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  1. This couldn't be more relevant to the topic When sitting in Fair Isle (or iseries, or dreamhack, or any competitive lan environment) you expect a degree of noise, cheering, even screaming. The csgo players may be toeing the line (and as mentioned in my previous post seem to be pushing it further and further each event) but they are tolerated as we'd rather have the atmosphere with a few inappropriate outbursts at the occasional round end. This is the environment we are used to and for the most part encourage. What isn't encouraged, expected and should definitely not be tolerated when you turn up to play in a competitive lan is a giant robot butler making unintelligible noises from half way across the lan hall which then echo across teamspeak. Now this could easily be resolved if you'd just turned it off (permanently) when asked but as we can see: You're all completely insufferable
  2. Good The temperature in the media area was nice and pleasant on a night this time and not around -5 like it normally is. Tournaments ran OK. Tuck shop had a good selection and once again cheaper than the local shops. Security much improved. Overall another good event. The "good" far outweighs the "bad" but I won't list everything. Bad Food was lacking. Lack of selection during the day and most options unavailable. Looked very stressful in the kitchen as well. Showers. The half circle curtains are terrible and just get stuck to you if you bump into them. Thurs / Friday were ok but by Saturday they were partially flooded and a mess. I think a football team might have been in before so possibly unavoidable. The weird robot. What does it want. Why is it there. Make it stop. Ugly The shouting and screaming from CS doesn't really bother me, it's an essential part of the lan experience, but every lan it feels like a small group try and push it further and further to see what they can get away with. It shouldn't be hard to tell what's in the spirit of the lan and competitive gaming (shit-talking your opponents is something to be encouraged, not cracked down on) and what actually makes the atmosphere worse by annoying the other attendees, even the ones who are also playing csgo. What puts this into the Ugly section however was the repeated use of the N-word in the early hours of the morning, especially given the pre-lan drama. I'm not sure who was doing it but it's definitely something I don't want to hear again and I'm surprised the staff didn't take more action at the time. Trying to cast Saturday on less than four hours sleep. Thank god for discovering the coffee machine. Kettering as a whole. Both the horrendous speedbumps and the town in general.
  3. epic.20 - Fair Isle De-frag

    Hi Gump Can you sit the two Perilous dota teams together (Raze and Ruin) when you do the defrag None of them are signed up yet but I'll try get it sorted now - all the tickets for both teams are assigned to me and magicturtle, five each Thanks,
  4. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    GOOD Meeting almost everyone from BD again epicLAN staff Paninis and breakfast excellent Oz getting into bed with me at 6am on Sunday after I was rudely awoken BAD Someone drove into a bush on the A14 which lead to major delays on the way home. Still advocating for the direct M1 - Kettering conference centre connection which also avoids the speedbumps The lift refusing to go up unless someone runs to the floor above and calls it there. Internet outages. Not the end of the world UGLY See attached from Thursday night Gumpster
  5. Hi Gump Can teams Soup is Shit and Big man gets unlucky (both dota 2) be sat next to each other so me and Jaloobi can get drunk together during our games. Thanks xoxoxo
  6. Dota 2 LFT

    Yeah, loads of people turn up on Thursday
  7. +1 to the ugly list: Throwing up in toilet sinks happens. It'd be better if it didn't but it does But please try your best to avoid the cold water sink, the one people brush their teeth and wash their faces in.
  8. Good: More or less everything The black barriers - not sure if these were event provided or the players brought them, fantastic, a million times better than cardboard Bad: Noise at times. Not a huge issue, we are at lan after all and it wouldn't be the same if teams weren't able to express themselves, but some teams were shouting at certain times just for the sake of it. Internet. We lost over a day of casting on Dota2 because Valve's functionality for local server is very poor and the internet wouldn't allow us to play on Lux or Austria. It got fixed towards the end of lan. The Ugly: The temperature at times. Glad i wasn't playing when it was really warm in Fair Isle. Not sure what can really be done about this. The speedbumps. Im sure every epiclan depreciates my cars value. Recommend a new motorway exit direct from the M1 to Kettering conference centre. https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic18 - The 2nd place overwatch team should be named Marcelo Meli FC. Showing disrespect like this to Marcelo Meli makes it harder to persuade him to attend UK lans. Rime cop call in Mafia
  9. Big Games @ epic.18

    Any chance of Overwatch? This will be my first lan where I'm not playing competitively and can take part in the big games, looking forward to it
  10. WWE Payback 2016 PPV Prediction Thread

    My Prediction Kick Off Show WWE United States Title: Kalisto WWE Women's Title: Charlotte WWE Tag Team Tournament #1 Contender: The Vaudevillains WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns by DQ Chris Jerico vs Dean Ambrose: Dean Ambrose Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler: Baron Corbin What's Vince McMahon going to decide about control of RAW: Eric Bischoff
  11. Wrestlemania 32 Discussion & Predictions

    Forgot to make predictions this time but it's probably a good thing as I got EVERYTHING wrong
  12. Yeah lag my bad Leaving 4-5PM Sunday
  13. Offering a lift from Bradford / Leeds / Hudds area, I live in BD19 Will be setting off Thursday around midday and leaving lateish (likely around 5PM) on the Sunday
  14. WWE Royal Rumble Entrant Predictions

    I'm not gonna include any of the recent rumours as i'm sticking my fingers in my ears and pretending it isn't happening so I can be a kid again if it actually does 1) Big Show 2) Curtis Axel 3) Ryback 4) Golddust 5) Stardust 6) Santino Marella 7) Braun Strowman Erick Rowan 9) Luke Harper 10) Sami Zayn 11) Kalisto 12) Kofi Kingston 13) Brock Lesnar 14) Roman Reigns (This is confirmed, right?) 15) Sheamus 16) Rusev 17) Stardust 18) Golddust 19) Tyler Breeze 20) Finn Balor 21) Kevin Owens 22) Dolph Ziggler 23) D-Von 24) Bubba Ray 25) Darren Young 26) Titus O'Neil 27) Bo Dallas 28) Apollo Crews 29) Chris Jericho 30) Neville
  15. WWE Survivor Series 2015 PPV Predictions

    Charlotte vs Paige - Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze - The Brothers of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose Additional Predictions WWE World Heavyweight Champion Final Result (must relate to your predictions above)? - Roman Reigns Will Sheamus cash in? - No Who will Bray Wyatt pick for his 2 team members? - Himself and Luke Harper Lineup and winner of the traditional 5 on 5 survivor series - (New Day, Sheamus & Barrett) vs (The Usos + Cesaro + Ryback + Neville)