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  1. 2019 Dates

    so it has, thanks !
  2. 2019 Dates

    I am soon going to be booking my 2019 holidays with work so I would like if possible a list of all the lan dates for 2019
  3. note to all in lakeside!

    I would prefer if the people I am with (who are not a clan and hence do not have clan tags) remain in the same place as we booked with the intention of being together. I even booked months early in order to make sure that we would get seats together.
  4. note to all in lakeside!

    Why does there need to be a defrag when lakeside is full?
  5. My PC knows it's LAN, yours might too!

    my PC has done what it does every lan and decided not to POST, simply saying "waiting for bios update" performing a CMOS reset seems to have fixed it this time, last time I had to get a replacement board
  6. RPG Game(s) at epic20

    It might be too late but I'd like to play an RPG this lan, I'm new but it looks fun
  7. Spare BenQ Monitor Base?

    He's already threatened to take mine, but I have an asus screen
  8. epic20 Map

    Only one small room for sleeping? oh dear
  9. food was overall a massive improvement over the food at 18, especially the curry which actually tasted of curry this time (the madras) the breakfast was nice even the one I had at 11:58am. All in all very happy
  10. 2016 epic.LAN Dates

    likewise due to work issues
  11. Blizzard BattleTags

    cooky560#2874 (wow, overwatch, sc2, d3, hs)
  12. epic18 - Bar & Catering Details and Feedback

    I know its Saturday but thoughts so far: The Good +The Breakfast was piping hot, even 2 hours after they opened (I rose late on Saturday) +The Breakfast Tasted really good +The burgers, chips and snacks were pretty good too +The Spaghetti Bolognaise was nice and generously portioned. The Bad - The curry was a bit disappointing, I'd describe it as watery at best, and the chicken could of tasted better. Though the naan tasted okay. Looking forward to see how the food fares today!
  13. A Refecltion on the last 11 years

    Mine is lame
  14. Happy Birthday Gunmens & Haden

    Happy belated birthday!
  15. Official epic.LAN Discord Server

    it's not hard to beat Skype call quality I am checking out the discord though