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  1. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hey @Gumpster, That would be great if you could. As discussed with @MRated earlier in the chat, we usually sit back to back within the casual group. This would help us out a lot based on the games we play together. Thanks.
  2. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hi @Gumpster. Would be good if the KOTTB lot could be back-to-back as opposed to face-to-face. Similar to how you have the PinaColada chaps. Maybe switcheroo half our chaps with the TSI guys?
  3. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hey mate, this is fine, especially if it helps you to move the SC2 guys together.
  4. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hey @Gumpster / @MRated et al. Appreciate the job you guys are doing here... I know it cannot be easy. If possible, ideally we would love to sit back to back from each other, so that we can spin around to see each other's screens. There are 9 in my group, all of us were at the last LAN and are frequent attendees (Everyone is booked with my account, so you can see our entire group as "GrandmasterSmash"). We are a group of casual gamers with no real allegiance to any particular game, so we would prefer to be sitting with people similar to this rather than big groups of specific game playing people if poss. Usually we have been in Lakeside, before this new event/arena space was announced. Good luck with the defrag guys!
  5. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Looks good to us @MRated. Back to back is perfect for us really.
  6. epic23 - Bar Prices

    I wonder if the bar might be able to rustle up a classic bourbon Old Bison'ed
  7. epic20 Catering Menu OM NOM NOM

    Hi all. Looking forward to Epic20! Was about to pre-order breakfast and have found the following discrepancy... your "final" email and official services page have the breakfast pre-order set to £15. Yet the booking form is £16. Screens attached. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Mark,


    I have 1 paid seat, and 8 voucher seats. Can i change the paid seat with one of my vouchers seats?


    Let me know.





  9. epic.TWELVE - Your Feedback

    Hey All, This was my second epic.LAN in the casual gaming room also and have enjoyed both very much. My comments are as follows: Good Amazing staff as always! They had the perfect blend of approachable helpfulness and not overbearingly controlling... i like General music selection was great... Some annoying repetitions were equalled out with plays of Afterglow... Great tune!Great atmosphere all over the show, but especially in the casual gaming room.Pork roll on night one.Consistently good internet connection all weekend.Tuck-shop takes card payments with no minimum spend!Late finishes... A couple of us were up until 5am for all nights... felt great that the music was still going and keeping us awake... was like vegas!Lakeside was an awesome room... loved the size increase over Portland!Music references to "Haden's Mum"... always good Cheap tuck shop... Especially wine gums and Cookies.All attendees were awesome... not a single douchebag!Kettering Conference Centre is great... would be great to have access to one of the sport halls for maybe an indoor five-a-side tournament LAN keeps getting better and better!Branded stands + merchandise... more of this would be great! Maybe they could supply funny gammer hats... would work well in the pictures. Bad Needs to open pre-4pm... most people probably take the day off... would be great if it started nearer to midday.FIFA entry was too expensive @ £30... would have liked to get involved @ cheaper price.No COD starwars.Music requests broke on day 2 Last year we had more DJs over the nights in the casual room... This was amazing and needed again!No Epic.hunt Frustrating to be looking right at a bar for the whole LAN, but it was never open for us to use.The next LAN is too close to this.. need a bigger gap or a third annual event if poss. Could do with no valentines day clash next time also :/Big breakfast with orange juice is too expensive @ £7!!!Bar needs Peroni Ugly People should be incentivised to stay until the end on the last day... too many people leaving early... not mentioning names (Mark).Counter-strike fun maps screw up - unded up playing the same level over and over for like 30 mins... boring!Constantly felt like the tables were going to collapse and ruin my gear... although never did. Wood slats, with gaps were useless for mouse + dont like mouse mats.Toilets were disgusting... it was like the reverse of the fountain of youth... the fountain of death!Portland sleeping although free was rather stinky... needed some air conditioning... or at least ban people with terrible BO from entering. We could have summoned an epic.BEAST in there!No cellular signal in Lakeside On the whole... im really scraping the barrel with the bad's and ugly's... There are so many goods, i had to cut them down... Seriously.epic.LAN!