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  1. Multiplay bought?

    So CeX to buy epic.LAN for £20 cash or £60 in exchange vouchers?
  2. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    That's a bit of a markup. Tea was only 35p or so at previous epic events!
  3. First

    lol someone bought 15 tickets
  4. epic.ELEVEN - Final Total

    Well the new tournaments are generating quite a bit of interest in the pro gaming community so fingers crossed they sign up asap. Lazy sods.
  5. epic.ELEVEN - Final Total

  6. Windows 7 vs Windows 8

    If you want to buy Windows 8 then wait for 8.1 to be released.
  7. That is true but I heard that there wasn't many players and I thought that might had been the reason why.
  8. Gangnam Style

    There is a video up of Just Dance 4 on the epic.LAN Youtube channel.
  9. Want to win an InWin PSU?

  10. Last Post Wins!?

  11. Home Internet Speeds

    Customer services & tech support = foreign call centre Customer relations & sales = Manchester Ask to be put through to customer relations straight away and explain your problems and that you want to leave. They'll sort you out properly and not try to fob you off with a scripted reply. If you use Twitter it's also worth sending them a message there. The team that deal with twitter are usually very good at helping people as it's quite public.
  12. Internet Connection

    Looks like a laser boob
  13. Anyone interested in SC2?

    Make sure he's at the front and the first to die. He really loves doing that
  14. Nerds and geeks