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  1. Yeah no probs mate. Let me know nearer the time if that's confirmed on what your doing and can arrange where in Manchester to pick you up.
  2. Hey soup im from manchester and obviously going to epic 14. If you still need a lift down from there gimme a shout im sure i can squeeze your stuff in.
  3. elite13 - Thank You

    Great Lan as always nice to see we managed to fill it up even with the date change. To those that where asking the beat-em-up that we was playing on my pc is called gang beasts, it is acutally able to support up to 8 players which would be hilarious however did some digging and you cant use 8 wired xbox controllers. To make it work you need a wireless reciever to support 4 pads then wire the other four in. If anyone could bring a wireless reciever and some wireless pads and if poss a usb hub it would be nice to get it to work and it would be hilarious on 8 player no doubt!
  4. Epic.lite September dates

    Please give updates so I can rechange my holidays
  5. Seating Plan elite (Dec)

    Ok thanks for the heads up.
  6. Seating Plan elite (Dec)

    Hi all, Just signed up for the epic lite event in December and I cant seem to book a seat on the seating plan, is this an error on my end or intentional at the moment? Thanks Cer