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  1. Seating Plan

    Just a note...didn’t Jon say in his last post that they’d be in touch directly? not sure it’ll matter...but defrag has always happened AFAIK.
  2. Guide to your epic.LAN event

    It was 8
  3. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Did I just hear somebody say ELSIE'S ROUND?
  4. Lets talk DJ Sets!

    How come you aren't coming Dex?
  5. Gaming Laptops to buy - SOS

    Did you get one?
  6. The Bar

    One more time...#ELSIESROUND
  7. The Bar

    Wash your mouth out Jon
  8. The Bar

  9. The Bar

    SSee you at the BAR! First round on Elsie
  10. BF4

    Add me: robertus85
  11. I think we were all drunk
  12. epic.FIFTEEN Internet Connection Updates

    You need 4mb upload? Guessing that'd be a no! No doubt they could amend your limiting but they can't just increase their upload for three days without increasing their contractual costs...though I don't speak for them and could be wrong. The upload for the entire LAN is only 70 (I say only...) mbit (though I realise that this will be carved up/dedicated were needed).