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    e-Sport. SC2 newb. Casual LoL. Casual GW2.
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  1. e-sports... seriouz buzinezz

    Typical Terran player
  2. "Mission Improbable"

    It's how I've always imagined an MMO, it'd make it feel a lot more important and real doing a world event for sure, I did a one off event in GW2 when it came out, was pretty cool! Technically assume it'd be difficult to achieve a perfect persistent world but should always aim high and be ambitious!
  3. Epic People ARE Epic

    Awesome, well done mate will have to shake your hand at epic13 P.S. I'll try not to make too much of a mess if you're cleaning up haha
  4. First

    If there's SC2 I'm in.
  5. GW2 - Anybody still playing?

    Hey bro. Not been on last 3 days, GF is on holiday for two weeks come Sunday. Some serious GW2 to be played, will add you. Thanks!
  6. GW2 - Anybody still playing?

    Thanks it would be appreciated!
  7. I had the Monday off, luckily! Was absolutely goosed. I think my body and mind both gave up mid way through Saturday morning haha!!
  8. GTA5: Awesome!

    Lets hope the PC "port".. A ) Happens. B ) Isn't as fucked up as GTA4.
  9. I started playing a bit again, just casually. Wondered if anyone had a fairly active guild that I could be a part of?