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  1. sent u a message man! call me i might be able to help u out

    1. afghan_binman


      im at home right now, id love to be there omg :l pick me up my g ?

  2. Looking for 3 for Epic 19

    If this is for CS GO, im looking for a team to play with! message me im DMG/LE play any position not to fussed
  3. Prodigal let me know will you.
  4. if u can get to london i can pick u up there? fuck going to whales though
  5. Basically travelling from gosport with one seat available, split the petrol probs £30 quid for fuel each and ill take you home after the lan, like it says travelling from gosport if its like an hour detour or something let me know and ill see what i can do!
  6. travelling from gosport from about 1pm to get there at 4 probably before if im honest, got a 2 seat car if anyone needs a lift dont mind coming out my a little bit if you or they can sort out petrol money. can drop you off on the sunday aswell obviously, dont hesitate to contact!