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  1. Farcry 4 - Ready to pre-order

    I enjoyed Farcry 3. Much fun.
  2. Payday 2 - Crimefest

    Payday 2 is a good game. It does need more content, or more finished content - I imply that the Infamy system, tacked on as it is, needs to be completed. It feels like a year since they did anything with it at all!
  3. Payday 2 LAN Mode

    It will be good!
  4. Payday 2 LAN Mode

    I'm pretty sure this will be played a lot. Entropy needs its fix!
  5. Payday 2

    So this is probably a bit late to the party, but a fair few of the epic.denizens are playing payday 2 quite a lot. A fair few have been playing since patch 1 beta, and have hit the 100 cap, including Murray-Mint, myself, Yeggstry, GotenXiao and Riot. We've been dabbling in running the heists as efficiently as possible and have a respectable time for pretty much all the heists so far. We've had a foray into streaming our runs tonight over on twitch.tv/epiclan3 and clocked a 13 minute Pro-Overkill Firestarter from day 1 -> end of day 3. Which is pretty special, considering back in beta it would take us about 40 minutes to do an easier version of day 3 Our efforts haven't been in vain and gone unnoticed, with Payday2 Lead designer keeping an eye on our progress over on Twitter as well Payday2 is a good game; it has its flaws: it needs more heists in it, and feels like a game that should have had a couple of months extra in development, or a community map making group involved for it to gel well, but it is a fun game especially when things go wrong! Theres generally 8 or so of us on teamspeak in the evenings, so pop along and have a chat to us if you fancy a game or two
  6. Mere?

    if i wasnt working nights I would be heading to LAN
  7. epic.HUNT feedback

    The abuse I got in IRC from the various people in my secret channel
  8. Possible epic.HUNT Return...

    Its the final day. Four teams so far have completed the Epic.Hunt! Congratulations! (let us know what you thought - it was our first time being the questionmasters!)
  9. Possible epic.HUNT Return...

    Http://hunt.epiclan.co.uk is up #epic.hunt on internal irc to berate us
  10. +2 needed for Dota 2 team

    I'm helping the epic.hunt, or I would volunteer my awful support KotL services
  11. Possible epic.HUNT Return...

    The hunt progresseth on. Some nice and easy ones too (the ones that I've done, anyway*). I think the difficulty is basically: "Stuff that Aer created" < "Stuff that Aer can solve" < "all other questions" [*Some bloody tricky ones that I have no idea about yet as well.]
  12. Possible epic.HUNT Return...

    Well this could be incredibly devilish...