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  1. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    Yeah, on row J...
  2. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    Hang on now, you stuck yourself between our checkerboard trying to steal our row, after we were there first. You don't get to pick anything here. You take J or you take the arena. Up to you.
  3. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    You can have half of row J, don't mind what half. Doesn't make sense to split us.
  4. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good Numero uno always goes to the staff. You guys put on a cracking event and I can only hope it goes from strength to strength for you. Special shout outs to Reech and Beej. Yes, we have favourites... earn our love! Haben sie gehort das Deutsche Band? Better beer choices. Beer pong and Souls hat waving distractions. Traditional drunk Chumbawumba. 404 food. Good sosig, good cheesy pasta thing I will not attempt to name. Never before have I had a meal that could simultaneously constipate and give me the runs however. Finally having an excuse to play Slap City. Playing the indestructable Granny in Gangbeasts. Introducing Ben and Ed Bloody Party to 404, and their subsequent confusion. Tekken was a good laugh. Bad NoShow and his absence for sosig. Why did you neglect us so? The final round of the pub quiz. I'm all for alternative rounds to just pure questions, but I can't say that it was explained very well. I don't know if we were effected by the points swapping thing, but it's such a cop-out for someone who had been doing well throughout the quiz to be dumped on if they didn't do well on one round. Being touch of deathed in Tekken. No chance for me to do Steve troll dodges if you don't let me touch the ground. Portland air bed blockages. I had to step over a lot of unconcious people. Even when people weren't sleeping, there were people having impromptu meetings right in the middle of the corridor. Back to Tekken. It wasn't fun to sit around for ages while people get obsessive about their controls. Use what you're given. Reech.... steam controller.... cmon man. Ugly Food past breakfast. I didn't have anything over that some cardboardy fries but what I saw didn't look great. Showers aka Dagobah. I was expecting Darth Vader with my face to emerge from behind the curtains at one point. NoShows 404 meme theft. We heard you when we were playing Jackbox. We expect reperations.
  5. Epic 22- the good the bad and the CS:GO screambuoys

    It's all been sorted on discord. The jist of the agreement was that everyone hates CS:GO screamers.
  6. Epic 22- the good the bad and the CS:GO screambuoys

    The Good: Reech. This guy is a god of patience and helpfulness. When he was playing the Smash tournament, I was secretly cheering him on instead of my friend. You only fell off the stage to make Ashman feel good. The new security. HL2DM. Throwing a recycling bin at someone then quipping "You're trash" never gets old. Minecraft hunger games. Finding no weapons but punching someone into an inescapable area was worth it. Eres un mago Harry The bad: Missing the TF2 big game. We didn't get to have our single round of dominating the game before everyone gets fed up with '404 stacking' The drinks and catering The state of the showers The Ugly: CS:GO screechers, especially the castrato squealing after every round. Shouting after a good play? That's fine. Shouting "You're fucking shit" at the other team every round? Not so much. More toxicity in those twats that the sludge passing through my bowels every LAN morning. It ruins the atmosphere for everyone and such bad sportsmanship should be moderated more strictly. At the end of the day they're just kids playing video games, they don't have diplomatic immunity. Turf them out if they act like little shits.
  7. Eres un mago Harry

    Za ime boga, Hari, šta je sa ovim jezikom ?! Ti si FUCKING WIZARD
  8. Eres un mago Harry

    Nee, "Just Harry"! Jy is 'n towenaar.
  9. Eres un mago Harry

  10. Eres un mago Harry

    אני לא מכשף, האגריד, אני רק הארי!
  11. Eres un mago Harry

    Luister hier Hagrid Ik ben gewoon Harry!
  12. Eres un mago Harry

    Nun, "Nur Harry", du bist ein Zauberer.
  13. Eres un mago Harry

    ¡¿Soy un mago?!
  14. Pop quiz! What is the best form of gaming for a large amount of people for maximum fun when everyone is in the same room? Click your answer: Current gen console online multiplayer PC online multiplayer Retro console split screen Current gen split screen 404 games are hosting the retro drink-a-thon again, and this time we may even have big screen time. WHEN? After the pub quiz and boat race, because last time people complained that drinking before 10 am was INAPPROPRIATE WHERE? Possibly the big screen in the main hall (to be confirmed), otherwise the back end of Fair Isle. WHY? Because playing local multiplayer and drinking as forfeits IS THE MOST FUN A GROWING BOY CAN HAVE. WHAT? Returning events: Round 1: Beerio Kart Rules: Double Dash (if you say it's not the best MK then fite me) 3 Laps Racer must finish drink before end of race to qualify Racer must come to complete stop to drink Racer can drink anytime they want, as long as above rule is carried out Losers round - Baby Park Booze Bonanza The loser of each group is placed into the special losers round to attempt to redeem themselves. Rules: Double Dash Baby Park 9 laps Every 3 laps, racer must take a shot/large drink Round 2: Super Smashed Brothers Rules: 3 stock match Any characters Final destination/battleground Items on (for extra chaos) Drinks are consumed at end of match: 4th place = finish drink, 3rd = 2/3rds, 2nd = 1/3rd, 1st = safe. In addition to the above players must drink for falls, double for self destructs and nominate for KO's. Losers round: Kirby's Kolourful Kalamity 4 AI Kirbys of differing colours duke it out and the players place bets on who they think will win. Rules: 5 minute timed match Drink when your kirby falls. Round 3: Worms You have 4 worms, you have a drink that can be easily consumed in quarters. Need I say more? HARD MODE: 4 shots. Loser's round: Ninja rope racing Round 4: Bomberman Rules First to 5 1st place is the person who meets the above criteria, 2nd to the person who had the 2nd most wins at that time and so forth Drink when exploded Double if you are crushed by a falling block Triple if you blow yourself up. This is bomberman, not ISIS tryouts. No losers round for this one GRAND FINAL: GOLDENEYE Rules: Map and weaponset to be decided on the day Drink when you die Double drink for every dishonor you have at the end Got an idea you want to add? Post it here! POINTS SYSTEM: 1st place in group: 20 points 2nd: 15 3rd: 10 4th (winners of losers bracket): 5 Further rules: You can enter these events as you like, you do not need to enter all of them. Furthermore, the winners of each round have their next drink decided for them by the people in the losers bracket. This is an open event. Show us your worst epic.
  15. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    The Grand RomuLAN. AVE CEASOR. Sleep where you fall is such a good policy, thanks for keeping it going. The pro-team poacher being destroyed by Costlyy. The majority of staff being friendly and approachable. Reach was amazing at trying to sort out the Overwatch tournament issues (see below for the problems) The Terrible Last I checked 10 people are fewer than 13 people, which just so happens to be the capacity of the lift. Nor were we a total weight of 1000kg, unless you are calling us fat. If you had people in a prize tournament, you should not have been in the FUN tournament. One team in the Hearthstone tournament realised they would be holding the whole thing up and had the decency to drop out. You had nothing to lose by doing this as well. We waited four hours for a group stage match when we had things we wanted to do that evening. In the end, half of the teams in the elimination stages dropped out because of this. Because you wouldn't do the decent thing.