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  1. Company’s attending EpicLAN

    100% agree.
  2. SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday Night Event

    I'm trying to figure out what to wear for this! Kinda leaning towards a neon green fishnet vest and glowsticks ;P
  3. Lite South 10

    It's awesome to see new faces coming to Lite South! Just to mirror @gunmens & @Beej the event is very chilled out. Some games i'd recommend having ready to go in addition to Gunmens: CS:GO PUBG Fortnite BF4 / BF1 (sometimes happens) Ill add more if i think of any. There's a good space for social activities and if its your thing, then play board games. Take Away runs happen and if the weather is decent then some people bust out a portable bbq or two. (Would recommend bringing your own). Not that we encourage people getting smashed. Bring your own booze! Sadly i'm not gonna be at the next one. But will definitely be attending one later this year! Hope this helps a bit more!
  4. First

  5. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Staff have been really nice and helpful to me (As always!) and the food i've had has been good! The Italian night pasta was very tasty and i'm a big fan of the french fries over chunky chips.
  6. Happy Birthday Winbar!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Lets talk DJ Sets!

    Hey guys, As per previous events we've done DJ sets some and others we've simply not bothered! Historically we seem to get a mixed bag of response in regards to the DJ sets which are for all to enjoy, but mainly focused on the atmosphere Lakeside already offers! However sometimes we don't always get stuff right so i wanted to ask you guys what you would prefer and help us decide how we handle the DJ sets going forward. Option 1) We do the DJ sets in the Gallery and live stream the video / audio feed straight down into Lakeside - Would also go out on the central stream for your viewing pleasure. This seems like the sensible option, but we get to a point where there feels like a lack of atmosphere for the DJ at the time! Option 2) We do the DJ sets in Lakeside for atmosphere reasons, keep the hype going. Pipe it straight into the speakers and probably wouldn't live stream it (Due to positioning and technical restrictions). We will probably be looking to do the DJ sets either Friday after the pub quiz or Saturday after Cinedouken! Please do vote for an option and i highly encourage any further feedback on any elements of this which i've not gone over in the post! Cheers guys and looking forward to seeing y'all in 5(ish) weeks!
  8. Just gunna put this here......

    Love this track! @LZStealth this is the one I was telling you about! When is full version hitting my ears?
  9. First

  10. Catering Menu and Feedback

    Last nights chicken Skewers were good! However the chips that came with it, very cold and soggy sadly! This morning, the breakfast was of okay quality, but just as an observation - The team at the front of house, seemed to keep running out of stuff and having to wait 10 minutes or so for replacements, the guys serving will probably have a much better time if you can keep on top of that somehow!
  11. epic22 - Maps

    haha I know mate - I'm only messing with you!
  12. epic22 - Maps

    I feel like 3 times the emphasis gets the point across!
  13. epic22 - Event Defrag

    OMGN is happy with this. Thanks Mark.
  14. note to all in lakeside!

    Thanks @left-one
  15. EGX 2017

    Any details on what's happening on the Saturday after-party?