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    Sleeping, Cheesecake, my Wife, my Daughter, my Volvo, Pizza
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  1. was about to ask about PUBG, thanks for preemptively (in comparison to me) asking, and also for the preemptive answer
  2. Got a shirt made, now to get confused for staff Bugger
  3. Stix on a separate note, would it be possible to point me in the direction of the bar... ... i mean a large format logo for epic lan? looking at printing a clan shirt using the epic logo for epic.22... although likely to be only one wearing it... Mr. Flibbles has had his eyes replaced, they are now red, and he will make an appearance
  4. thanks guys
  5. think its sorted, no longer showing on my account, after redeeming my own seat off myself
  6. is there any way of cancelling a booking I have not paid for? I had gone to book this morning before work, and the site wouldn't let me pay, and by the time I got into the office, I had been asked to book a seat for my friend, so I booked those places and managed to pay, but the old booking is still showing on my account?