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  1. 2016 Team

    I'd love doing some video editing. Although I do usually take my time doing it. If you're looking for someone to make an after-movie and don't mind waiting 7 days before releasing it, I can be your man. I used to produce after movies for the events LDT participated in. I was even allowed to produce the official after movie for CampZone 2015. An impression can be found below: If you're interested. You can always contact me.
  2. T-Shirts

    Will they be sold at the event in the shop? Sorry if I missed it in another thread, just didn't see it here.
  3. Last Post Wins!?

    You all lost.
  4. Happy Birthday JoeShow

    Happy birthday man
  5. Brave The Shave

    Cancer is horrible Really amazing that you actually collect money to support the organisation who supports families through their difficult times, since they are oftentimes forgotten! See you in Movember
  6. Last Post Wins!?

  7. Werewolves - Day 2

    Ddanblack should die this evening.
  8. Werewolves - Day 2

    VOTE: Tardcommander
  9. Werewolves - Day 2

    Hmmm... Fair enough. To come forward as the first one to talk takes some balls.
  10. Werewolves - Day 2

    Why don't you role call Ozoro? Why do you want to know others so much ^^?
  11. Werewolves - Day 2

  12. **if any admins think this isn't allowed, feel free to delete this post and notify me about this. I know it breaks the TaC, but it helps all of us** I made this post because of winbar's announcement earlier this evening. Hey, I am Gio. Owner of the community who booked the entirety of pendeen. I understand some of you have mixed feelings about me, but please take your time to read this post. Because of my medical state the past half a year I wasn't able to sell all my seats in the Pendeen hall. I understand this caused a lot of people to be angry at me for booking so many tickets and not even filling up all my seats. Which is semi-understandable. But in this situation I still think I can help out a little bit to compensate for all the inconvenience caused. I still have 8 tickets available for whomever wants to still find a place to sit with their team. These tickets are 100% real EpicLAN tickets and allow you to participate in all the tournaments etc. The only downside is that Pendeen is aimed a little bit more casual and will have music playing from time-to-time. But it shouldn't be a problem when you have decent noise cancelling headsets. My intention is in no way to be a reseller of EpicLAN tickets. I just want to find a way which can help all of us. You get your tickets, I get my seats filled and the organisation gets more participants in their tournaments. A win-win-win situation to me. I'm offering the tickets for £55. This is still including the early bird discount. If you're interested in buying a ticket from me for your team, please contact me on steam (look at my profile) or send me a message on Whatsapp / via text: 0031638082803. P.s. I'd like to emphasise that pendeen is an extension to the casual room. The music won't be as loud as there but will still be present. So don't be a whiny "pro"-gamer **** about it.
  13. Razer Supports epic.FOURTEEN Fun Tournaments

    Just Dance 4 razer shit!
  14. Dota 2 Tournament

    Or just forfeit the first match
  15. Entertainment Evenings?

    KARAOKE !!