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  1. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good - Great atmosphere as always from fellow LANers. - Some good banter again with staff as we were next to the staff tables. - Reech finding some last minute prizes for winner and runner up of the Minecraft Hunger Games. I now have an awesome dragon hat from MSI - Sleeping... I have never slept well at epic in the past but this time I had no trouble at all. I must be getting old. The Bad - Still not impressed with KCC catering when it comes to food temperature but I've been told more improvements are likely on the way again so thumbs up to that. - Being really cold in the mornings when the a/c had been on all night. Luckily I had a coat with me! Soon warmed up as people got up. - Internet speeds were dire at peak times topping out at 60KB/s which isn't ideal when you need a quick patch or something that isn't cached. The Ugly - The PUBG chat turned very salty when someone couldn't join the game and wouldn't let it go. No need to carry on after the point was made. - The pain in my stomach after eating far too much pizza...
  2. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Had a cheese burger earlier and not only did the burger not get put into the bun properly by the person serving me (how did she miss?!) it was only luke warm even after a quick nuke in the microwave so definitely was very cold! Cheese also didn't get melted. Wasn't the best burger taste wise either but just about passable. Maybe I'm too picky but I'm still yet to be impressed by the catering I only use it out of necessity.
  3. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Team uwotm9 are happy with our new location
  4. Lets deal with this (kettering's food an drink)

    Food temperature... Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's not. They need to improve the food warmers. I suggested in the epic survey that they mention perhaps getting halogen food warmers instead of the ones they have now. I've never had cold food from a halogen warmer! I'd be much more willing to buy food from there knowing it was going to be nice and hot. I prefer what is meant to be hot food to be that temperature when I sit down to eat it.
  5. The good As always a welcoming event by staff and other attendees. My brothers first LAN. I think he's hooked! Top form banter by the staff on the PA in Lakeside. Our group being sat at the front near the staff probably helped Security. Although a tad annoying having everything searched, it's definitely welcome to make sure we stay safe and rules are followed. The bad Internet speed definitely felt noticeably much slower compared to my last LAN in February. I'm guessing this is down to it being a sellout. I know Winbar said improvements are on the way again in his interview video so hopefully it'll be sorted in future. No Steam event notifications. Did I miss these or have they been stopped? I have the epic hub notifications but they don't appear in game unlike Steam. Not really bad but not quite on form was the catering. I only had a simple sausage butty but it was cold despite there being food warmers. That damn cricket again in the sleeping room! Is it someones phone app? And the snoring. Oh my god the snoring. One evening I went in and someone was snoring so loudly I thought the place was going to fall down. A few other people had just got in as well and they were laughing as the snoring got louder and louder. Suddenly it stopped and all was silent. Jokes about the snoring persons death were very quickly made.... The ugly Shower privacy, or lack there of! Whose idea was it to change this to half-circles instead of full on cubicles like it used to be? Hopefully it's changed for next time. Unclean toilets and no soap. Someone had vomited in the sink in the changing room toilets over Friday early morning and this was still not cleaned on Sunday! Plus I had to mention to epic staff 3 times for them to pass on to KCC for the soap to be re-filled in the toilets behind the board games lobby. KCC kept saying it was done but it wasn't. Eventually Winbar took it upon himself to get it sorted (thanks Winbar). Me by the time I got home on Sunday. I was a very broken man. LAN death is not a nice thing. See you all in Feb
  6. Catering Menu and Feedback

    I only used the catering for breakfast this time around. I had 2 sausage sandwiches on different days. One was hot as the sausages were freshly cooked (I watched them bring them out whilst I was in line) but the other was almost stone cold despite them having food warmers. The food was always left uncovered which is probably why it doesn't keep them warm. I think KCC would be better off with halogen food warmers to keep them hot as I've never had food from one of those (from elsewhere obviously) that wasn't nice and hot since it's directed heat from above. The 2 sandwiches I had however did taste great - no complaints there, I just would have enjoyed the cold one more if it were hot. One further thing was one of the times I had to point out that I was being charged too much for my sandwich. For some reason the lady that served me tried to charge me 30p more until I pointed it out. She seemed confused, fumbled with the till for a few seconds and said that's OK at the other price. No idea how that has managed to happen but I hope that wasn't the case for others.
  7. sensable sleeping

    Since there is a topic on this already... Quite a few people were shining their torches at everyone as they walked past. It's actually really annoying when you're trying to get to sleep, so thanks for that... Surely you only need to point them at the floor to light your way? Also, someone had that damn cricket sound playing again. Thankfully not so loud that it went above the ear plugs this time.
  8. Indoor sleeping... more rooms besides pendeen?

    I thought it was the one underneath balance reception myself, but as they're not named it's not helpful If it is the one you highlighted that's better as it's much larger.
  9. Indoor sleeping... more rooms besides pendeen?

    Not been in that room before. Now you're splitting the choice between a more convenient breakfast or a more convenient shower in the mornings!
  10. Indoor sleeping... more rooms besides pendeen?

    Thanks, good to know there is another room.
  11. Curious question... are there going to be any other indoor sleeping rooms allocated besides pendeen? With portland taken up for overwatch that only leaves pendeen, so that doesn't leave much space unless there are some other rooms assigned too?
  12. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    Practice what you preach
  13. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    I understand, it just irks me when we get given a choice at all for it to be completely ignored that's all. It's like going to a restaurant, asking for a burger, but being given pasta because that's all the chef is making... I'm sure it'll be fine as we've been placed. Let's not annoy anyone else. I can't help but feel some of this is caused by opening the seating plan immediately though, rather than a few weeks before the event like it was in the past. That was more a first come first served basis and seemed to be less problematic? I complain a lot, you get used to it.
  14. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    Not really happy with the move to the back of the room after all the messing about but apparently I'm outnumbered on that decision. Perhaps with all the random moves you shouldn't offer a seating plan at all since it's not adhered to and makes it pointless.
  15. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    I've set out our preferred order in the attachment if this could be adjusted. Thanks