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  1. epicLAN 13 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    The Good. The Starcraft 2 tournemant ( I dont play sc2 but im friends with the community, would be a huge shame to lose them)The Leauge tournemant was very well run by valgar and the format was awesome (finally at uk event we got value for money.)karaoke and drinking with friends on thursday nightSaturday evenings drinking and conversation with new people (every epic lan I meet knew and awesome people)The pub quiz, even though we didn't winThe internet / network speeds were the best I have ever known at a LANLoved the cooked breakfasts so much I will pre-ordered them for next time. It's the best way to start a LAN day The Dota2 viewing stage was a great idea, Me and friends ended up watching sc2 leauge and cs final on that stage sunday.Staff all very helpfull and friendly.Bar Staff were fun and made me want to spend more money ! The Ugly The kids wrecking tents, I wasnt camping but the fact this happend does put me off camping in the futureSilly Leauge player screaming "F&ck Her right in the Pussy" untill 5 am every nightEpic lan keeps getting better and better. Please Keep starcraft 2. !
  2. Looking to play LOL or CS:GO

    Ive made contact, thanks
  3. Looking to play LOL or CS:GO

    Already have , thanks tho mate
  4. Looking to play LOL or CS:GO

    Hi im Grimzzy Decent skill looking for team or mix. I decided super late to attend epic twelve,if anyone wants to make a team for CS:GO or LOL, or is looking for sub im ready to play. gold mid laner in LAN team and shot caller (obviously not this lan ) can fill anyroles. Alot of team exprience in CSS and some team experience in CS:GO. solid FPS player. If you need a fill for any games or dont have enough for any of the fun tournament hit me up .