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  1. Game tables.

    I have an arcade cabinet that fits in a Honda FRV, I know that's a big car but there was plenty of space to the sides you just need the length (hur hur), you can get them on eba ofteny. Can't bring it as it is at the Shop/I'm too busy with the shop unfortunately to attend . But they are often called "Candy Cabs" (a brand) or Bookie Cabs (thats what they used to be!) and are wired up with an arcade standard called JAMMA where you can swap the PCB's for different games or get ones that have lots of games on (I have a Pandora's Box 310 in 1)
  2. Boat Race - Did he finish yet?

    Don't know till you try. I'd never seen how fast I could down a pint until this boat race either, I just got lucky.
  3. First!

    It was an inside job.
  4. epic.FIFTEEN - Bar and Catering Feedback

    You can get some Nescafe from the epic.SHOP if you would prefer it.
  5. RIP Satoru Iwata

    Nintendo Chief Executive Saturo Iwata has passed away at only 55. A big loss to the gaming community, he was a brilliant programmer in addition to heading Nintendo to the Wii/DS Direction which essentially made the company set for life. RIP Iwata-san
  6. 19/05/15 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    Look's like the Humble Store knows what's up!
  7. Steam Account hacked. Motherfuckers.

    Sure, it's xkcd!
  8. Steam Account hacked. Motherfuckers.

    I always mean to change up my passwords after, oh, 15 years
  9. Paid Mods on Steam

    AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaannnnnd it's gone http://www.pcgamer.com/garrys-mod-creator-weighs-in-on-paid-mods/ This was an interesting view though
  10. What do you want to see @ FIFTEEN?

    I would like to see all the ded game replaced with: And a reunion of my old band (jk we sucked) but unfortunately all the top notch demos were on myspace RIP
  11. Clarkson Officially Axed

    Looking forward to watching Highest Gear next year
  12. You may laugh

    I once thought I'd done something terribly wrong when upgrading my little brothers computer, turned out I wired the Reset and power switch the wrong way around. It's still like that
  13. Looking for co op platformers/casual games

    Trine 1/2, Child of Light (Not played this yet though), Castle Crashers, Octodad is a laugh along with Goat Sim, Foul Play and the Newer Rayman Games are my reccomendations Oh and AWESOMENAUTS if you fancy a little competitive 3v3 platforming moba *cough* http://mobaverse.com/what-is-awesomenauts-and-why-should-you-check-it-out/ http://mobaverse.com/but-just-who-are-the-awesomenauts/
  14. Pendeen, what's going on with it?

    I would purchase COD4, you can get a boxed copy cheap (2nd hand works) and it's the best campaign, and well worth playing.
  15. I see your....and I raise you.

    I can't seem to find out on the Virgin Media site, and I'm paperless so I don't get the statement. Bah its probably next to nothing in comparison