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  1. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Unfortunately not, those that are not with any other communities, we place at end of rows rather than fully surrounding them with people they dont know (in most cases)
  2. epic26 - Event Defrag

    All sorted for both communities. I have put it live on the seating plan also. Thanks!
  3. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Most likely scenario at this stage yes.
  4. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Best I can do is put 5 on row F. Unless FDB want to back to back @Killersheep @Spudsticks
  5. epic26 - Event Defrag

    I Have updated the draft for lakeside. @Narstyle If you can get in touch with one of the LOTH guys (maybe doing this @Cabaal @itsgaryk will help) and find out if they are happy to go back to back? @GrandmasterSmash Just to make life a little easier, I have moved you guys back to back in Lakeside. @MoleInHole do you want to post what you were wanting in here. Other than that I think Lakeside is pretty much done.
  6. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hey bud, I could potentially fit you in Lakeside in a back to back if you would like to go in their instead?
  7. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Already sorted on my draft
  8. epic26 - Event Defrag

    They would need to purchase a ticket ASAP. We are expecting a sellout very soon so we cant guarantee a spot. Also did you mean to say 6th? as you already have 5 tickets assigned to your squad?
  9. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Should be fine Noted
  10. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Lakeside 25/01/19 - DRAFT #3
  11. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hello Guys & Gals, As you may, or may not have seen, this is now officially THE BIGGEST epic.LAN EVER! With that said, it makes the defrag even more difficult to pull off. However, we are going to stick with the status quo and get this sorted for you within the next couple of weeks. This is a major responsibility to shoulder with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. In previous events, we have accomplished of keeping the majority of people happy with this, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish. We have people attending on their own, all the way up to groups of 10+. We will be reaching out as much as possible to organise this the best we can. The logistics of this is very time consuming and takes a lot of work by ourselves. We are happy to discuss alternatives and as much as we want everyone to be 100% happy, their may need to be some compromises and I would ask that you work with us to come to such agreements if needed. As a final further point. We will not tolerate any sort of toxicity within this thread or anywhere on these forums or any other public forum (social media, discord etc.) Please respect both ourselves and each other throughout this process. We don't do this for our own benefit, we do this to make sure everyone has a... EPIC LAN! Here are some vital things to follow
  12. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Update for those in Lakeside, Everyone is now sat within their clan tags. I have spoken with nominated people from the larger of the communities to confirm final layout which will be completed by Sunday evening, otherwise, all done for another lan CU@LAN!
  13. epic25 - Event Defrag

    I think you want to be thanking @Gumpster for fair isle buddy
  14. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Thanks @OptimusPeck, I have updated the draft. now to find out where @Thermidor is to be sat.
  15. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Just made an update if you want to check that is okay. @katiejjk Same for @Kameo