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  1. Important Decision for epic21

    Monster Rehab for hangovers!
  2. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    we now have an even 20 in our group of BEAN/BD
  3. Booked Up & Need Transport

    Sorry! I struggle with the room these days, the reason I was able to give Reech a lift is because Vorpal took the train. I'll be giving Vorpal a lift this time
  4. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    you tease, also, rip Jaloobers
  5. Reech Appreciation thread

    Reech is a mighty fine man
  6. Reech Appreciation thread

    Reech makes me feel again... Love you Unkey Reech!
  7. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    I mean the staff are going to go ahead and give you a response on this I'm sure, though if you were faced with a fire and the thing stopping you going through a fire exit was a zip tie, I'm pretty sure you would get through it and not just sit down, defeated by a thin strip of plastic, seething about your inevitable demise. Also, probably wouldn't have needed to be zip tied shut if people WOULD STOP FUCKING OPENING THEM
  8. 3 beers and then it shouldnt matter ey?
  9. Big Games @ epic.NINETEEN

  10. 8lbs down! Many more to go!

    this death race is in the fucking bag, QUITTER!
  11. epic.lite South 5 - Games

    Ill be playing a few rounds of drink the drink
  12. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Great for us, thank you.