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    I know some of these things may be out of Epic control and or not directly controlled by them but this is my GBU The Good - Epic lan - The arena was pretty impressive - Beat Saber (really hope i win that scan comp for the vr headset) - The Epic Staff - The sound level in lakeside was spot on, not too loud and not to quiet well done to whoever was in charge of that - Spending one evening night with some of the Epic staff and guests and finding out they are fans of similar music (involving a Korean dictator and a lovely bomb ;p) and just having a general chat. Was a good time - Spending time with friends i dont normally see in person - Playing new boardgames (of which i now must own thanks LOTH :P) - Epic Hub seemed to work for the most part. - The Epic shop well stocked and great prices - A special well done again for the staff in Lakeside The Bad - Song choices (bob the builder etc) - The Food, went i think saturday lunch time was there 5 mins before they started serving, when they started i got burger and chips... the burger was tasteless and the chips were cold. How the chips could be cold just as they had opened i dont know. - Bar Prices, yeah yeah i know going to pay premium not Epic that sets the prices etc etc. - The usual entrance being closed. Ok i guess epic didnt want to man another entrance but the fact you went around the "do not use these doors" to go to bed just totally makes the point of those door being lock void. Not the end of the world but seemed like a needless pain really. - The smash bros tournament i went to but ended up leaving as it was taking forever to actually start. The Ugly Erm these aint really UGLY issues but i have to try and think of something. - The music request system not having any sort of spam protection system and people able to just mass request music. - There was only one beat saber set up - Epic.Lan wasnt long enough - i didnt see any epic 26 pins dont know if they were on sale or not, got a 25 would have liked a 26 Not an Ugly for this event but for Epic 27.... It clashes with download festival :'(
  2. epic26 - Event Defrag

    @MRated As we are such a small group we would prefer to be in a line than back to back
  3. epic23 - Event Defrag

    My clan has abandoned me (non of them can make it) so I am a clan of 1 this LAN

    The Good Seeing the lads The Tornaments Winning Pandemic Werewolves Having a cold one with the boys 6v6 Overwatch on the back rows of Lakeside Aircon seemed to work well, it got warm but DAMN it was a lot hotter outside How busy the board game area was Internet i got there a few hours later than i normally do but the internet was up running and fine i didnt get any lag while there The Bad Erm food was a bit sub par. Last lan (epic 20) the food was amazing had some sort of chicken skewer daaaamn it was nice. This lan... not so much I know it gets said everytime and i know why but Prices at the bar could do with being lower or more "deals" The announcements, for awhile now i find it difficult to hear a call out for a big game, or an event. Ive got my headset on ill catch afew keywords like "tf2" or something take my headset off then its mumble mumble thank you. Not that its anyone whos doing the call outs fault. Afew Epics back there was a widget we could get that popped up on screen with news and event timing etc whatever happened to that? The Ugly i guess one of my party throwing up one of my party's computer dieing a death after the 1st day So yeah a good Lan, im going to go on a bit here but just wanted to do a shout out or 2 (or lots). Gunmans for agreeing to join me at pandemic, as well as handling the issue of a erm 'messy' back row one night. Also for letting us borrow his werewolves cards Mattscoo for running/co running some of the tornaments and for helping us out with getting a computer part early to help someone out. Shadow the cat for running a game of werewolves last minute and doing a good job of it. Had a few distracted and new people but we had a good few games (even if i did die early on) The Kettering staff as always friendly, and also helped out with the 'mess' on the back row Habzvip for playing Overwatch with me and another into the early hours of the morning when everyone else had gone... though it was getting close to no longer being called morning D20 guys for running the tornament and teasing me with DOOM board game, if you guys bring it again next time ill definitely play. Also one of you is banned from playing SF im sure there is a load more but this post is big enough so ill leave it there oh one more thing... Getting told to be quiet in the loud room (lakeside) whats that all about?
  5. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    Hey -UM- all present and accounted for the bulk of us are on high end H if we could stay in that area maybe even back to back H-J that would be great. I presume you already have a plan as this isn't your first defrag but just thought I would post a cheeky request :P.
  6. The Delightful/Dreaded Defrag/Shuffle

    Hey Just wondering, is there a defrag on the cards for lakeside? im sat some what close to my party however there is one among my party not going to name them *cough* Ross *cough* who was a little late and booking his seat and is sat a good number of rows away. So will there be a defrag/shuffle or shall i start sending out requests hoping people are happy to swap seats?
  7. 2016 epic.LAN Dates

    i know im jumping the gun here but any dates for epic20 yet?
  8. Where to pitch up?

    To be honest ive been in both and being interested in the tournaments or not doesnt make a difference which room you are in. You can take part from either room. One has music playing all the time the other one doesnt is the biggest difference i would say
  9. Epic17 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    On behalf of my group Good - Epic Staff, once again a great event. Admins, the guys on the shop, the casters and all the staff in the back ground. - The flexible fun tournaments and semi fun tournaments, (though smash bros should have been on the timetable). I like to enter more than one tournament and it seems im not the only one, and everyone i had a game against was happy to wait or i was happy to wait for them if they were in one. - Managing to return to our usual seats and buy out the back row in Lakeside (404) - Meeting new people - Playing Werewolves for the 1st time, a big thanks to Astrolox for running them and welcoming me and afew other noobs from my group (i suck at it) - Food quality was better my only gripes are set the breakfast would it be possible to have something like a 5 item breakfast so you can choose what you want? for example im not a fan off tomatoes and egg but all the breakfasts have them in. Special effect charity the guys are legends for what they do and their work is fantastic Bad Serving was a little slow on food. Some tournaments missing off of the timetable (smash bros) Not really bad but a suggestion more prizes for runner ups or top 3? Ugly Yeah the piss falling from the sky i guess but cant really do anything to prevent that really just who ever blocked it go more regular Suggestions: In the tournament match ups would it be possible to put name then seat number? just easier to find who you are playing next. Maybe a HoTs tournament ;p
  10. epic14 Ticket Prices

    To be honest i dont have a issue with the ticket prices (after i was the 1st to buy one ;p). Ive been to a few epics now and will continue to come to them i always enjoy them..... even the really hot pendeen room this time xD. One thing i would like to know though is when does the seating plan go up?
  11. the heat in Pendeen

    Great improvement cheers for that :D
  12. the heat in Pendeen

    Pendeen aka. The Sweat Box
  13. Hearthstone tournament?

    still not heard anything official, and there is nothing on the timetable yet either
  14. Hearthstone tournament?

    yeah i heard that aswell