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  1. Nice.

    NICE Fairisle meme
  2. Rust @ Epic.19

    JUST REALISED I WROTE EPIC.19, I MEAN EPIC.18. It was late and I was tired. See edit in original post to see IP details!
  3. Can confirm, have frozen my nappies off in Portland.
  4. Rust @ Epic.19

    So, I'm crazy addicted to Rust right now. Aside from a few of the big games I'm pretty much going to play Rust all weekend. I have my own server on Rust and I had a good idea. I am thinking that we could user my server over the weekend purely for LAN goers. Build, form alliances, raid, repeat. It's something that you can jump on while waiting for the next big game, but also can be no life's if you're like me. If enough people are interested then I can wipe the server today so that the map will be clean and we will all be starting off together. The best part is that even after the event is over the server will still be up and running for the foreseeable future so if you enjoy your build you can keep going! The server is usually 18+ only but I'll make the exception for any underage LAN peeps. If there isn't much interest in making it a proper LAN Rust event then I won't wipe, but the server will still be up, and will still be open to any and all. The server name is Men With Big Picks. You can either find it by searching the server name or connecting using the console and IP address which I'll add when I get to the PC. Tl;dr: LET'S PLAY LOADS OF RUST TOGETHER AT LAN. WE CAN USE MY SERVER. HYPEHYPEHYPE.
  5. Hey Gump, can you please move my voucher seat to FI-G5 please? The seat is available and my partner (who the voucher is going to) will be playing in the team with Pineapples etc. Thanks
  6. KCC Food Ideas

  7. KCC Food Ideas

    Not read everyone's replied yet, but I am interested in everyone else's opinions so I'll probably update this when I get through all the comments, so sorry if this has already been suggested: Personally I would LOVE some pasta dishes, pasta bake maybe? EDIT: Left one: Curry, great idea, even some sort of curry sauce for chips would be a nice easy touch. Burgers on request would be nice as I think the main problem with them the last few years has been that they were making too many and letting them sit and so they were sometimes cold and dry or chewy, making less and then slapping a couple more down if more people are wanting them I think is the best choice, I'm sure many of the event goers would be more than happy to wait a little longer for a fresh burger, and it's not like they take long to cook. Burgers are one thing I think should be mostly fresh, or at least fresher, which brings me onto the next point. Inferno: Removing vats is unrealistic, making everything fresh is not something that can be done for such a large event but some things stay nicer longer than others and I think that needs to be brought up with KCC. Slow cooked stews is a great idea, and can be fairly cheap to make and easy to keep hot. Fish and chips is not my cuppa but good and British, could be good as a 'special'. Soups are good on the same level as stew, easy to keep hot, easy to make. If you want BBQ there's nothing stopping you having one, it's unrealistic to expect KCC to run a BBQ. The 404 lot put a BBQ on every event and always welcome anyone to join in with them, just pop to Tesco and grab something to bring along, they usually put the info either on here or they get a call out on the PA. Beej: Love sandwich and baguettes ideas, as MRated suggests a subway style layout would be cool but I think realistically that isn't something that KCC would bother doing as I imagine they don't have the subway style preparation unit and obtaining the meats, breads, salads and sauces wouldn't be worth the payout. Something like how Greggs works, premade in the morning, packed in a recyclable paper bag with the filling info written on and then put in a refrigerator, still more or less fresh, still loads of options and the fillings (tuna & sweetcorn, chicken tikka, egg mayo etc etc) can also be used for jacket potato toppings (mentioned by Dex). Dex: I said further up, but again, Dex is right about the quality, if you want fresh then your best bet is a restaurant or fast food which are easy enough to do, at the end of the day KCC does need to up their quality as they have been really naff for a while but at the same time we have to be realistic in what we are asking of them. Cottage pie, shepard pie, lasagna, as Dex says, all easy to make in bulk, all easy to keep fresh. Jacket potato is definitely a great idea, easy to keep hot, and easily varied, can use sandwich fillings for toppings, beans and cheese, loads of options and can easily be a vegetarian option also. Personally, as said originally, I would quite like some pasta meals, but it would depend on KCCs ability to keep it hot without having to reheat, or have it go too soft/too chewy and in recent events they've struggled when trying to keep the rice for chilli edible. Might be worth trying, might not, but yeah. Hot sausage rolls or pasties would be nice, I think, but again keeping pastry hot might not go too well. ARE YOU HAPPEN NOW HADEN, ARE YOU HAPPY?!
  8. Game tables.

    Almost all cheap pool tables fold flat. As for beer pong, not everyone can really get use out of that. I personally only drink spirits, and even if I were a beer drinker that would require me to buy a pitcher of beer to play, so thats over a tenner each time you want to play. Pool, foosball etc is something everyone can play, including people who might not be big drinkers and it wouldn't cost anything to play, unless you introduced a 50p charge or something which would be much much less than beer pong.
  9. Game tables.

    Has anyone considered getting a couple of the cheap pool/foosball/air hockey tables from like argos or ebay or something? Some do for like £40 - £50 and I can imagine they would get a fair bit of use.
  10. epic.SIXTEEN Casual Timetable

    I'm a bit disappointed TF2 wont be on until Sunday, as everyone starts leaving early. I doubt there will be many people playing it and there aren't many big games that are going to be on that I really care about or have. Oh well
  11. Haden would it be possible to get Twenty One Pilots on the requests? Preferably their Blurryface album?
  12. Was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of finding where people are talking about these, and what to do about teams?
  13. Werewolves Game 2

    Not really, no... My post says it all and plenty of others, including you, have voted no lynch. It's hardly a confusing or unusual vote especially on the first night with no deaths to work from.
  14. Werewolves Game 2

    Not sure what to make of the fur and blood all about so I'll ignore that for now. No deaths, no information, no lynch.
  15. Werewolves Game 2

    Aye aye cap'n!