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  1. Seats

    not speaking on behalf of epic here one bit. but my god when did kids get so picky on what they sit on!, my first Lan i sat on the bloody floor, and later a bean bag that i stole from the exhib hall. anyway got that out the system, as far as i'm aware Epic don't provide any chair "upgrades" its the steel padded ones and that's your lot. though if epic wanted to provide decent gaming chairs that could be a decent earner for them, and i'd like to see this. as any additional service that folks pay for ultimately improves the event for the rest of us here, meaning it will keep the ticket price lower for longer for everyone. whilst epic sort that out, you've got a bunch of options: pillows, put a pillow on the back and one under your bum, bingo, like sitting on a cloud. rent a van, £120 for 5 days from enterprise more than enough space for all your crap as well. courier. epic let a courier deliver to the venue before and after the event. leave the bambinos at home, come and enjoy a jolly weekend of games. buy chairs from Argos/PC world and return them to store afterwards i'm sure theres more options
  2. The usual rules folks, free fire as well, don't hold back. The Good best epic event ever, no hiding that, might have been the best Lan i've ever been too. i can't remember many of them over the last 10 years, but yeh well organised well managed well maintained despite my early predictions about a pootroplis engulfing the KCC, the toilets were good to go all event, only one occasion where there was no paper but other toilets were available. got to mention the guys, the 404 community helped me celebrate my 10 years of lanning in style, bought me cake and a card, helped with the construction and deconstruction of the grand hall, and community tents, love everyone loads. the streetfighter film/game went down a storm, and was honestly a major highlight of the weekend the pub quiz had an excellent mix of questions and challenges, we won as a result the boat race was actually an enjoyable experience both during and afterwards late night lanwiches were good and didn't give food poisoning shout out to the day time security guard, who was very friendly and polite, more importantly he recognised most of the punters during the event meaning he didn't need to stop everyone all the time to check wristbands. epic staff becoming ever closer friends dishing out those drinking mugs to winbar, mrated and reech, and having a little speech right before the pub quiz will be a memory i take to the grave. sorry more of you didn't get mugs but they don't grow on tree's unfortunately, and i'd already robbed a bank to afford this event a decent selection of drinks at the bar tj's rocket fail. the cold keeping many of the gypsies out the campsite. the KCC staff seemed happy to be part of the event didn't experience the food much sadly, though it looked nice and the chips that i stole actually tasted good. The bad the bar running out of the the middle barrel pretty quickly, then followed by staroprahamen and a bunch of other stuff. the bar prices were still somewhat prohibitive for a good drinking session. finding out that they were selling carling bottles (500ml) at 2 for £4 after spending the entire afternoon drinking pints of carling for £4 some sods on the saturday night sitting down and playing a game of jackbox in the board game room, we were playing a game ourselves, and they stole all the wifi and killed our game, thought not their fault i guess. The Ugly My wallet at the end of event, shit i spent a lot. Lan came and went far to quickly a lot of angry people at this event. My Two Cents: honestly epic, best event ever in my opinion, and i'm sure other members 404 will agree. i'm sure they'r plenty of points I've missed that others will pick up. but yeah, it was pretty incredible, i hope to buying a ticket for next event very soon.
  3. Upstairs Toilets - epic23

    It may not have been as bad as originally predicted
  4. Upstairs Toilets - epic23

    excuse my math if I've got this wrong, but that leaves the lads with usable 5 usable brown bowls (7 if we can use the disabled) upstairs and 3 usable downstairs (5 if again we have the disabled). given the speed of the sell out this event one can assume this is going to be the busiest events ever. i also know from personal experience the late hours of the day and obviously the following morning, the womens toilets being available to the men are a god send only his holiness himself could have granted. now i'm going to assume some genders here but if 10% of the attendees (500+) are Shelia's that still leaves 12 Dunnies for 450 Drongo's now the average person spends 5 - 15 minutes on the toilet depending on whether they have got their phone out. for the sake of this study we're gonna round this up to 8 minutes per poop. and most people will have at least one poop a day at Lan, we can safely assume that will be a minimum 3600 minutes of sit down toilet time as we all know there are 1440 minutes per day, and with the 12 bogs we have available, that leaves us 17,280 brown townable minutes per day. assuming all toilets were in usable condition 24hrs a day i.e not blocked,out of toilet roll etc etc. in perfect a scenario that means at any point of of the day 4.8 of the 12 porcelain thrones available to those with meat and two veg, will be in use. now note the term perfect. as soon as we take into account busier, some may say rush hours of the day, the fact that some of those attending, wait to come to Kettering to take the brown kids to china town, and some of the punters see an unblocked toilet as a challenge. Those two small rolls of sandpaper are gonna be gone pretty quickly. and those 17280 minutes of personal potty practice will quickly reduce to queues the likes of which only women at a fake festival have ever experienced. heed this warning, for it my be you waiting in line when the turtle head touches your cotton Calvin ball carriers.
  5. Gaming Laptops to buy - SOS

    thats one hell of a spec
  6. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Great to see that the venue is taking the issue of food and drink seriously. its an important part of the Lan Experience, i look forward to the epic burger as always with a nice side of chips and cheese. any word on the Bar? hopefully they do a pub quiz deal.
  7. where do i find the quote number on PC specialist ?


    to note i dont want any Anti-virus put on it for me as i will be using one called Avast and having two anti-virus software on it would cause incorrect registering of infections

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dukey


      Lets see what i can get you first, i can guarantee you £50 at least, but to get a larger discount i need to forward it onto one of the management team.

      there's a little bit of running around i have to do to get him to sign it off, but normally he's alright.


      if you wanna get me a beer at Epic i sure would appreciate that. just ask about for Dukey in the Portland room. 

    3. Kameo


      I just need to ask the 404 guys right

    4. Dukey


      Hi Kameo,

      Spoke to the M manager this morning, we managed to apply a £50 discount to your laptop, the laptop market is super competitive right now, so we couldn't discount your spec any further otherwise we'd be making a loss on it. 

      It's now £1134, I hope this is okay. If your happy, just log in at PCS your discount should be applied already, and make your purchase. If you want it fast tracking drop me a message once you've ordered.

      See you at epic

  8. Gaming Laptops to buy - SOS

    if you ask nicely i might be able to sort you a deal with PC specialist, just build your laptop on their website, save the quote number, send me the quote number, and i'll try and get you a discount (normally between 8-12%), i can also ask for your build to be fast tracked so you get it sooner.
  9. Lets deal with this (kettering's food an drink)

    Hey gents, I'm just wondering if the epic staff were able to get some of these ideas and feedback to the guys at the KCC over the winter. Is their any good news? anything for us to get excited about? Will the bar and catering menus be added shortly?
  10. epic23 - Event Defrag

    404 is happy with the seating plan in Portland, fair isle and lakeside. Thanks gents.
  11. Big Games at epic23

    Nice will the factorio server be death world?, it will be interesting having a large community try and take on that many bugs
  12. Yes but this wasn't about people going yeah, great play well done, this was about people in a hall going screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy, cos they won a pick on a deagle round. Then following it up by I fucked your mom, she hated it but guess what your gonna have brothers and sisters in 9 months. I mean I think we're a level above that surely. People don't have to play nice at lan, and sledging is something we do but does it have to involve the whole of fairisle? Type that shit in chat and let the fans watching the live stream too have a laugh
  13. Topic gentlemen, or I'll have the thread closed
  14. Lets deal with this (kettering's food an drink)

    i'd love to see something more mobile moving around the conference centre. hot snacks to your table would be a fun like the late night bar foods.
  15. I'm after help and suggestions to be be put forward to the epic team and hopefully the kettering team to improve food and drink at the venue. Catering at Kettering has been lapsing for the last few event. the food quality has got poorer, the options less numerous and inviting it doesn't always have to be burgers and sticky finger foods. I'm sure the chefs could do a wonderful stew or paella spegbol or curry, maybe a simple sandwich bar else where in the venue would be just as appetising for some, they could have a hotdog trolly that could be pushed up and down the isles providing at seat food. over 400 people at Lan, most of them stuck there due competitions and or alcohol. They could be doing so much better if they just made an effort and used there imagination somewhat to help sell us good quality products. can we please also get the menu's up little earlier so we pass over them and make suggestion to improve them prior to the event or offer up additional options and maybe discuss those effected by allergies to foods. just as importantly can we also take a look at the Bar. i've heard the rumours about the bar at this event, orders failed to arrive on time because papers weren't signed with new suppliers etc etc. piss poor planning, Kettering and the suppliers made mistakes and they both lost out i think. despite this i hope they both learn lessons. Gamers and Lan events soak up alcohol like sponges and squeeze out later in the toilets/floor. towards the end of the event there were plenty of bottle options but the ale kegs had long been dry. which leads me onto my final point. slabs, deals and pricing. i find it annoying that at every Lan i go to both at Kettering and NEC now i get fleeced at the bar. i was unsure if the £14-4pints deal was still going as the poster looked old. but still. Kettering has the license with the bar. there's no reason why it shouldn't be cheaper over the 4 days. its not like a stage show, where we might buy a drink at the start and one at half time. this could also be dealt with if Kettering let us buy slabs of beer. crates of 20 or 12. i'd happily pay £40 for a 20 crate of something for the pubquiz, and Kettering would get my money, not the local pub up the road. they could do flash sales of a particular beer on the cheap. didn't they have fish bowls on in summer. with a little imagination they really could do well. i'd like to see the kettering staff encouraged to have fun as well, dressed up in suits with ties all event can't be comfortable for them, epic is fun so the staff should be enjoying themselves too. anyway i'm happy to fire ideas off all day at Kettering if they're interested in listening. but i'd like to see everyone else's ideas on how they could improve food and drink too.