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  1. Ingress!

    I'm a green low level player, been going out now and then causing mayhem.
  2. werewolves

    I am interested in this as you know . Should also post it as an arranged game thingy as recommended by Astrolox to me but I am all of the lazy.
  3. epic.TWELVE - Your Feedback

    Good First time attending and was only speccing, but it was so fun I was rarely not doing anything anyway. Cheesy chips were really filling and very nice. Werewolves with good mods each night and people who listened to the mod. (Thanks Astrolox, Gunmens and Tetcher) Staff was very friendly. Loved the layout of the LAN, toilets were in close proximity where ever I went and everything wasn't too far apart either. Meeting new people and getting to know people better - very friendly and accepting atmosphere. Felt very relaxed and didn't feel rushed. Plenty of card and board games played with people interested in joining in and asking about it. Sadly wasn't able to participate in the Hearthstone tournament but thought it was a great idea to have one. Pub quiz was a lot of fun but the PvZ and Monopoly question irked me for getting wrong >_<. Bad 'That guy' in werewolves; I shall not say more than that. Catering prices seemed a bit much for what was on offer and on most nights I couldn't eat the food if I wanted too anyway due to health conditions. Showers causing me to do the hokie kokie by requiring to press the button every few seconds and on one occasion the mop had been yoinked. Vodka and coke tasted more like coka with a drop of vodka, if any was in it; could've added a bit more for the price paid for it. Would be nice to have a room or area reserved for tabletop gaming as it gets a bit noisy and we didn't want to hide somewhere in case others wanted to join in. Where was the Wi-Fi? Ugly Riot, gawd that guy..
  4. Wondering if there's transport available in the area I live in (Gosport, pretty much edge of Faeham) and obviously willing to contribute towards petrol costs there and back. Not been to epic before and it's quite far from the south, so would rather make sure there's transport for my PC etc before making the decision to BYOC or spec.