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    The Good As above, M0rt for letting me try his oculus rift Air con - I was actually a little bit cold first thing in the mornings in lakeside - a first for sure! Big games! That last game of TF2 on Sunday was great, would've been good to have had it sooner as I almost missed it! Rhubarb bob cider. I need more of this in my life. @Winbar Do they do bottles or anything? I might have to take a trip down to Devon if not! The catering staff were always friendly and accomodating and top bants were had with the bar staff The Bad M0rt for making me want an oculus rift Sleeping on the floor and forgetting a pillow, my back hates me The Gumpster Showers - wow, people need to learn to clean up after themselves. On Sunday there was a dirty pool of water in the changing area at around 0630! Role in a mankini - I've never ran away so fast, sorry about that! How warm Boat House was except when they got the air con working for all of 10 minutes - that was bliss until I woke up at about 4am sweating... Gumpster
  2. epic21 - Catering Menu & Feedback

    Few bits of feedback: The main meal voucher was pretty much worthless for Friday, it pretty much got you a birdseye southern fried chicken burger in a bun. Not really impressed since it was meant to be a "meal" voucher. Can't see myself getting that again, especially as I felt I had to buy from the catering to get my money's worth... The epic burger wasn't really that epic, I'd rather have had something special on it like included onion rings or something Pizza would have been a welcome addition to the Italian night... Or even in general, especially if cooked in a proper pizza oven to order - only takes around 10 minutes My breakfast on Sunday seemed to include leftover pork and leek sausages? Not exactly surprising but I wasn't expecting that for breakfast! Hopefully this doesn't come across as too critical, it's just what I think would have made catering better
  3. Statistics!

    Very interesting. The steam cache saved so much data, not to mention how much bandwidth it saved!
  4. Epic 12 Bamburgh

  5. I've got to train it (elite11)

    At first I thought this was a reference to some multiplayer Pokemon X&Y at elite11... Anyway, I should be able to offer a lift from Stoke station on the Friday if Gunmens can't.
  6. Portland - An Idea

    Sounds like a great idea to me! Is there a minimum number of people that would be required for this idea to go ahead? Seems Jaddie might just want to buy Portland all to himself
  7. epic.ELEVEN - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Good Actually having the time and energy to play games at a large epic event! Event & venue staff being friendly MRated falling asleep on shift (am I not meant to mention that?) Big games Suicide Survival Playing with Goten's Rift (I want one!) The Bad The catering - unless you got there at the right time, you ended up with a dry horrible crunchy thing instead of whatever you were meant to have (rice?). Price was expensive for what you got, especially considering they didn't have a card machine even though the bar did (wat?). These are all things that were brought up *during* the event, and weren't actioned on (except the card machine issue, it's kinda hard to magic one of those out of thin air) Some drunk UK scene guy getting abusive toward the security guard in the car park - really not needed... The venue double-booking the dorms. I really wanted to sleep in a bed again, but didn't manage to book a bed before the venue admitted they'd messed up (they must've known about it for ages) and we weren't able to book any more. This is really not on for a venue of KCC's size. I understand double-bookings happen, but not admitting it until a couple of weeks before (if that), and then cobbling together a really poor, mass shared, bad excuse of a dorm room (I went down to check with Haden while he did his clipboard thing...) The Ugly Gunmens in a onesie (<3 you really)
  8. Hey, So unless I can somehow get a lift to epic.ELEVEN, there's pretty much no chance of me coming Anybody want to trade space in their car for beer?
  9. Last Post Wins!?

    Do I win?
  10. PS4

    The console is going to be x86_64 (64-bit, x64 is a misnomer), which is a subset of x86, making it an x86 platform.
  11. Testing

    There is not.
  12. Test

    ∆ ≠∑∂±(5Ã·í µí´)
  13. New Forums Coming Soon

    The header bar has an almost checkered flag effect to it... Inspired by epic.Formula 1? New forums look great!