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  1. Tabletop RPGs @ epic 24

    I'll post here too in the interests of getting the word out. I'll be running my City of Mist game at 2 o'clock today all welcome!
  2. Tabletop RPGs @ epic 24

    I think I'm now far enough into the book to commit myself to running a city of mist game and winging it the rest of the way so I'm definitely running this now. So looking forward forward to it it was literally years ago I backed this as kickstarter so I can't wait to finally play it.
  3. epic24 - Maps & Customer Info

    I'll add this to my list of ways in which I can still feel youthful
  4. Tabletop RPGs @ epic 24

    I'm really hoping to run a game of city of mist this time. Noir roleplaying where myths and fables inhabit normal people. All the players have a secret power living inside them that they discover through out the game. I'll post more details closer to the date if there's interest and I get time to prep. At very least I'll run one game of something regardless and play in as many other games as I have time for!
  5. Twilight Imperium for LAN?

    Still up for this by the way. I'm sitting in lakeside with a bit white tower and a roccat hat on near the bar. I'm not gonna lie I didn't find the time to read the rulebook so probably let me know a bit before the game starts so you can give me a quick tour.
  6. Tabletop RPGz at epic 21

    Wow what and ordeal. Talk about last minute. I just put the finishing touches on my adventure for tomorrow. I'll start running my adventure entitled "The salvation of Eorndellon" at 2pm tomorrow in the board game area. Newbees and oldbees alike are welcome to join us and all of the players in the game will receive a set of roleplaying dice on top of the experience of enjoying my game (everyone except @M0RT that is because I fell short on the number of dice sets and bags I could get a hold of and I was guessing you'd already sorted, sorry ) Can't wait to get to LAN BABY! Packing up and heading off now.
  7. Tabletop RPGz at epic 21

    Hi all Man, the last couple of months have been so busy for me and I can't believe that we're already "mere"! I had so wanted to write a one-shot for the LAN but to find the time to do so has been so difficult. I've only managed to get about 3 quarters of it written. So, in order to try and force me to find the motivation to have it ready for LAN I decided I'll announce the game here and that way I'll feel obligated to have it ready. Here's the blurb for the one-shot I've written to run during the weekend: I intended to run the game on Friday afternoon and it should run for 3-4 hours hopefully we can organise it so I don't clash with @M0RT but as you're running a game on both Friday and Saturday I figured I'd clash either way. For those who haven't played in my games they're pretty relaxed affairs, I tend to make my games full of pop culture references as you can see from the description above so I hope that makes them appealing to all different players new and experience alike. I've attempted to make this one-shot sort of a show of everything that DnD 5e has to offer in as small a time period as possible. We'll be starting at 3rd level so we get some interesting stuff to play with and although I'll be providing pregen characters I have put together a simplified leveling system for the game so that during the game you can level up and modify your characters a little without us having to spend a couple of hours with our noses in a book. Obviously I've also tried to provide a diverse range of challenges to keep you entertained. In the spirit of the free RPG day that @M0RT spoke of earlier I've also picked up some stuff to give away to the players in my game. If you play in my game you'll receive a pouch with a set of polyhedral dice for use in the game and then yours to keep. No catches, I'm not selling anything, just hoping to introduce some people to the hobby and spread some cheer I have pregens for 6 characters but ideally I'd like to play with 3 - 5 players. I'll put a note in the discord during the event to let people know when during Friday afternoon we'll be playing but I expect we'll play in the board games area. Look forward to adventuring with you all MERE!!!
  8. Tabletop RPGz at epic 21

    Any time I'm not running my games I'll be playing in yours @M0RT ! I really enjoy playing in your games. I have just sat down to start writing the 5E one-shot that I'll be running for LAN. I got those writing a new adventure excites where I've got a whole world slushing around in my head that I have ciphone out into something that can be run in 3-5 hours. I was thinking a similar thing to you RE and epic adventure, because a lot of players around the table are most likely going to be new I'm going to be modifying the 5E leveling up a bit so that I can still give tangible choices without having all the players leafing through books for most of the game and also allow some progress within that 3 - 5 hour time period. I want to try and give an epic feel without an epic time frame, I say 3 - 5 but ideally I'd prefer to see it run more like 3.5 - 4 hours. PM me if you want and we can talk more about my planned execution, minus the plot point obviously As for timing I'm sure we can work something out it was only you and me running RPGs last time and from the looks of this thread, thus far, it'll probably be the same this time. We can just work it out between us. Now that I've started writing this one shot I don't even mind as much if time doesn't permit us to get around to City of Mist. I'll still bring it just in case but I don't mind either way now I've got my own little baby to run @ChronoWolf You and I had a similar problem but opposite last LAN I really wanted to play board games but just couldn't find the time. If we're playing TI3 on Thursday night though I should be OK.
  9. Twilight Imperium for LAN?

    Yeah man Fantasy Flight rule books are a ball ache. Any company that can write a ~50-60 page rule book for a game like Elder Sign I'm sure could make a real mess of the rules for a game like TI. I'll have a skim through them and see if I can at least come up with an idea of how to play the game and we can confirm my understanding of the game during your rules briefing
  10. Twilight Imperium for LAN?

    That's cool, I'm very good at separating the myself from game. It's get's me in trouble sometimes because I forget that not everyone is as good at it as me. Feels have been hurt by my ruthlessness at times Are the rules somewhere online so I can read up before hand and avoid us having to do a length explanation at the start?
  11. Twilight Imperium for LAN?

    Seems like the perfect setting to play this game. I doubt there are many more suitable. You should definitely take the opportunity to play games like this and Diplomacy etc. when you get them just because it's so rare to find the right time to play them. I've never played before but if newbies are welcome I'd probably consider giving this a go. If you don't mind, I'll see how I feel though. Last LAN I wanted to run an RPG on Thursday night but then when it didn't happen I was pretty glad just to have the evening to chill. But for now, I'd be interested in getting involved in this.
  12. Tabletop RPGz at epic 21

    Just realised City of Mist isn't due out till August but I also noticed that a Starter set with some pregen characters and adventures is available already so I just picked that up definitely like to give that a go now that it's on it's way!
  13. Board Games Gubbs

    Yeah Eldersign is awesome. I've got the base game along with all the expansions, but yet to try Arkham Horror so I'd be well up for that
  14. Tabletop RPGz at epic 21

    I had a great time playing in the last funnel, I'll be well up for that again. The dashing red scarf will have to feature again though or else I am disappoint.
  15. Important Decision for epic21

    The boys and I had a mini lan party for League of Legend Worlds for Season 3. We had Monster and vodka all night. The next morning I woke up and I felt great, I've never dodged a hang over so well before in my life. But then walking around the shopping centre with my wife at about 1 in the afternoon the next day I crashed so hard I could barely speak anymore. I still get flashbacks if I smell Monster..... If Monster wins then I, for one, am disappoint