at this stage and I won't make further changes.
  4. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    Should be actioned on the seating plan although you missed out Ranger28465 too. I might make a small alteration to the seating plan and push you all back one row and put MKK in the first row as I realised the casters are in the front row, so don't want the SC2 casters being too loud or being heard giving away vital information.
  5. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    Portland Draft 2: 05/06 Fair Isle Draft 2: 05/06
  6. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    Current Requests from various people: 72Virgins Team & Demise sat back to back with each other - Request from Greeny (Twitter DMs). Kindabadderz & OMEN sat next to each other - Request from Sophie (Twitter DMs) Buzzkill, BOLO & Priseley/Satsuma (+1) sat together - Request from Priseley (Forum DMs) I should make people aware, that despite having 43 tickets remaining, Lakeside still has a bulk of seats that are available and that if any casual groups would like to be moved out of Fair Isle/Portland they should let us know, because the payments are coming primarily from esport people.
  7. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    Hello Guys & Gals, Firstly, this is a little short notice and late, however this is due to the fact that ticket sales have only just started picking up over the last few weeks, and the seating plan has started to get a little fragmented as a result. To make everyone aware, only the rooms named PORTLAND & FAIR ISLE will be getting defragged. Lakeside still has plenty of seats (and we can always open another row if needed to accommodate any late ticket sales). Please be aware, if you are part teams then you will need to get your players to buy tickets as soon as possible otherwise I will end up bunching part teams together to make space for others. This is a major responsibility to shoulder with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. In previous events, we have accomplished of keeping the majority of people happy with this, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish. We have people attending on their own, all the way up to groups of 10+. We will be reaching out as much as possible to organise this the best we can. The logistics of this is very time consuming and takes a lot of work by ourselves. We are happy to discuss alternatives and as much as we want everyone to be 100% happy, there may need to be some compromises and I would ask that you work with us to come to such agreements if needed. As a final further point. We will not tolerate any sort of toxicity within this thread or anywhere on these forums or any other public forum (social media, discord etc.) Please respect both ourselves and each other throughout this process. We don't do this for our own benefit, we do this to make sure everyone has a... EPIC LAN! Here are some vital things to follow The seating plan will be LOCKED on June 8th & 9th for me to do the changes necessary. If you have any specific requests, please use this thread to communicate and please make sure you communicate these requests in a efficient manner (ie please check with others in your group or groups that everything is as it should be). Once June 9th (at 11pm) rolls around, I will take no further requests from anyone and the seating plan will be locked until LAN. Thanks
  8. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    I'd like to see it become something currently, however, there are a few issues that may hinder our progress. There is currently no feature in the game to give us private servers. I know @reech and the boys will be discussing fun tournaments over the coming weeks, and we will give serious consideration to Apex, however remember it very much depends on if we can source out a private server. (Nothing stopping anyone making it a "big game" though )
  9. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Actual seating plan is correct, I'll update the draft to reflect it (just coz sometimes it makes it easier to see which teams are which and where everyone is sitting).
  10. epic26 - Event Defrag

    A couple of final updates: Any rows with a space in them has had those spaces shunted down or up to the ends of the row. (There was one exception because I believe there is still a RL team without a paid player so that was factored in) Swapped a CS:GO team (Swaggy & co) to the opposite side of the row to fit in PowerYourAura CS:GO team with their manager and Blanks. IF (and I stress the IF) we do manage to sell more tickets that means we need to open the bottom right rows, I will honour all current requests for moves that have been cited in this thread (so the CS teams being closer to the CS:GO player area and the BLP back to back request). For clarification, any final requests will be made by 11pm tonight, otherwise the seating plan will be deemed sensible and fit for everyone and will be completely locked down. I hope all participants enjoy LAN, and as ever, if people feel strongly about the seating picker and the fact we do defrags, then you are always welcome to come and find either Mark or myself, and we will gladly give you some time and sit down with you to address your concerns in person.
  11. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Updated on the original link. Be aware the seating plan defrag has been completed, however changes will be made without much warning. There will be no further changes after Sunday 3rd February, so if there are any teams of 5 planning to come to LAN, better get booked asap.
  12. epic26 - Event Defrag

  13. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hi Whalley, Had a look for you, and I cannot seem to make you back to back anywhere at relative ease, due to a few groups increasing their numbers since the seating plan was done, or the fact that getting you anywhere else would cause me a few headaches. If we are looking at selling out anytime soon, it might be more feasible when it comes to opening the 2 rows down in the bottom right and I can tinker down there, but at this stage it is unlikely. The only option as you are a group of 7 is to do you as a 5 and 2 but I can imagine that wouldn't be fun either? Sorry buddy Done.
  14. epic26 - Event Defrag

    The reason why those rows are fairly empty is because I defragged the rest of the hall and grouped all the relevant teams together and put them in their relevant seating areas as best as I possibly could. It was only recently just opened as a set of rows because logistically we open rows up when we believe ticket sales will be fluid enough. There isn't much I can do, and the people who are there now, kinda have to be because everywhere else is filled. I have now moved you to the bottom right hand area of the arena, you are sat with a rather large group of community casuals and sat next to a CS:GO team. To answer your first point, another particular LAN event used to do that before they had a seat picker, and sorting seats out is a time consuming thing which is why it was originally dropped in the first place to make way for a seating plan where people could chose seats. The unfortunate downside to a seating plan, is people try their best to "soft reserve" seats for their friends and thus we end up having to do a seating defrag. Now from my perspective and something I absolutely try my hardest to do is I try to honour the original seats people pick. However that becomes very difficult to do when dealing with large groups (say 20+) or teams with additional friends/management (7 - 8 people) or a group of casuals (10 - 15), whilst juggling the 3's of Rocket League, 1's of SC2, 5's of CS:GO & Rainbow Six. I don't particularly enjoy moving people, and if I don't have to, then I won't. But it is a necessary evil. It took me and Mark 8 hours roughly to defrag the seating plan a few Sunday's ago. It took me a further 6 hours the following day, and then I've had to cater for the many requests we get through these threads. There is no winnable way with a seating plan, and unfortunately whilst some people have said in the past "well people should book earlier" or "you should just leave it be", the way of the world is different. Would epic.LAN have 40 CS:GO teams if all those teams were split apart because of the seat picker? No not really. Would epic have large contingents of casual groups that come to LAN and organise as best as possible, just to see some of their group elsewhere because unfortunately their paydays weren't in line with the rest of the group? No not really that either. You may not agree with me on this but as Jon has said above, there are other events out there who do change your seating arrangements, and don't even tell you until you turn up on the day. At least we tell people through email, facebook, twitter and the forums. At the end of the day we try our best and as Jon said above, you can come find me at the event, and I'll buy you a drink and go over why we do it in the way we do it, you are more than welcome to suggest ideas to help us improve this experience for you and your friends. We of course don't want to disappoint you. So come catch me and we can have a lovely debate over it.
  15. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hello Kimski, You've been shifted as this thread has stated that there was a defrag and moving certain people to accommodate the numerous requests made in the time leading up to the event is something we do. I cannot offer you your original seats (and arguably you were going to be near the stage anyway) because we have filled those particular seats with the SC2 community who have 33 people in attendance and all want to be sat together. However what I can offer you is the chance of moving to the bottom right of the Arena in Row AR-Y. Thus keeping you away from the stage. Would that be better for you?