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  1. I left as a petty officer and i was an "operator mechanic (communications)" I believe this has been replaced with a more IT focused branch these days.
  2. I was a sea cadet and was in the Royal Navy
  3. Lan dodger
  4. I would very much be interested in a Future/Cyberpunk fantasy setting! I've not played Ca-fu-fu (this how my friends small child says it and its stuck with me) in years and would be super excited to play agian
  5. @eM @gitsie If you guys can muster some more grills i would love to play you gals on my stream. Today is probably too soon but we could maybe do next week?
  6. I got a hug from reech at the end of LAN. I'm Never washing that shirt ever again.
  7. - The "pro" Asshats in TQA and The Unit, who enter a fun tournament and dont actually play for 6 hours forcing half the teams to drop out. What a waste of time. Congrats on ruining it for everyone else you self centered jerkoffs. Thank you for your feedback. The Unit has passed your feedback on to our customer complaints department and it will be dealt with accordingly. In the mean time MAN UP and stop being a keyboard warrior! I came and chatted with you all to ensure we all were on the same page and having a good time. In fact we waited on one of the 404 teams to finish other bits and pieces before we played our match and you don't hear any salt from our side. Dont be a sore loser, its not becoming of a man. Yours, Duty "the "pro" Asshat Jerkoff" Hero
  8. He who laughs last, laughs best. He who laughs at Reech, it's definitely his last laugh.
  9. I first read this as 8mb down and thought you were talking about internet speeds. I dont do dat readin so good GG btw
  10. HAXORZ!! Nerf the light witch
  11. So this happened last week. Skip to 2 hours 6 mins then wait for the lols https://www.twitch.tv/epiclan/v/68364991
  12. Prince Naseem is dead? To be fair he had put on a lot of weight
  13. Welcome to the community! eM and Gitsie have got it covered. Lakeside is where its at and is my fave room. I'm sure you'll have a blast.