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  1. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

  2. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good 1. Fun tournament choices were on point. Tekken and pubg happened right on time with no awkward 30 minute waiting, great communication from Reech. Mario kart was a but of a drag last time so we didn't enter our boy Ash this time. He's 404's Michael Schumacher...Post-head injury. I personally don't think MK can be scaled up to tourney level efficiently after many years of trying. 2. Beer choice has improved at the bar over the years I liked the IPA options 3. Seating was spot on and I can't think of anyone who wasn't where they needed to be 4. AC went off smoothly 5. Security weren't trying to palpate my spleen when I carried in multiple heavy items this time. 6. Network stayed up. 7. Dem Deutschen volke 8. Morning games with breakfast was fun and inspired us as a community (me) to club together and buy some of them (solo finance, No reimbursement at all) and try them out (play to the end in a single sitting) Bad Wifi wasn't up to it again, random disconnects and devices wouldn't stay up. Pub quiz was a fix, 404 are supposed to be given free wins to sate our fury Not a lot of cached games on the server made it hard to update everything on the 2MB download speed I was allotted, there was a lot of input lag at peak times. Winbar and JoeShow never came to say hello... It just kinda hurts, you know? Boardgames - We could do with a few more tables out on Saturday if things are expanding because there's already a lack of space Ugly Meme stealing. It's unforgivable theft of 404 intellectual property. We've instructed our meme solicitor to file proceedings in due course. The toilets. Look, all who know me have heard my Iraq story about the camp toilets, dysentery and the dead horse but this was just not on. I walked into a pile of sick on Thursday afternoon that remained there til I left on Sunday and had stepped in it again. It was a swamp that not even Shrek (pbuh) would stay in. Just pure concentrated miasmatic stank. I'm used to the rivers of pubes and ritual Chewbacca sacrifices of the showers but we had moved passed that last Lan. Why did the cleaning suck so much? Is this to be expected x 2 with such an increased capacity next time? Foodwise I got a salad. It was somehow still both over and under cooked. Moronic "theatre" attendees. We had people just gawking at us all damn night. Like taking photos and everything when i wasn't running them off. If you go back to portland, cover the damn windows. I can't one handed browse with Joe Public standing behind me fascinated by the flashing lights of my impressive 144hz display. Robot butler may need to return to keep the riff raff out.
  3. Good Security were on point, just the right level of presence and confrontation. I felt pretty safe knowing they were there to check my Asda bag for hidden terrorists when i was heading for a shower at 5am. Lots of people wearing crocs. And costumes in general. Enough power draw to supply 3 fridges, a 7 foot robot butler and fry dukey's pc again with no issues at all. Pub quiz was great bantz, thanks for that little expansion to 10 people per team as it made us fit our group around one table (nearly), goddamn Mr Meeseeks. Fun tournaments were great and run really well. Nice to see the exhibitors in full force, gave us something to play with and i'm certain the entirety of 404's posture has improved after we all ended up buying new chairs. Bad Internet speeds were middling to poor Wifi went down on me more times than an aspiring actress does on harvey weinstein Shower-toilets needed some love. 2 day old vomit has a positive feedback loop on inducing further vomiting. Doombar, yuck. Can't centurion that smegma laden concoction. Ugly Catering staff dropped the ball. What were they thinking bringing Walcott on that early? Bar staff... Running out of beers is one thing but taking 10 minutes or so to sort people's orders out and give them the correct change is maddening. CS-GO castrati needed to STFU, how he reached those high notes without the application of nipple clamps i will never know.
  4. Fans.

    I didnt question if you wanted me to die, just the location of it. No objections to my fan? Motion passes.
  5. Fans.

    So.... fans, obviously not the groupie kind because nobody here is famous, attractive or could hold a conversation without bringing religion or politics into it. USB fans are notoriously shite and tend to do very little for the man and GPU on brink of heatstroke. Seeing as I cant just smother myself in coolermaster thermal paste®, i'm going to have to weather (haha) this heat out with a 3 foot oscillating fan, it blows about as strong as an asthmatic 70 year old escort so no need to worry about things falling over. This is cool with the gang, right? You wouldnt want me to die on the premises, right?
  6. 404 games retro drink olympics 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Last time this was attempted a community member was hospitalized. Dont be that guy.
  7. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    The Good Speaker system playing drivel at 0 DB Toilets servicable and the friendly banging sounds above the men's loos were back. New food menus and no diarrhoea Obtaining the back row Pub quiz was all in good spirit this time Staff always approachable. The Bad Speaker system playing drivel at 120 DB and not christmas songs Paninis were expensive and poorly prepared Air conditioning was laughable. 60 people downstairs sweating when its 10 degree celsius outside with some cpus hitting 80 degrees and blue screening. The things I am legitimately salty about - The "pro" Asshats in TQA and The Unit, who enter a fun tournament and dont actually play for 6 hours forcing half the teams to drop out. What a waste of time. Congrats on ruining it for everyone else you self centered jerkoffs. - The person who decided to zip tie shut a fire exit. A FIRE EXIT. The thing we escape through in case of a fire. That was shut by zip ties. So in a fire nobody could escape through it. And we were then herded through the front lobby when the alarm actually went off, a full long 200m walk through where the fire would probably be. - Security were actively causing problems for us with certain staff targetting people and the conference centre staff kept a knowingly damaged lift operational and blamed those who get trapped inside for this.
  8. Music In Fairisle

    With that autistic level of attention to detail, I would have assumed you could have recognised and fixed the problem sooner.
  9. Music In Fairisle

    Where is the christmas spirit? 404 have requested over 100 christmas jingles, showtunes and a smattering of gary glitter classics to get us into the mood and yet they're not being played. WHY.