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  1. LAN... so close... hnnggg

  2. epic.EIGHTEEN Opening Ceremony

    I'm willing to play for any group that needs a guitarist/bassissststst
  3. England V Wales - 16/06/16 2pm

    As a football fan myself I would love to be able to see some of the games over the weekend, namely the ones that Elsie wants to see. The games are being shown primarally on BBC and ITV as far as I'm aware so I don't think any special licensing is required? Would be real nice if we could get a small viewing area somewhere up in the gallery. I know you guys will do your best, but good topic to bring up none the less!

    Its not too late for St. Totteringham's Day yet Gump! Super happy for you too Elsie. Leicester really have put in the work this season and its paid off in full. Going to be really interesting seeing them in the Champions League next season
  5. I'm quite surprised that Elsie hasn't made this post already but I'll put that down to the fact that he's probably celebrating his tits off right now While I'm not a supporter myself I'm super happy that Leicester have pulled through and won the league this season. It just goes to show that the Premier League is the most competitive league in European football, and further more it goes to show that you don't need to spend hundreds of millions to compete in the top flight! Well done Leicester. I hope to see them battling for the same position next season & in the champions league! What a wild ride its been!
  6. Happy Birthday Elsie!

    Happy Birthday Elsie. I'll be sure to frag you extra hard at DoD: Source in June >:)
  7. Gary the goat

    Fucken' KEEEVIN. Stop bein' a ****!
  8. No Rocket League @ Epic.18?

    Yeah, as an avid Rocket League fan & competitor at the last two Epic tournaments I'll throw my 2 cents in. Epic and the staff do a great job in accommodating us Rocketeers with a fun tournament. At Epic.16 the 1st place prize was free tickets to the next event which was super sweet. Not entirely sure what the prize was at 17 mind you. & lets be realistic - the game is awesome, but it is still in a growth phase. The last 2 Epics I think we had about 12~ teams show up for the Rocket League? & Most of those were people who were attending for the other bigger tournaments and were just sort of doing it as a side activity. While I'd love to see Rocket League take a bigger place on the stage, I think we have to wait for the scene and interest to grow larger first. I'm sure we'll see it in the future.

    Can't believe that the event has sold out and its not even the end of April yet! Awesome to see roll on June!
  10. Rocket league - epic.18

    Yeah dude defintitely! Grab my steam off of my profile on here. In case its not working: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SHA0_TV/
  11. Rocket league - epic.18

    That's cool dude, no worries. Ah don't be so modest. LAN is always going to have people of various skill levels & sets. Its about creating the right team! But yes, we should definitely play dude. I've been playing the hell that is solo 3v3 ranked. I need some comrades!
  12. Rocket league - epic.18

    Yo guys, Shao here Need myself a team for Epic.18 (I was hoping you'd be around to form one with Rab!) I'm currently at Rising Star bridging into All-Star and I'm looking for 2 more to form a strong team with. If you're interested contact me here or steam Cheers all
  13. Excellent! This works perfectly thank you dude!
  14. CS:GO Big Game - 7pm

    Im personally happy with anything to be fair but I'd love to see the new Nuke for sure. Lets avoid inferno though as that map doesn't work well with 8+ people on a team.