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  1. ^ Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT trust this man! He's known to the Police for his white van and candy habits and he's not allowed within 600 yards of a school!
  2. Hello! I am going to a Secret Cinema event on Sunday and I need a Trilby / Fedora hat as I will be part of the "Press" team there. It's an event where they recreate a secret movie, you only find out about it when you get there. My instructions are that I am a press officer and will need a hat and a pair of glasses (retro preferred). I will take utmost care if you have something like this that I could borrow for a day! Everything will be carefully packed and shipped back to your address! Colour is not a factor, as long as it doesn't say something stupid, like PIMP in big letter on the hat If anyone can help, please let me know. Thank you a million! McClane
  3. Hey man. I'm driving on M25 westbound through Heathrow and all. I think the detour to pick you up should be small enough. Interested?
  4. Lift needed - Redhill Surrey

    Got a car!
  5. Need a lift from Woking/Surrey

    Hey man. I have a car. Interested in sharing the ride?
  6. Wanting to meet new people at LAN.

    that's the ticket!
  7. Wanting to meet new people at LAN.

    I don't know who you are, but I will find you, and I will socialize you.
  8. Hi folks! Need a ride from Redhill, Surrey (just south of M25). Will chip in and can drive as well. Thanks!
  9. Need a lift from Woking/Surrey

    Hey man. I'm in the same boat. I live in Redhill. Did you figure anything out for wheels?
  10. Old guy

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! This GUY!!!! HAHAHAHAH I'm only laughing 'cause I'm sat in a row with M0rt, Elsie, Dex, Orvil & the lot. And, on top of that, I don;t feel out of place there. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  11. I remember the last one M0rt! Wouldn't miss this one for the world!
  12. Vardy's Unreal "Desk" Tournament

    Until I see a phone handset in Jelly, I'm not impressed!
  13. Steam Account hacked. Motherfuckers.

    I never thought of it like this! There was an intel "how strong your password is" thing on the internet a long time ago, and the more punctuation was added (actually variation, to be precise) the better was the score of that particular password. For example, adding a "?" at the end improved my result with 20% (not that my passwords have "?" at he end...hehehe"). Nonetheless, I would actually be more comfortable with using an association of 3-4 words that only connect to each other in my head because I'm weird. Tom, do you know the source of this sketch? And yeah, M0RT and Wilkeh, I was afraid of that those timelines too. Everything I was reading online was just panicking the shite out of me. Nonetheless, luck of the draw I guess with a freshly laid Steam Support dude. He was EPIC (probably not EPIC Lan material but still EPIC). We wentr through acoount lockdown, ivestigation of access, ownership proof, other bits and bobs and BOOM, done!
  14. Steam Account hacked. Motherfuckers.

    Nice! I just opted to use Lastpass. Nifty tool, I like it. I kind of liked to have everything centralised on a single email address (old man's habits I guess) but you're right, better have multiple. There's a lower chance of losing everything down the drain if shitstorm comes to town.
  15. Lan comrades, My account has been hacked last night by a friendly Ukrainian dude (to be read ****). A lot of my item disappeared, together with my steam wallet money, my friends list and a lot of other stuff. After spending all night with Valve Support Team (who have been nothing short of heroes) I managed to get my account back. I still have to wait for a lot of items to be located, but all my games and stuffz are there, thank God. Thankfully a lot of games have been backed up to the cloud, which will make my transition easier. Some third party games activated through steam will have reset statistics, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I am happy to be back on my account and I added a lot of you back to my friends list from memory. If I missed anyone, I apologize, but I'm getting old and forgetting stuff is unavoidable! Please add me back yo your steam friends list and I am looking forward to many hundreds of hours of playing together. Only when the account was taken away from me I realized how much I cared and invested in my friends, my games and my PC adventure of the last many, many years. Thank you and I am ever so proud to be part of this community!