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  1. Beyond Defeat is recruiting

    Does anyone know when it's going f2p? Or is it still the mystical "fall"
  2. Guild Wars 2

    Whiteside Ridge does seem to be working out well so far, at least for PvE gameplay. I've not tried PvP yet so I'm not sure what the queues are like at the moment. It's a bummer that we've had to chop and change, but as with all things there is a settling in period and I'm sure it'll be a sterling server once the bugs are squashed and the initial influx has passed in another month or two.
  3. GW2 Open Beta in Mar/Apr!

    I've uploaded my photos of the event, https://picasaweb.google.com/101834202612089275593/GuildWars2BetaWeekend1
  4. Nicknames

    This sounds like a wise plan.
  5. Guild Storage

    I'm sure we'd be able to afford it, but there's noone left in the guild.
  6. Guild Storage

    Hey Winbar, can you setup the Guild Storage please?
  7. Anyone still playing?

    Yeah the Legacy system is good, but if like me you've put your characters on different servers it doesn't really help you, so until they do server transfers I'm a bit stuck. Plus I have found that if you say have two Republic characters all the side quests are identical making levelling up alts quite tedious.
  8. Anyone still playing?

    I like it and have played a bit this weekend as it's been reactivated, and is until Friday this week I believe. Still slowly grinding my Jedi Guardian up to 50. Although I'm not sure if it's now worth swapping over to DPS build to get to 50, then respec back to Tank build.
  9. Beyond Defeat is recruiting

    I'm interested, however I have a lv14 Merc on Hidden Beks which I'd like to transfer over. I guess I could start a new Merc on the same server, but I'd much rather be on a PvE server, as I don't enjoy being ganked miles from the nearest outpost. Although, having said that Imperials do outnumber Republic on Basilisk Droid by like 10-1. I spent most of Saturday on Hoth with 6 other Republic players. SIX! On a whole planet The thing is that I'm not sure how much time I can put into the game. I have a lv42 Guardian which I'm trying to get to 50 just to see the content really. I've also started a healing Trooper, but I'm finding it a grind as all of the side quests so far are the same. I've had a similar thought, and made a thread on mpuk, http://forums.multiplay.co.uk/star-wars-old-republic/88978-server-consolidation
  10. Anyone still playing?

    I need to find a few hours to sit and play again, see if I can get back into it. Still, I have high hopes for Guild Wars 2.
  11. Seems all activity has fallen off now. I've certainly lost interest already. I guess mostly due to moving house, but it just doesn't seem fun. Will try again and stick to the story missions.
  12. A bunch of noob questions

    Played a few hours tonight! It's great, way more the multiplayer than the campaign. So far so good, quite surprised that assault is the medic class!?
  13. A bunch of noob questions

    Good pimp Tom! I'll set aside some time tonight to sit and play properly I think. I've been sidetracked with Final Fantast XIII-2. Need to add everyone to my friends list. Is there an EpicLAN corps?
  14. A bunch of noob questions

    Sigh. This isn't constructive and is quite childish.
  15. So I just got the game, basically because it was £18. Right, I've, * Installed Origin * Installed the game * Downloaded a 4gb update * Registered on the website * Downloaded and installed the browser plugin .. and breathe. So, can I only load the game from the website? I tried going right to the website and clicking the 'Campaign' button, and nothing happened, so I guess I need to open Origin and then go to the website? Does this mean I have to have my browser squatting in memory whilst trying to play the game? Quite frustrating. How the hell do you see anything? I've got some horrible big "flare" dots all over my screen, which I can't get rid off and are there the whole time. Can I turn that off? So far I'm playing the campaign on Normal and I've died at least twice in every mission. Do I need to walk slowly everywhere and stuff? How do I get into the multiplayer aspect? I've found a few people but not many, and it seems that having people listed as friends in BF3 isn't the same as in Origin. I'm on as Neon1024 so feel free to add me! I have to admit, for such a hyped game is turned out that my first experience of it is really really bad (I'd swear but you know forums etc). It's so bad that I'm not sure I can even be bothered to play it. I feel like I've wasted £18, but better that than £39.99!