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  1. Werewolves

    Because I've had a few people ask, I thought I would let everyone know that I will be attending epic22 for every day of the LAN. Assuming there is enough interest, I will be running games of werewolves starting at midnight as usual. Come find me on the balcony (near check in) at that time, or in the Longstone clan room at other times.
  2. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    Good Clan room being told about social games and fun tournaments occasionally. This was a nice when it happened, despite my initial reaction being "stop interrupting me". Blur big game was cool ... more people need to get Blur. The usual generally friendly and relaxed atmosphere. epic LAN staff were very friendly and accommodating. Catering and bar staff were very friendly. People turning up to play werewolves on the first time, despite it not being on the time table. Meeting new people. The d20 board games stand / shop. Finding a sleep space really easily despite turning up quite late on the Thursday. Excluding some minor quickly fixed issues, the network and Internet worked reliably enough to play all the games we wanted to play. Bad Some advance notice of a film crew recording a werewolves game would have been nice ... I could have helped out by asking people swear less, directing my voice towards the camera instead of randomly, given people who are a little more shy the opportunity to sit with their back to the camera, etc. ... I mean I don't mind, but it would have been better. The xbox in the gallery was acting a bit flakey ... just dance seemed inoperable and rock band crashed randomly ... also no bass guitar controller? Intranet time table not completely accurate at times. General quality of power and networking cables in the clan room. Toilets ... it's not hard to not be a slob, please try harder. I feel sorry for the staff who have to do the cleaning. Fire alarm ... seems to off every event. The Internet was slow ... (no more than usual, and better than some other LANs however). I miss the dorms. Ugly Cold chips from catering.
  3. epic19 - Werewolves feedback

    Now that LAN has sadly ended I want to thank everyone for making the weekend so much fun. Especially the epic team. It was also quite nice to meet some new people - if we spoke at some point feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook. As usual we did werewolves each night at midnight and I'm interested in any feedback or suggestions you may have in relation to the werewolves games. Even just a thumbs up or thumbs down reply would be useful info. Just to jog your thoughts, the sorts of things which I currently think I need people to tell me about are ... When we have a large group (between 16 and 30) ... Do you prefer multiple smaller games, or one large games? Would you like to see more variety in characters/roles, or more games with a limited number of "power" roles ? With more variety; would you prefer to have lots of different roles in one game (and therefore fewer "simple" villager roles)? or would you prefer it if each game had a very different selection of roles but still with quite a few simple villager roles? Would you prefer more story, flare and role play encouragement ... more clinical and by the numbers ... more of a mix than we currently have ... or is it about right now? Do you enjoy the games with the new moon cards more or less than standard games? Currently I try to do "noob" games on the first night (Thursday), "standard" games on the second night (Friday) and "advanced" games on last night (Saturday). Did you know/realise this? Would you prefer doing advanced rules more often? or would you prefer we do the "noob" friendly (extra explanations, and less strict rules) more often? Is midnight still a good time for these games? ... would you prefer earlier? (this LAN people seem to be wanting to go to off to sleep earlier than previously) If there was a detailed written set of rules - would you read them? (I'm guess most people wouldn't have time) If there was a written strategy guide - would you read it? (I'm guess most people wouldn't have time) Would you prefer to see more variety in who is moderating? ... less me, more gunmens? and/or more other people? (we have a few other very good moderators in the community at some events) What do you dislike about how I currently do the games? What would make it more fun for you? What would make you want to play / get involved more? If you don't play werewolves often, or at all (quite a few people watch but don't play) ... is there anything you'd like for me to do be doing to help you get involved? Would you like to see more forums based games (between LANs over days/weeks)?
  4. No Astrolox at epic.EIGHTEEN

    I endorse this idea. I always have fun playing in your games. The community timetable is the best way of announcing games, an additional forums post won't hurt. That said people should be expecting to be starting at midnight given that's been my schedule for years now.
  5. Vaping at our Events

    I'm very much in favour of this policy. Personally I'd go further, but I can understand why epic has chosen not to do so at this time. That said I'm the type who moves away from someone vaping (or smoking) rather than ask them to stop. I quit smoking for health reasons as soon as I was wise enough to realise what I was doing to myself. Now I worry about the potential of health impact of passive vaping (Not wanting to start a conversation on that subject; there are plenty flame wars on the subject on the internet already). Avoiding it all together seems to me to be a pragmatic solution. So, knowing that this doesn't have to be a worry for me while I'm at my desk is a big and very welcome improvement in my view.
  6. No Astrolox at epic.EIGHTEEN

    Polite notice to the shockingly large number of you who spend hours in the early morning with me every LAN ... for the first event in years, I won't be attending. Sorry. Unfortunately the change in the LAN dates presented a scheduling conflict for me and as much as I love epic, the prior commitment took precedence. Yes, I know I'm on the seating plan - just ignore that ;) I will be back for epic.NINETEEN of course. Not sure if someone else will want to take over my usual midnight to early AM werewolves routine. As you're all aware I'm really protective over the quality of the games and the friendliness to new players. If someone does run some werewolves games, I'd be interested to hear from the community what the mod did differently compared to my games, what worked and what didn't; I'd also be interested to hear from the mods about how they thought it went, any problems they had and what they would do differently in the future. Hopefully they'll be some nuggets of wisdom I can learn from I really hope you all enjoy the LAN and I look forward to hearing all about it.
  7. ....and sleep.

    Elsie - you are epic. Thanks man.
  8. 2016 epic.LAN Dates

    Oh wow ... that presents a really tough scheduling conflict for me. Glad we have final dates now though
  9. Werewolves @ 16

    Hi all, We did things a little differently this event and had quite a different crowd of players also .... Did we succeed in addressing some of the concerns above? Did you all enjoy yourselves? I saw some new mods giving it a go - which of them would you like to see mod again? Any other thoughts / feedback? Please post in the feedback thread ===>>>> https://forums.epiclan.co.uk/index.php?/topic/6338-werewolves-feedback/ Thanks, Astrolox
  10. Werewolves @ 16

    3/3 Asking drunk people not to play I don't like being rude. I'll be a bit shirty now and then, and often unintentionally say the wrong thing in the wrong way at times. Generally speaking though if I say to someone "I think you're too drunk" and they say "No I'm fine to play", I don't really see much of a way to progress without being rude. To be honest, I have the same problem with people who cheat. However people who cheat usually respond to a polite word, where as drunk people don't. Perhaps I just need to put my foot down more - feel free to back prod me on this subject. That said, if you ruin my deck I usually want £10 to help cover the cost of replacing it.
  11. Werewolves @ 16

    2/3 Rotating mods for story telling purposes I play werewolves at other LANs and conventions and I've seen lots of mods. Each mod develops their own slightly different understanding of the rules, and a unique style in which the game is presented. I love the fact that different mods present differently, and I also like hearing their understanding of the rules as it makes me rethink my views. Personally I go for the clinical approach. Gunmens takes more of a story telling approach. Both work I think. So I can definitely understand the idea of rotating moderators, and it's a pretty good idea. In order to make it work, the community would need two things; Firstly, a group of experienced moderators. Secondly, general acceptance of a greater variety in how games are run. And, I think we don't have these two things (yet). A lot of the people who come to me and ask if they can mod a game are doing so because they want a game that's different to the ones I run. They also usually don't have any experience of moderating. That's two alarm bells in one go. Firstly, inexperience means lots of little things are likely to be off; such as giving away too much information by accident, not being clear with direction and explanation, not knowing how the group normally plays a rule, not explaining a particular quirk of the rules as per their understanding vs. the normal understanding the group plays by, making lots of mistakes (to be fair, I usually screw up at least one game a LAN), etc. Secondly, funky unusual rules usually aren't a good idea (aka. fun for the players) unless they're well play tested in small groups (in which case they’re not unusual, right?). I think I now know at least 3 completely different rules which people refer to as the white wolf. As such I have no idea which one you're referring to in your post. Additionally, If you're drunk, don't mod. I drink while modding, I'm not anti-alcohol. Yet alcohol lowers inhibitions and I've witnessed far too many incidents of actual inappropriate acts/touching occurring as a joke while the group has their eyes closed. Although joking about it is sometimes funny, the reality is it should never happen. Do I let the people who ask me, mod? Well ... sort of. I don't have the power to refuse and I wouldn't want to refuse anyone. As werewolves is community run and has absolutely no official backing from epic.LAN, the community is free to run games whenever and however it pleases. Hence why we had 4 different moderators in total at the last event. However experience tells me that when I say "Yes" and inexperienced people try their hand at modding, the general group players don't like it. Most people are expecting games run either in the way I run them, or the way that gunmens runs them. So, if I see a big group of people waiting for a game I'll usually respond with something along the lines of "I really want to do this one. Do you want to mod one later perhaps?". Again, my goal when modding/running a game is that everyone has fun. Would we have more fun with more experienced mods and more variety? I think so, yes. Would/do we benefit from having in-experienced mods trying out new rule variations when they haven't fully understood the basic ones? Long term, maybe. Short term, no, not really. Also if it puts people off playing then we have a serious problem. Long term, maybe. Am I going to stop anyone from modding? No, but I try to discourage people who haven't modded before from running big games. Over the past few 13 events I've felt really bad for essentially being the moderator and for standing in the way of other people learning or expressing that skill. I don't want to be the guy that stops other people modding - and I do try to make an effort to try and allow other experienced moderators to have a chance. To be honest I feel sorry for gunmens in this regard, as he's a really good mod and puts a lot of effort in to organising the games. So when I see myself taking over and not giving him a chance, I feel bad. However I also don't want to stop running games every night, because people expect me to be there doing it. I have a regular time slot, with a routine for running the games, I really enjoy doing it, and I always have lots of positive feedback. To address this, at some of the previous events I've even deliberately picked a night where I don't run games. Instead on these nights I've offered my cards to be used by anyone who wants to mod (in advance). Each time no games were played, despite the following night there being at requests from people to be allowed to mod that night. I have given up trying to explain that. So my message to everyone is: If you want to mod a game. Please do so - put it on the timetable, talk people in to joining in, make sure everyone has fun. If you'd like to borrow my cards, please just ask. However if you're in-experienced please keep it small (7 - 10 players). I've been at LANs where werewolves has started at 11 AM. Don't let my routine of starting at midnight stop you from attempting to do games at other times. Hell, I've seen small games of one night werewolves being played at epic in the middle of the day before now - there are people willing to play. Also ... if you want tips/help, or just another player, please just ask. But ... please don't try to run games at the same time as gunmens and I. Our games start at midnight and go on for around four to five hours in total. If you want me to step aside and let you mod the group that I usually do, then you'll have to... A/ convince me that you've got experience running games, B/ convince everyone listening that you'll do a good job, C/ convince the group that they want you to mod for them, and D/ wait for gunmens and I to want a break. I say this not because I think I'm better than everyone else - it's simply because I want to ensure that we keep the quality of games high. Again, my goal when modding/running a game is that everyone has fun. If we have a lot of high quality mods willing to run games on a schedule, I'm all game. If we have a lots of people who think it might be good, but haven't ever modded a game, I'm not keen at all.
  12. Werewolves @ 16

    1/3 Catering for new players vs. playing advanced rules My goal when modding/running a game is that everyone has fun. Over the years this has meant that I've learnt a particular style which is especially effective at teaching the game to new players while still progressing things along, and therefore hopefully not boring the tits off veterans. When I know there aren't that many new players in the game, I can speed things along, drop or shorten, some of the repetitive explanations, etc. However when there is at least one new player, some of this is necessary. I strongly believe that having someone not knowing what they're doing will ruin the game more than the extra time spent on explaining. Simply expressing out loud that they don't recognise their card can give their role away to the group if its power is misplayed early in the game. At some previous events, we've managed to get on to new moon cards and advanced rules right on the first night of the LAN - it was really good fun modding those games as I could concentrate more on helping explain advanced tactics than on reiterating rules. However as epic.LAN has grown, the number of new players joining the games has grown. It is really fantastic to see the success that epic is having and to see lots of new faces in our villages. I love seeing people starting to enjoy the game for the first game and becoming really enthusiastic about playing it more. So far we have tried to limit the impact of new players joining games in several ways: Firstly, I try to get more succinct and advanced as as the LAN progresses. So Thursday is almost exclusively "noob friendly games". Friday hopefully most people played already, so things are quicker and I'll introduce more roles and rules. Saturday I always try to encourage everyone to do new moon rules. This is almost to the detriment of new players; so someone playing for the first time ever on a Saturday night game will be getting less help from me during the game, than if they had joined in on the Friday. This isn't to punish them, it's just because I want to be doing the advanced stuff too. You'll also notice that the games at 3 AM are more likely to have advanced rules than the games at 1 AM - simply because there are fewer new people wanting to play. So any veteran player who goes to bed early because there are too many noobs around, will be missing out on some of the best games. Of course this is only a guide, and I'm happily lead by the level of the group. Secondly, Where we get 20+ people wanting to play and it's still quite early we'll try and mix things up by doing two games simultaneously. We've tried two ways of doing this and both have had successes and failures. Linked games, where people can move between the two villages, has been interesting. The main downside is that you have to try and spread the new players over both games, so you don't address the inherent problem of new people not knowing the rules. Also they're harder to mod, so unless people do move between games the extra effort isn't worth it. We've done this twice now and I'm still not sure about it - happy to try again though. Independent games where one is just new players and the other is veterans has worked. Although not everyone is happy with having their mate they just convinced to come and play being in a different group - especially when the games run at a difference paces, I like this approach. I note that some people turn up, see a big group and then leave because the game wlll be too big. I always find this disappointing because if they had stayed we might have had enough people to split the group in to two games - however without them it isn't possible. So, any veteran who wants to play an vertains only game but doesn't stick around is not only missing out on a game, but is also making it harder for us to get the numbers we need to run two independent games. Thirdly, At the last event I deliberately scheduled a "Advanced Werewolves" session. It was on the timetable and various people commented that they had turned up specifically for the advanced rules play. This was the first time I tried this and I think it was a huge success - I plan on doing this again. To be fair; at the last LAN I was in a grumpy mood or personal reasons, and did this because I was fed up of explaining rules (I usually don't mind). However it was popular and fun for everyone so looks like a good idea. Finally, With the use of the new Characters set. We've started introducing new characters in place of existing characters in games with new players. At the last event we did this late on the first night with the actor, and then kept using the card for the rest of the LAN.
  13. Werewolves @ 16

    Sorry for joining the thread a little late. I love this thread. I understand and sympathise. Predictably though I have a lot to say on the subject. Apologies in advance for the walls of text. I see three points in your post which I would like to give my view on; 1. Catering for new players vs. playing advanced rules 2. Rotating mods for story telling purposes 3. Asking drunk people not to play
  14. Steam Cache discussion

    Origin and Blizzard can be cached reasonably easily. I suspect other download options just aren't popular enough to warrant the effort - after all the advice is to install before LAN if at all possible.