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  1. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    What was up with the bar staffs drunk pricing approach this lan? More than once had to correct pricing and im the one drinking. Also the bar staff this lan where slower than the old lady they found at the bustop from last lan which, didnt seem possible. Please put on some bar staff with experiance for next lan. 2/10 As for food, it was all good except for the paninis which was down to who cooked them and for how long. 1 out of 3 was raw dough and unmelted cheese, they are half baked baggetts being used so either cook them of give them a good 3-5 minutes on the grill. Please could you use timers next time rather than oh shit theres a queue rush rush rush method. 8/10
  2. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Last event, I asked one time for just cheese and it took 20 minutes for them to sort out and they didnt manage to warmup or melt the cheese. It would be nice to see some what haden posted futher up on the menu, custom orders will just complicate things, it didnt go well last time as it clearly confused chef only using one ingredient. Also "Tea/Coffee - £1" - The tea isnt great but after a night in a tent, its the fix needed in the morning, surely 20p or pushing it at 50p.
  3. We only got 2 complaints over the weekend about it, one very nice person came over and asked us to turn it off, and the other time when Gumpster came over and asked us to turn it off. I can be just as ignorant as you.
  4. Lets deal with this (kettering's food an drink)

    Sounds great, had no idea the fish bowls where on sale and yer pitchers would be great also. For the slabs, you could do what cinemas and other event/venues do and slap some sold or custom stickers on the cans/drinks so that people know they where purchased at the bar.
  5. Oh thats a good point, pubg strugged hard in the comp room. We couldn't get a game going most of lan which was a shame. It was either super laggy or you got disconnected from the server midgame.
  6. Lets deal with this (kettering's food an drink)

    It would have been nice to see things like fish bowl style drinks back, along with slabs. I know this might be something we ask for every event but for years at other events we got big packs of beer on discount (money to the bar), if they are concerned that people wont drink all that they order then how about a pre-order system before the event where we pay and pickup Not sure on the logistics of that but no money lost at least. As for food in the bar, sandwiches. Simple fillings, either freshly made (premade in bulk and chilled) or store bought style ones are fine. Also although KCC is ok with us bringing in outside food, can who ever spoke to Pizza Hut follow through and see if they will do some sort of deal. Even if its just a coupon code for when the event is on that will give us a discount, the manager who came up to talk to someone after delivering our £200 pizza order, was very willing to do exactly this, plus there isn't much the venue can do about it as they wont be advertising or selling onsite. (Sorry KCC, but if the food was any good or had variety, people wouldn't need to get it ordered in).
  7. The Good Epic Staff as always, and shout out for Reach coming up stairs over the weekend from the community room to let us know about specific games going on. The factorio deathworld game over the duration of the weekend. Pre-Lan Paintball Event New Security Rick and Morty Theme with an epic performance from Mr Meeseeks Camping - Self Catering Thursday night, and Breakfast each morning. The Bad The new bar staff need some training up, but did a good first attempt. The Showers - As with every lan, they seem to get a lack of care after 9pm till a cleaner comes in. Bar Prices, inconsistent prices and lack of a "good" and "classic" cider, why only flavoured cider The Ugly That one team specifically sitting in row H1 to H6 seem unable to control themselves. Complaints where made to staff and also on discord so I am unsure why this information was not passed on, epic staff are normally really good a relaying information on. Everyone is loud and shouts which is expected but this group where even being told but other teams to shutup. The catering - 30 minutes with no warning on a delay for getting a cheese panini and also being told I couldn't have a cheese only one until I complained that its less ingrediants and they can keep the extra for not putting in something else.... Last dig on this, maybe they should turn on the panini press machine or use timers so that each panini has its ingrediants melted.
  8. epic21 - Event Defrag

    404 have acquired the back row and a few on the row after. All of us have the 404 tags on for the defrag.
  9. Wondering why they are playing become a "DJ" crap in the community room when clearly no one gives a fuck and is just wondering why they have cranked up the even more obnoxious music choices. Surely this shit should be in the main stage where people can ignore it, or maybe in the room with the competitive players who would equally give a flying fuck. #FuckingLANRant

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    2. domuk


      @HadenI would love to do a set, ill come do 20 minutes of silence mixed with some quiet. After all you have removed most of our requests from the music system this weekend <_< so why would I assume you would let us come attempt to do better :) 


      The only gripe is volume 11, bass cranked up so that everyone in the room who is playing games at a lan even (omg is that what you do at lan?) is shouting as they cant hear the person next to them. The music all lan in the room has been good, after all our community is granted two speakers right behind us which we have to unplug so we can talk to each other. Maybe its me, maybe no one else cares.


      @wibleh Your welcome to come take the two speakers from the back of the room and tuck them around your chair, we are a community here to have a good weekend, not an esports team why would we sit upstairs?


      Ill make sure to ask nicely next time, but ill be honest other than maybe the 3-4 people who had a go, the staff playing with it, who else in the room got up to dance, must have been a big request of people to bring the noise box down here to get it done so ill go back to my hole.... 


      404, also thanks you for your feedback, it is important to us. 

      I also didnt know they speakers where off, we had already unplugged them when we arrived :? 

    3. Haden


      The request system is a new system we've been trialing, we usually have a set of rules set on the old system; unfortunately they're not mapped across to this one yet; so manual moderating will happen; but this'll be in-place going forwards.


      The good news is that i'm looking into where else we can position the speakers and stuff so we don't have to have them turned up so loud to get to the people in the middle etc; due to the room size and desk layout its a tricky one but i appreciate it can be a pain being sat right next to speakers. 


      Other than that i'll feed this back up to the management etc and see if we can get something in place for next event going forwards :) 

    4. gitsie


      I think the DJ Sets were great downstairs but the lack of a bar was the only downfall. 


      The LOUD casual room isn't meant to be quiet. If you don't like the LOUD casual atmosphere then maybe move upstairs or book a clan room before someone else does.

  10. epic20 Catering Menu OM NOM NOM

    First night, chicken popcorn, disappointing for the price tbh. This was just some standard chicken nuggets (the super processed feet and beak with 10% meat ones) from the freezer and the ones I got where still frozen, apon asking them to be re-cooked I got 4 back when I started with 5. The guys who I was with then only proceeded to get 4 nuggets on their order. Might want to review/scrub this one for next lan. The rest of the food for the event has been really good, breakfast each morning has been spot on and the burgers have been good.
  11. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    You also forget the every 10-15 minutes shouting of the word "NICE" from the CSGO teams when they blow their load. 404 Looks all sorted in the back row so nothing to add from me, thanks for sorting the seating @MRated
  12. Big Games at epic20

  13. Overwatch @ epic20

    Its more that the fun tournament we entered was delayed by a cash prize tournament, surely a simply restriction like the rocket league tournament of not entering if you are in another comp would have solve this? Still, I await to see what the format is for overwatch as im sure its going to be a big thing for the next coming events.
  14. Overwatch @ epic20

    I see that you have got the "Overwatch" room setup for this lan, 404 would very much like to be involved but like many people in the community side of things, we would like to play people on our own level but still somewhat competitively. I guess the question is, if there is a "Price/Cash" tournament, will there be some sort of fun/scrub tournament version which we scrubs can play whilst keeping the same set of rules to stop other comps/tournaments holding up the fun tournament? The biggest problem we have as a community group is that although we want to join in, we don't want to waste our entire lan doing just the one tournament as we like to try doing the boardgames, big games and other things happening during the event. This time around we pulled out of the comp because we decided that it was worth doing other things, which the admins confirmed was what we wanted as both 404 teams made it through the rounds but we would have liked to remained in the tournament had it run more on time, it was other people in other tournaments holding up the progression. Comp rules should be that if your late or in another tournament you get removed from the event, we saw the overwatch tournament in the system and assumed as it was run via the tournament system that these rules applied but apparently they didn't, just mis-communication to the rules provided. So constructive feedback, if you put something in the tournament system, you stick with the rules of that system or you change the rules so it doesn't say the below - http://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/overwatch/rules We kept getting told on the day, its a fun tournament but its not much fun when the big serious comps keep the fun games on hold all day whilst they do as they please. Or dont use the tournament system to host fun games and just do them with pre-defined rules in the community room on the day. I have since spoken to @MRated and it sounds like there may be some tiering system that will from elim rounds spawn off two different tournaments to give everyone a fighting chance, either way I look forward to seeing how this gets improved upon for the next event, and to see Epic become more involved with overwatch esports